Forknite : Infinity War

Forknite : Infinity War

[Dunkey] Sup, dudes? I’m a famous youtuber.
So, yeah! We’re gonna win this one. [Kid] Okay. Then what’s your youtube channel called? [Dunk] You’ve ever heard of “Jake Paul”, kid? [Kid 1] *laughing*
[Kid 2] You’re not Jake Paul! [Dunk] Yep! It’s really me, guys! Jake Paul in da house! [Kid 1] Yeah, I know it. Jake Paul- [Kid 1] Yeah, I know it. Jake Paul-
[Kid 2] What kind of (inaudible) [Kid 1] …Fortnite, because I- [Dunk] It’s always great to meet fans, you know! Just six days ago, I was doing this week’s gorilla prank on my girlfriend [Kid 2] (whispering) He’s a fake! [Player] What the fuck? [Player] Well! He’s gonna die. [intense music] [Kid] Yeah, bro! Jake Paul! [Player] Alright guys! Like I said, I don’t play for fun. I play to win [Dunk] Yep! I’m the same exact way, man! I only play to win. [intense music] [music stops] [music resumes] [music stops] [music resumes] [Kid] He didn’t even noticed. [music stops] [Dunk] Damn! (laughing) [Kid 1] Bro! You’re- You’re playing like Jake Paul, bro! [Dunk] What is that supposed to mean? [Kid 2] Jake Paul is ASS at Fortnite. [Kid] What show you be watchin’?, You be watchin’ Donald Duck? [Dunk] No! [Kid] Then, you should be watch- *laughs*
[Dunk] No! [Dunk] I watch the Boss Baby Show [Kid] Not a show, but you know! Hehh! Boss baby’s a movie. [Dunk] Ehh! Wrong! It’s called “Boss Baby: Back in Business” It’s on Netflix!
So, you’re dumb. [Kid] It’s a movie, dumbass! [Dunk] Dude! You’re gonna be so embarrassed when I put this on my “Jake Paul” youtube channel. [Kid] Ye- ye- Yeah! You’re not frickin’ Jake paul! [Player] Someone’s coming! [Fluppy] Ok! [Leah] Woo! *laughing* [Fluppy] Alright! We’re good. *Leah laughing* [Dunk] Anybody got a mic? *Dog Barking* [Dunk] Oh! Hey, man! What’s going on? So. Where do you guys wanna drop? *Dog Barking Twice* [Dunk] Okay. Fluppy? What the fuck is that abomination? How much money did he spend on that? [Fluppy] Ok! If he says anything in the triple digits, I’m leaving! I’m just gonna kick him. It’s probably up there OHHH!!! [Dunk] Are you guys good at Fortnite? [Kid] I don’t know how to barely play. *Dunkey’s laughing* [Kid] Well! See you later, alligators! [Dunk] See ya! [Leah] What? Are you leaving? [Kid] No! *Leah’s laughing* [Player] Yo, dog! Why are you just shooting random stuff? [intense music] [Player] What’s up with this guy? [Dunk] Follow me! I’m the number one ranked player in the world. *Teammate laughing* [intense music] [Player] Oh, wow! Oh, man! Oh! He did it again! This dude is unstoppable! [Dunk] Ooh, there it goes! Utilizing the power of the mystic jewels I’ll be able to make Fortnite 2! And then, I’ll- He- Get- Get away from that! It’s mine! This time! It’s all mine, baby! It’s just me and the glove. ..and THAT guy! and another guy shooting and a forth guy. Infinity War sucks! Oh, shit! No! Wait, wait, wa- Ah-! [punch] Hit me! Whop! It did! Right? Ah? Dead? Yeah! Excuse me! You had your turn, Ok?
*Mine! – Seagulls from Finding Nemo* It’s my turn to be Mr. Thanos, now! [Thanos] The end… is near. [Dunk] The end is near for Fortnite. If it keeps coming up with these stupid-ass game modes. Do you guys know how to get the “Thanos Gun”? [Kid] The Thanos GUN? [Dunk] Yeah! [Kid 2] It’s a GUN??? [Kid 1] It’s the Thanos. It’s- Hmm. [Kid 1] Infinity Gauntlet, yep.
[Dunk] The Thanos Gun. [Kid 1] The Infinity Gauntlet?
[Kid 2] There’s no gun. [Dunk] No. It’s called the “Thanos Gun”. It turns you into Thanos from… Uh… Spider-Man. [Kid 2] No! It’s a- It’s a- [Dunk] NO. [Player] Bayyyyyybeeee! Bay, Bay, Bay, Bay, Bay- [Dunk] Dude! Shut up! [Player] Bayyyyyybeeee! Bay! [Dunk] Shut up! [Player] Bay!
*laughing* (Starts repeating “baby” faster and Dunkey is getting angry) [Dunk] Hey, blue!
Come over here, man! (The guy who was saying “Baby”) I wanna give you this good weapon I found. *Dunkey laughing* [intense music] [Kid] GOD FUCKING DAMMIT! [Kid] I’m gonna try to connect my controller. ♪ Crew’s Quarters Theme – MGS 2 ♪ [Dunk] He doesn’t know. [Player] I’m gonna check if no one is coming here. [Dunk] Eh? Uh-oh. ♪ Crew’s Quarters Theme – MGS 2 ♪ [Dunk] Alright. I just got 2 kills. [Kid] No I got the kills but, ok… [Dunk] I think I hear something over here. Alright! I got 3 kills now. [Kid] I… I got the 3 kills. [Dunk] One second! I’m gonna put this on my Youtube channel. [Kid] Look at the top right It says you have no kills. [Dunk] Purple if you could-
[Purple] I’m not- Purple, if you could just… Just shush for a minute. I’m gonna put this on my Youtube channel Fortnite…Triple Kill…
(Typing) …Jake Paul. Okay. [Purple] Oh! [Dunk] Well! What’s going on, Youtube? [Purple] Shut up! [Dunk] Kill No. 5! [Purple] Kill No. 5? I like how I got them. [Dunk] Oh my god! please Behind the tree! Yes, yes… He’s no match against the tree! I’m Killin’ him, I’m killin’ him! I’m gonna… Whh… I got the… I got the… Power Paw™! [Buzz Lightyear] To infinity… and beyond!
[Dunk] Oh my god, I did it! ♪ Final Fantasy IV – Boss Battle Theme ♪ *Laughing Evilly* Yes, the power! Now, I will wipe out half of the people playing! What? He can’t even fit through the door? Yeah, I quit. Thanos sucks! Eh, it’s so great to be here, so great.
♪ Seinfeld theme song ♪ What a great audience. Hey! What do you call it when you play Fortnite during the daytime? [Player] Fort-day? … [Dunk] Yeah, I’m out out of here- [Kid] I’m- I’m amazing with the rocket. [Dunk] Listen, man. I’ll give you the rocket, but you have to promise me that you’re good with it. [Kid] Yeah! I’m like…really good, with the rocket launcher. Stand in front of me. Someone stand in front of me. And jump on my count. 1 2 3 Jump. Oh, crap! ♪ Seinfield Theme – Sega Genesis Remix ♪ [OUTRO]
♪ Seinfield Theme – Sega Genesis Remix ♪

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  1. If Fortnites fan base wasnt so sweaty and filled with squeakers I would have watched this video unironically

  2. The kid with rocket launcher….I friggan knew it. as soon as he said, YEAH I'M REALLY GOOD WITH THE ROCKET!. BAHAHAAH!!

  3. No. It's called the "Thanos Gun"

    It turns you in to Thanos From, uh..
    the best thing i have ever heard 3:18
    Edit no this is 4:50
    Edit number 2 not this is 6:23

  4. Behind every funny YouTuber is a group of basic people who think they're hilarious because they know said YouTuber.

  5. sar·casm
    the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.
    "his voice, hardened by sarcasm, could not hide his resentment"

  6. How to get a kid mad on the internet:

    1) Be so wrong that even a toddler can figure it out
    2) Insist that you're right
    3) you're done

  7. Jesus Christ. I can’t stop laughing at the end of this video, it holds, even after all these months, such a perfectly crafted moment that makes it ever-lastingly funny. The countdown, the explosion sound effect and then the “crap” along with the Seinfeld theme but if it was played through a Genesis. True comedic genius once again from the videogamemonkey.

  8. People in the comment section too busy focusing on the kid who called Dunkey a fake to notice he single handedly killed a fully gloved Thanos using nothing but a tree.

  9. I just realized the song from his montage moments is called "Fucking in the Bushes" -Oasis and he's in a bush half the time lol


  11. I have never played fortnight but I do love it. They made a game for all the kids to play and flock to. So on behalf of the gaming community, thank you fortnight for taking the hit. You are the Jesus of our time.

  12. This is why i quit fortnite after like 2 weeks. The community is dominated by squeakers ore often than not, playing with squeakers was cancer. Its not to say that ALL squeakers are obnoxious, unskilled and uneducated (ive met some really cool and/or nice youngens online in other games), but when they ARE annoying it's hard to find constructive ways of utilizing my sudden urge to punch.

  13. With respect Dunkey, that ‘seeya’ at 1:57 was from ventrillo harassment 3: the ring. Yes I know where it’s from yes you’re not the only cool guy now SEE YA!

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