Five Minute Truck Build Battle

Five Minute Truck Build Battle

– What’s goin’ on guys? Fuller here from Custom
Offsets, Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube with this familiar face. – Hey guys, what’s goin’ on? It’s Alex from Fitment
Industries and I’m over here with you guys today.
– Yeah. – This is gonna be excitin’. A little different.
– So. – Not in front of the truck people often. – We’re building a truck today. But not in the sense that you might think ’cause we’re actually
gonna build it online. Alex and I are gonna have a build-off where we both go on
the website, figure out what exactly we would
put on a certain vehicle. So I’ve got popular
makes and models in here. I’m gonna let you pick it. – Okay, so.
– So you. – See, this is tough ’cause you
naturally have the advantage but.
– Yeah. – I still think I can do it.
– So, what are we building? – So I’m going to be building. – Good luck if you get it apart. I stuck it together.
– Yeah. – I thought that would be pretty clever. – These Post-it Notes match
your shorts, by the way. – Oh, thanks, well today.
– Well, not today, but maybe another time. A 2018 Ford F-150 is what
I’m going to be building. – Yeah, we’re actually
both doing the same truck. So 2018 F-150, your budget’s five grand. There’s the computer, go.
– Okay. All right, so I have a 2018 Ford F-150, I’ve never used this mouse in my life. Why is it so slow? – So first place I’m goin’ is the gallery ’cause we gotta figure
out what fits first. God, I’m already panicking
and I still have plenty of time left but I just know
how close this is gonna be. – And I’m gonna check out
the gallery super quick for a hot minute and I’m just gonna see which one I happen to like the most because if somebody’s already done it, I don’t see any reason why I have to go and reinvent the wheel.
(dings) – All right, so now we
can get an idea of what these are gonna look like. Oh damn, this is sick. – You know, those, the
20 by 12s is a nice, nice look for me. Let’s see, that just
has a leveling kit, too? That’s easy? Ooh, wait a minute, wait a minute. I’ll do it. – This I can get on board with. ReadyLIFT leveling kit, looks sharp. I think it fits in there
well, crash bar is removed, pinch weld on body was trimmed, all right, so can fit that. So we’re gonna look for 22 by 12s and 33 12 and halfs. And I know that I can make
that fit on the leveling kit. – What do I have again? A Ford, an F-150. Four wheel drive ’cause we live up north, rear wheel drive, we don’t
have to talk about those people that have rear wheel drive vehicles or rear wheel drive trucks. We’re not about that. – So the good thing is I know that the ReadyLIFT leveling
kit won’t be that expensive so we can spend a bit more money on wheels and tires. – Gosh, what sort of wheels do I want? That’s the tough thing. I could go with, like,
the classic Lincolns that everybody in the internet on Custom Offsets has
been just talking about for like the last month and a half, but, I am a huge fan, and I think it’s because I’m a car guy. I like the flat face. Are Fuel, are forged wheels
cheap on the truck market? I feel like the answer is no. – I’m gonna sort it by most expensive to see what we can get away with. I kinda like these Fuel Crush, so this is 22 by 12, negative 44 and it’s a double dark tint which not everybody
has, it’s kinda unique. It’s kind of a blend of
like a off road style with a show style so
I’m gonna go with those. We’ll add some tires. – Oh no I only got two minutes left. Let’s get rid of the Fuel and see what we have for Fuel forged. I could spend all my money on the wheels. That’s an option. – So it automatically recommends
the Nitto Ridge Grappler which is probably what I would pick just because it is the most
popular and it’s the hybrid so it’s kind of a little bit off road, little bit on road, kinda similar to the wheel
style that I’m going with. So 3800 for wheels and tires. – Okay, so I know everybody, everybody loves the TIS, 544. How much are the Fittipaldis? Pricey, that’s the answer. They are quite pricey, oh my gosh. Okay, hold on, let’s see,
what do they got for 20? They do have some 20 inch sizing. Some 20 by nines. – Just gonna fill in
the options and pricing, tire pressures, add a little bit of cost, we’re gonna need those. I’ll pass on the ceramic. Pass on the wheel care. Don’t need the spike valve stems. We do need lugs. So we’ll get some of those. Do stick on weights. Standard shipping. No full size spare, add that to the cart. – Hopefully tires are
super cheap for trucks. Price low to high, what
do they got on this one? 305 35. Oh no this is such a bad idea. I got more time. I got 55 seconds. Not Hankooks, oh no, not that! Oh no I’m going way too fast. Okay, hold on. – I can actually go back to the gallery and just click buy leveling kit and that should show me the ones that fit. – I got time, leave me alone, I got 25 seconds. All right, so I spent all of my money on the wheels and tires. – Running out of time. I’m not gonna have to find what I want. This Rough Country one’s only $300. – All right, I’m done, ish,
I have to add it to the cart, but I’m pretty much done. – I’m gonna take that, add to cart. Literally nine seconds
left, eight seconds. Done, that’s it. Wheels, tires, and suspension. – I have no idea what I just picked in terms of load rating and
all that sort of good stuff. Here’s what I do know, I found a truck in the gallery that was running 20 by 12 negative 51s on some AMP Terrain At As, and a leveling kit and I liked that and then I liked the Fittipaldi back there and I don’t think it
ever gets enough love. Most because Fittipaldi has
some very car-ish style stuff. So I picked the Fittipaldi Offroad FTF08s, 22 by 12, which is going wider, slightly. Negative 51 offset, that
is actually a brushed with black tint so it’s,
like, a nice little, like, brownish brushed nice look without, you know, paying
too much money, $4000. And some AMP Terrain AT Es. You can see where I spent my money. And then for suspension,
I just got a leveling kit ’cause you should be able to
fit it with a leveling kit and just a little bit of plastic trimming. Just a little bit. I think I nailed this hands down. This is gonna be, like,
a nice proper, like, good-ish to take to a truck show but also good enough
to, like, actually use. And the wheels are expensive,
the tires, not so much. But a leveling kit, I
mean, I think it’s gonna, I think it’s perfect. – Okay, so to recap the
options that we’ve picked. We did the Fuel Crush because of the blend of the hybrid, like, off
road style plus show style ’cause we’re only doing a leveling kit but we still want it to stand out. And then as far as tires
go, Nitto Ridge Grappler, hands down, most popular tire, get good mileage outta those things. 33 12 and a half R 22 obviously ’cause that’s what’s gonna fit on there. We have to do a decent amount of trimming, based on what I read in the gallery but it’s gonna keep us as low as possible and still really wide. So, to fit all that, I selected
the Rough Country two inch front leveling kit because for some reason
I was running out of time and couldn’t find the ReadyLIFT one. But honestly, these’ll
probably do just fine. ‘Cause they’re actually leveling struts which is something pretty
new for Rough Country. And they’re only 330 bucks for the pair, pretty simple installation, and that should get us everything we need, with all the options, tire
pressure sensors, lug nuts and everything came in under budget, just under 4500 bucks,
all shipped for free. So that’s it. That’s mine. We’ll probably grab Alex then and we’ll show each other what we built. Super excited to see what you’ve selected because as a car guy, I
assumed you just picked things that don’t fit.
– Yeah, so here’s the. – Did you use the gallery to fit? – Yes, I used the gallery.
– Okay, good. – A little.
– Oh no. Oh my god, what’s going on out there. – So I used the gallery
for only what I needed. – Yeah. – Can I talk over that or should we wait? (bleeps) So here’s the thing. I did use the gallery.
– Good. – Only for the basic level of information. The only thing I needed to
know is about what would fit. – Yeah.
– I didn’t need to know what actually fit because.
– ‘Cause you’ll just trim to fit the rest.
– Yeah, I don’t need, I don’t need that,
that’s why we got Camber. That’s why we got, truck guys, truck guys, they poke, right?
– Yeah, yeah, true. – So if you go more negative offset, all it does is poke more.
– Yeah. – Whether it pokes by 44
or whether it pokes by, it’s like seven millimeters,
it’s like barely different. So, I went out there and
I found a 2018 Ford F-150 that had some 20 by 12 negative 51s and I thought to myself
this looks really nice. And the 305 55s, but the 20
by 12s were just too small so I went up and I got
myself some 22 by 12. – [Fuller] Fittipaldis. – Fittipaldi off road,
they’re not off road, FTF08s, they’re brushed with black tint. They’re 22 by 12 negative 51s and I like them because
they’re literally right there. – Yeah.
– And I saw them and they’re dope and I want them and they’re awesome. So I thought to myself if I
ball super hard on the wheels, unless there’s some sort of
financing option available, I’m gonna have to get some tires that, like, are barely
suitable for road conditions. – Well, yeah.
– But, but, I found, because the Fittipaldis are
a little bit more expensive, I actually got to, like,
when you put them together, it’s not as expensive. So I was able to actually.
– Oh, sick deal on the tires because of the?
– Yeah, yeah, so you spend a lotta money on the wheels, you get to save money on the tires so I saved a ton of money on the tires. Ended up getting the AMP
Terrain Attack A/T As 35 by 12 and a halfs. – You’re gonna try to fit 35s on, what suspension are you going with? – That’s the great thing. So, I decided that to make
the 22 by 12 negative 51s fit, I went with a very fancy
ProRyde leveling kit. – Yes, yes, I see. – 249 bucks, can’t go wrong with that, on top of my $4500 package, that’s 4750, son. And if I take out my fender liners and I sell those on
eBay, I’m probably down to, like 4100 bucks. I’m pretty sure I’m actually
got an extra grand to spend. Get yourself some window tint, maybe take your lovely significant other out for a date. – I don’t know if the 35 12 and a halfs would actually fit on there. I mean, you may be able to drive straight, I don’t know if you’ll be
able to turn with them. – Don’t need to turn. It’ll look good without it. – It would look really good. I actually went with
a fairly similar thing and I think you probably expected me to not go this route.
– I know. – But went with some Fuel Crushes. – [Alex] Okay. – [Fuller] These are
also the double dark tint so actually picked, like,
the same finished wheel. – [Alex] Yeah, okay. – It’s that, like, clear coat that’s been, like, put black tint over it.
– Oh, you got the classic boys too.
– Nitto Ridge Graps. For tires.
– You can’t go wrong with Nitto Ridge.
– You can’t go wrong. – I know. – That was 3800 bucks which
left me plenty of room for the couple extra options so, like, I obviously added in my
tire pressure sensors and everything that you didn’t click on. – No.
– ‘Cause I wasn’t worried about the budget ’cause I
was scrapin’ by just fine. And then I was running out of time and I wanted a different lift kit but. – [Alex] You only got the front. – That’s all I need. – You only need them in the front? – That’s all I need, yeah.
– And then just blocks in the rear?
– Because I picked the 33 by 12 and a halfs, you know, you picked 35s. So I can actually fit them in there and it sounds likes, based on the gallery, as long as I pull the crash bars out, do a little bit of
trimming, we’ll be good. We can actually turn. So front leveling kit. The back stays stock with
the stock blocks in there. And.
– Does that give you the ol’ Cali lean, does that
give you the junior squat? – No, because it starts off, like, two inches lower in the front. – Oh, so then it just.
– So this brings it and like perfectly flat.
– Flattens it out. – Without raising it too much. ‘Cause I wanted to go stock
height looking but wide. So that’s why I did this. And I didn’t actually
realize that Rough Country made leveling struts so, like, in the car world, this is
similar to buying a coilover versus buying, like, your cheap lowering springs.
– Why are they? Oh, okay.
– They’re only 330 bucks and it’s just the front, but, like, that should be pretty good
’cause it’s a leveling stut and you’re not putting a block. It’s not the spacer that everybody makes fun of us for.
– Yeah, it’s not the big chunk, yeah.
– To stick on the top. So, that was our build.
– Still confused. – In five minutes, that’s all it took for a couple of dudes with minimal time to build some good looking trucks. – I can’t wait for people to complain about me picking 22 by 12 negative 51s on a leveling kit.
– Yeah, oh with 35s. It’s not gonna fit.
– And 35s, it’s not gonna fit. – Well, you know what, he did, so we can’t go back now.
– Anything can fit, the question is is how much
are you willing to sacrifice to make it fit? And if you know car guys, we’ll sacrifice just about everything.
– Yeah. So if you guys wanna start your build, you can head to that’s where we have all the
wheels, tires, suspension all of that stuff. That was me just throwing it right at you so you directly understand
what the purpose of this. And then the gallery’s where
you figure out what fits which is how both of
us were able to do that even though you have
no knowledge on trucks. – Yeah, I mean, I was close and I’m sure, like, if I was a typical
customer I’d probably call and be like, hey, you
know, it rubs a little bit. I used the gallery but, and then Claire’s gonna be
like, no you didn’t son, no you didn’t.
– Yeah. – But hey, love the gallery. It’s absolutely awesome to use. – All right, that’s it, make sure you like, share,
subscribe on the YouTube, peace.

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    35×12.50r20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers
    6 inch rough country lift with lift struts
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