Flat Tire Long Jump Challenge II |SickSeries#65

Flat Tire Long Jump Challenge II |SickSeries#65

Hey guys what’s up. It’s us again Sick Series Welcome back Today we’r eback with the bed of nails challenge who can jump the furthest We did the challenge a year ago and we’ve got some new special gusets but let’s meet the riders. Let’s go Ok guys, we’ve got the whole team and now we gonna fight for the long jump world challenge title but before let’s have a look at the setup Guys here we have our bed of nails to make sure fi someone cleared the distance or not to make it clear. If we say bed of nails we mean a piece of wood with screws in it It has the same effect. If you land on it you’ll get a flat tire nice branding and we gonna start at 1.50m 1.50m is the first distance let’s have a look again. holy shit I don’t want to land on this! Ok. the defending champ will start then Mr. Marius then Hucking Herbert then Elias Schwänzler and then Andrea Maranelli Maranelli Spaghetti Fabio is about to start I think we’ll see a 360 We all got some different bikes Andrea, Elias and myself got the trials bikes Marius is on the Dirt Bike and Hucking Herbert is on his Enduro Bike that means they got a faster gear which allows them to have more speed and so they can maybe jump further but they halso have a suspension which might take away some height but let’s see easy you can’t beat his style as you can see everyone is using a different techinque alright elias very close alright next round the number one the defenidng champ is about to start again slow clap can we have that in slow mo!? not bad my friend that was sketchy it was quite hard because of the speed ok next one oh and he’s pedaling like a bobsleigh racer dude, he shows us the skills holy shit a one footer, I’ve never seen a one footer from you sick dude he’s coming with a wheelie easy when it comes to style we all lost against you look at these socks afro biking there he comes attention attention it was that close let’s go onto the next round we’re now at 3m don’t get nervous Fabio we have 3, next rider Marius can pedal way faster that’s true. He’s got a gear which we don’t have that’s gonna be an exciting challenge dude he’s going fast next are 4 meters 7 meters are probably a little bit too much Fabio Wibmer Flipmer tripple backflip, tripple at least not bad it starts to get interesting Herbert calm down holy shit that was more than 5m but now, Hucking Herbert He’s a freak he’s an awesome dude big applaus from the competitors Ge leck everyone cleared it now we’re already at 4.5m not it starts getting sketchy training training training training Alright Elias They can pedal how fast they want and we with our trial bikes are like how? rocket we get closer Alrigth 5m Quick check from the take off They’re so spiky Yep they are spiky Guys, I wanna tell that you shouldn’t do this at home because it’s uper dangerous with such abed of nails just use a cardboard like we did last time with dominik We all pretty much just ride bikes and that’s why we can take such a risk but don’t do it at home! I’m also studying Next round Just gonna send it my friend, you look good today Getting sketchy now let’s go Marius Easy. I can’t belive it With such a fast gear Just excuses It’s gonna be exciting Alright Herbert that was close Alright Andrea I think he got it I think he’s afraid Andrea you’r out Thanks Andrea for being part of it Now it’s your turn calm down awesome Now we’re just four Let’s move on to 5.50m Now it’s not nice anymore Look at this. Take off Bed of nails Alright Fabio awesome not bad. but now it’s gonna be exciting with the fast gear and speed he’s like a glider that was close now with speed nice one now I’m excited to see this I shit my pants right now What do you think? I trust him I’m excited but good game The trial bike and the low speed doesn’t allow me to jump further no we’re at 6m I crashed pretty hard at 6 meters last time Let’s play the clip Let’s see if i can beat it And how’s the tire? It’s still ok. The Conti Tires are actually quite good I really fu*ked up the take off Now Marius can take your Long Jump title Dude he’s pedaling like crazy respect I pracitced my jumping skills that was awesome but you didn’t win yet because now it’s time for Hucking Herbert he’s changing gears holy shit 6.50m for the title You both are very close to get the long jump title how are you feeling? just one word pee done alright here we go. Let’s play Schnick Schnack Schnuck to see who will go first how is this working? rock paper scissors I’ve been always bad in this game he got it he got it He landed on it He’s got the thickest tire and now a flat tire He’s out But now let’s see if Marius can do it Yeah you have to get it Now Marius Let’s go Marius Pull! We’ve got a winner. Awesome! congratulation The new long jump champ I think we definitely need to do a rematch because I wanna have that title back one day It’s a good one ha Yeah that’s a good one! It’s the best one And we’ve got the black ashtray Guys it’s not just a ashtray there’s also a 1 on it but that’s not everything it’s filled with a lot of suprises Are you excited? I’m excited Ok we open it And it’s filled with a dice, a screw and a nail Holy shit waht do you want more? Alrigth guys, that’s it. It was great fun Thanks to everyone for being part of it There will definitely be a rematch Let us know in the comments if you want to see a rematch That’s it for this year. Have a good “slide” into the new year. Happy new year new videos will come in the next year Make sure to not slide out Life advice from Hucking Herbert Thanks and ciao. Until next time!

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  1. Könnt ihr mal so ne Pacour Challenge machen?
    Also dass ihr so nen Pacour aufbaut und der ,der es als erstes schafft hat gewonnen!!!
    Please 😍🙏

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