Fix Truck Axle Threads On Skateboard & Longboard

Fix Truck Axle Threads On Skateboard & Longboard

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  1. So I went to my local skate shop and picked up a skate tool. Just got into longboarding and had $10 so I bought the one without the die. I figured I wouldn't need it. I came home and cleaned and lubed my bearings and while putting on the axle but, JUST MY LUCK it stripped the nut. Now I have to wait until tomorrow to fix it. Ugh

  2. hey my axle or nut is like spinning there but not coming off at all, how do i solve this? ists either the axle thread or the nut which i cant seem to tell

  3. whatever he og other skaters say, there is no advantage of not tightening your wheels fully. the inner ring of the bearing is meant to be stationary, whilst the rest of the bearing is what should turn. it is loud and inconvinient not to tighten it fully. scooter wheels are tightened fully, and they spin for several minutes.

  4. hey i was wondering if you can tell me how to get a stripped bolt off of a truck cause my axle is'int stripped its my bolt so if you try to loosen it it tightens up so i was wondering if you can make a video on how to get a stripped bolt off of a truck for me cause you are a skateboard genius so if you can it would be really helpful 

  5. If you dont have this tool just put the nut on top of the truck and hammer it down until it gets past the bent threads and then screw it on it'll re-thread it when you screw

  6. if your using the old fashion die with the long handles … take the axle off the skate board – then you can easily turn the tool.
    be sure to use cutting oil or wax with your die cutter and work slowly

  7. When you are using a die to cut or clean a thread always use a lubricant like trefolex. Also, you never cut a thread in one pass (constantly turning the die in the one direction until the end) do a half turn or so then back it off a quater turn to let the swarf clear the die (thats why the die has three or more cutouts around it, to help clear swarf out and not get clogged up and jamed). Keep doing this until you have reached the end of the thread. If you don't clear the swarf out it can jam up the die and thread and cut a really nasty notchy/broken thread or worse strip/cross the thread completely, which means new truck time.

  8. can you tell me what so special about skateboard truck nut(wheels) ,i buy some in the hardwere store  and i cant screw it on the truck.only skate nuts can be mounted?only in skate shop you can get this skate nuts?

  9. i worked on my skate with the die and after 10 minutes we saw change but we couldn't fit the nut on. Is it possible to not be able to retread an axle?

  10. Thank you so much I thought I was going to have to buy new trucks until I saw this! The tools only cost me $20 and the best part is I can do this as many time as I need until my trucks snap! Thanks rat vision you saved me tons of money!

  11. 0:23 I totally have that tool! I saw it at the shop when buying my full setup and instinctively thought I'm going to need this in the near future!

  12. I'm poor but now I can afford one but fuck this city, there is no skate tool for sale here so I cut the tip of my axle for about 2 mm and it worked! I can skate like Dustin Dollin

  13. I have a different tool, but it also has that axle fixer. but it can't come off, so when I try to use it with the tool on it, it never gets a grip of the axle. plz help, it never works.

  14. anyone have any thoughts???? braaaand new pudwill grizzly trucks and i couldnt get them to tighten very much… i have never put so much force into tightening a nut before i i think i almost broke my vise grip wrench to get it to turn and then again to get it off??? bad trucks? or something else?

  15. I swear americans use the stupidest measurements… Why in the fuck would someone make the axle of 7.9 mm (5/16 inch) instead of 8??! What were they thinking??!

  16. yo dudes can someone tell me how to repair the wheels of the skateboard its cause I feel like I'm gonna fall this never happened to me plz help

  17. Can someone help? I took my wheels out to clean my bearings, which I'm never doing again, and I tightened the nut as tight as I could get it so the bearings would be in. When I tried to loosen it, it wouldn't come off. I've only had these trucks a few months. This happened to the last pair. Please help ASAP!

  18. Please help, my kingpin is stuck on my truck and i want to replace it. Btw the head of the kingpin is Allen (hexagonal) aka bristol.

  19. wow👏 this was really useful and informable. this is the tool I was looking for and I really need this thx for making a video like this it is truly one of the best videos ever that was actually helpful👏.

  20. please make a video of the best engineered skateboarding wheel.
    I'm dying to know which one i should stick to.
    thank you PR

  21. well i have a question my truck axle threads are really damaged and i cant get out the wheels to fix it how can i get them out without destroy my trucks plz 😀

  22. This was really helpful, I fixed the thread but the problem now is that I don't have the bolt anymore because it was damaged when I took it off the truck. Does anyone know the dimensions for the wheel nut? Like thread size and what have you? Thanks ahead of time for anyone that knows!

  23. Do you have any tips to get the nut off a stripped thread. It just keeps spinning. The wheel is still on and I want to get it off.

  24. Thank you. Your video helps me as a beginner a lot. I hope you make more informative video like these. Looking faward. Greeting from Thailand 🙂 #landofsmile

  25. see this is crap about not tightening the axel nut all the way down the only thing that should stop you from doing so is not having a spacer between your bearings. if you have one between them and you tighten it down then it makes you bearings work properly

  26. okay i have my nut cross threaded and cant remove it from the axle, it just spins in place on the end. does anything help?

  27. It's 2018 but the description below took place in 2007…
    …so it balances out…

    I once fixed my "mushroomed" axle with a knife and a nail…and another hanger.
    I used the knife tip like a chisel and the hanger to tap the knife tip through the "mushroomed-over" threads(of which there were 3-1/2) ,and then I ran the edge of the blade through the "new" threads to open'em up a little more and twisted on a nut from a previous set of trucks.
    It worked out alright, but if I had used a die I would've been able to skate for an extra hour or two that day.

  28. How did u get the nut off the truck?!?! I can't get the nut off the truck it just spins when i try to take it off PLZ HELP

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