Floorboard NOICO 80mil Install – Dodge Charger 2018 | OctaneRed_392

Hey Youtube, It’s octanered392. I just
finished putting in my headliner and my floorboards in the front with the Noico
80 mil sound-deadening mat. Pretty much all you need
after you remove this clip which is literally just pull it out, if you want
you can use one of these or you can probably just pull this off with your
hand, but to keep the integrity of teeth integrity of the teeth intact so it goes
back in and stays in right, Might want to you use a tool; just showing you how to take
it out and pretty much all you do is roll this back all the way back under
the gas pedals all that stuff and then you just pull it out.
pull it back fold it onto your seat all this is in here I’ll be showing a slide
show after my video, yeah pretty much this side and the passenger side same
way the video will mainly consist of my roof liner pretty much and how I did
that but just just a quick shot of floorboards with the sound deadening mat
and I’ll be giving an update of how it sounds. See you next time.

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