First Round of RV Repairs After RV Inspection + What it Cost | Full-time RV Living

First Round of RV Repairs After RV Inspection + What it Cost | Full-time RV Living

– Hey everyone. Well, as you might have seen
in our recent inspection video there’s a few things
that we needed to address fairly urgently with
our new-to-us coach, CC. So that’s what we’re gonna
talk about in today’s video. Stay tuned. (upbeat music) (chimes ring) Welcome back everyone. Again, today’s video, we’re
gonna be talking about some of the initial
repairs we needed to do to our new-to-us coach, CC ’cause after our inspection video, we had seen a number of things we knew we needed to
take care of right away. The first of which is
definitely new tires. The tires on the coach when we were first looking at it were visibly aged. Even the newest looking tires
were already four years old, and the old tires on the back had big chunks missing out of them, and if you could reach
over the tire treads, you could feel the tread was really uneven and hardly any of it there. Couldn’t find the date codes
on those old rear tires which to me, tells me they were probably mounting them intentionally
to hide those date codes ’cause date codes are usually
only on one side of the tire. I knew the tires were
gonna be very urgent. Also didn’t like that the
tires that were on the coach were not the original
size tires for the coach. They actually had two different sizes, all of which were larger, larger in height and in width which I’m not a fan of. I wanted to go back to
the original size tire. So knowing what size tire I’m gonna want the put on this coach, assuming the purchase went through, I did a lot of research to tire shops in the area where the dealership was and I was able to find
a dealership that had the exact tire size and
the brand tire I wanted. They had a less expensive brand that was around $3500 out the
door for the six tires, and then they also gave me a quote for the Michelin tires at around
$4500 for those six tires. Because we’re FMCA members, I was actually able to use
the FMCA tire discount program which actually saved me about
$700 on the tire purchase. Pulled those tires off and
got an even closer look at just how bad they were. As you can see from this footage here, the tread is virtually
gone on this tire here, and in this other picture here, you can see some chalk lines on the tire and that’s to indicate from
the guys at the tire shop there was deep cracking. It was actually just about to fail so really glad that we
got the new tires on it. It’s a huge safety feature. I knew it was gonna be a big factor, but even once I pulled those tires off I had an even higher awareness
of just how bad they were. So once I got those tires installed, the next place I went
was to a gas station. It’s gonna be interesting to see just how much fuel this thing takes, and I got a feeling it’s
gonna be pretty expensive. I ended up needing close to
$300 in fuel in the motorhome. Next place I went was at a
truck stop that had a CAT scale which stands for Certified
Automated Truck scale, and basically what that
is is it’s a large scale, usually used by large semi trucks. They pull up onto them, and it’s broken into pieces so that it can weigh the motorhome and your tow vehicle by
each individual axle. Now I knew I had full water
and I knew I had full fuel so I made note of that on my
receipt when I had that weight so that I would be able
to keep track of that. If I had a future weigh in and I didn’t have full fuel
or didn’t have full water, I can take those calculations into account in getting the accurate
weight of the motorhome. So once you get your RV
measured on the CAT scale, you’ll get a print out that
looks kind of like this, so on that day, the front
axle was 10,060 pounds. The drive axle was 17,900 pounds, and our tow vehicle, the
Jeep, weighed 4,500 pounds. So the weight of the motorhome by itself was just short of 28,000 pounds, and we have a GVWR, which
means a total maximum weight, of over 32,000 pounds. So I actually had 4,000
pounds to spare for cargo and that is with a full tank of water which of course at 100 gallons would weigh 830 pounds just in water on board. From previous weigh ins
from our previous motorhome, I knew we had less than
2,000 pounds of gear so I was really confident that it would very easily
carry all of our cargo and stay well within our
total cargo capacity. Next stop was going to a Speedco location. Speedco is basically like a Jiffy Lube except for large vehicles. 95 to 98% of their business
is semi-truck drivers, over the road truckers, but if you have a large diesel motorhome, they will let you come and get your vehicle serviced at those locations. So we changed our oil, changed
the differential fluid, changed the fuel filters, oil filters, lubed all the chassis, lubed
the wheel bearings as well. Really give a good look
over of the motorhome. The Speedco are a national chain, and I was super impressed
with the service I had there. Felt the price was really reasonable, and I was out of there
in probably an hour. I intended to get an air
filter changed there as well. Unfortunately, they did
have my air filter in stock. That’s something I could
probably do on my own. I’m used to changing
air filters in my cars. Something really funny I got
to share with that process is that people that
had mounted this before had the top which is completely sealed up against the air intake for the engine, which of course would mean the filter is doing next to nothing and it would be robbing power
from the poor motorhome. Crazy people. So don’t always assume that
the way something was installed is the way you should install it. Another change I had
to make fairly urgently was the blade valves or the knife valves in the wet bay in the motorhome. You might have seen in
the inspection video that they were leaking. As soon as I put water into the gray tank, it was dripping out from where that blade valve was in the wet bay which to me meant I had to
always be at a full hook up site because I needed to leave that valve open or else I’d be dripping onto the ground, and I don’t like to do that. So things that are wear and tear items like blade valves, knife valves, they’re meant to wear out over time so if you have ’em in an
easily replaceable area that’s gonna make it a lot easier for you and also save you hours in the repair shop which can save you a lot of money when they’re not having to
spend as much time doing that. Another thing that was not
addressed in the RV inspection but I did find out once I tried
to hook up our tow vehicle is that the wiring for the trailer hitch was not done properly. When I dug up underneath there, it was a mess as you can see here. We had six wires going into four, and it was all cut and wired and just a big tangled mess. I did some research and some testing with
my testing equipment, figured out what the wires should be and just went in there, cut
it all out, put in a new part and was able to get that
remedied pretty quickly. A couple other issues
identified during the inspection were the inverter and the batteries. We’ve been doing a ton
of research on those, and we’re gonna be sharing our choices on the inverter and batteries
in an upcoming video so be sure to stay tuned. Thanks for watching today’s video. I hope you found it helpful. With any RV, you’re
gonna have small repairs and updates you need to be
making with maintenance. Have any comments or questions, please leave those down below. I’ll be happy to answer them for you, and until next time, we’ll see you on the road. (beep) (machine whirring) Sorry, it’s noisy. One of the things from the inspection — (machine whirring) One of the things from
the inspection was that, boy, there’s a lot of
traffic all of a sudden. (machine whirring) I changed all, I changed the black and gray tank valves, waste tank valves. (machine whining) And I changed the gen — (machine whining) And I changed the generator oil all today. I’m also gonna fix — (machine whining) There’s one other little bolt that I need to put into the front — (machine whining) (upbeat music)

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  1. Too bad you didn't buy the coach in California, it is against the law for a dealer to sell a coach with tires in that condition

  2. Man I don’t remember commercial tires being that expensive but I haven’t had my bus in about 12 years. Still I think I remember paying about three or 400 a tire. I had an MCI MC5c converted which took standard semi commercial tires.

  3. Can you tell me pro and cons of a class A diesel with the vents for the engine on the side vs the coaches with the vents in the rear? Thanks for sharing about your repairs. I’m thinking that in the future I would get a used Tiffin Allegro Bus. They make a 37 ft side vent diesel.

  4. I really like your new introduction. Julie not only waves but puts her whole self into it. With your old one, I used to say that you guys have more personality than that and it would be nice if your intro reflected it. Now it does. Congratulations! Nice job!! This one is a keeper!

  5. Good video, Marc and Julie. Question: do you (or will you) have solar on CC? Thought you might address that, along with the batteries and inverter topic (coming up). Thanks, again. Y'all Be Safe!

  6. Do you think the previous owner turned the tires around to prevent the date code from being seen or do you think the dealer from whom you bought it did that. Did they think that they were hiding the chunks of missing tread, or the uneven wear, or the miss matched sizes, or … were also hidden? Plus the botched wiring job and the air filter installed wrongly makes one really wonder about the integrity and capability of somebody back along the line. I hope you will now have many many miles of care free travel enjoyment in your new coach! Wishing you the best!! By the way, I do have your book and will be at the Tampa RV show, January sixteen. If you two would autograph it for me, I would be willing to provide the pen for you to do so.

  7. You knew how old the tires were when you bought it? The inspection missed the bad toad wiring? What brand were the less expensive tires? Sorry if I missed! Thx!

  8. Even with a new RV one has lots of issues. I'm on my 4th Motorhome.
    Marc you're very handy, can save you a lot of money.
    Have fun be safe.
    Bernie in palm springs California.
    By the way Costco in palm desert does not have your book??

  9. When you get new tires you should always have a all axle alignment done.. (Tire alignment) From the front to the rear.. This can show that you have other problems and you also know that your going to get many years more on your new tires..

    When a tire comes off looking like them I have a Tire alignment as you have problems. And low air wasnt one of them.
    A bad bushing, bad axle alignment or even a bad rim..

  10. The fun and cost of home ownership!!!!! If you love it, you'll spend the money to take care of it so it can take care of you…..

  11. Nice video, I found your book at Barnes and Nobles around Christmas and I told my wife that it was her gift to me!

    The book is beautifully done, and I love it. I’m not a handy person so when I eventually hit the road, I’ll make sure to have access to various motor clubs that will tow you to a service center. I’ve also heard they have mobile technicians that will assist you where you are stuck at.

    The price on that Motorhome was stated about 40K. Did you bargain down costs of new tires and such?

    I remember selling a house, and they wanted some work done on it because of an inspection. We told them we would throw in the Appliances and they were cool with it.

    Thanks for everything, and have a fantastic 2019!


  12. Thank you for sharing the cost of the various maintenance items. I had no idea of Speedco and assumed I would face Freightliner to the fluid change. It an odd way, seeing how the environment impacts content creation is encouraging as an aspiring content creator. It is good to see that you record through it and then fix it in editing even if it means several takes.

  13. I find the lack of upkeep unusual, considering the cost of it new. I'm OCD about tires, inspecting them regularly. Those were dangerous! (30+ yrs in the industry.) Don't know how anyone could put in the air cleaner wrong. Replaced blade valves before. I actually bought a new trailer that had the lights wired wrong. I'm anxiously waiting to see which converter/inverter you go with.

  14. Hi guys! Welcome back to YouTube. So glad to be able to watch your videos again. Always enjoy them! Safe travels 😊💕🇺🇸

  15. Wow, lots of work but that comes along with buying preowned. Good job on doing safety items first like the tires and chassis. Hope the brakes was ok. I wish you lots of luck and awesome memories with your new rig, safe travels👍

  16. So happy you kids took time to just relax and enjoy a little breather. Although, I did catch one of you working a little. Ah hem…😉

    Thank you for being responsible RV owners. So many owners simply wait until a tire blows before they get new rubber or address the issue. Clearly the previous owner was not one of the responsible ones. Over inflated damaged, old tires is a receipe for disaster. As for the tire shop, I was cringing, the entire time watching them treat your rims that way. Not even a rubber mat under them. Sure, they're not new and may have a few blemishes, but they still belong to CC. Putting more dings, scratches, and scuffs on them is no way to treat someone else's property. Dang. I would have walked up and said: "Well, either these tire are on you or you're paying to have these rims reconditioned. Your choice. Oh and next time, use rubber mats. Even if you're changing tires on steel rims, they shouldn't be making contact with the concrete.".

    As for other RVers and motorist,

    Uneven tread wear is an indication something is not right. If it's not due to proper inflation, you have other issues which need to be fixed to ensure you, your passengers, and all others using the road with you are safe. It could be as simple as alignment or could mean an entire axle needs to be replaced. Before each trip or next day's travel, check your tires. Ensure you have proper tire pressure. Also check to see if there is visible damage or uneven tread by inspecting the tread with a high intensity LED light on both sides of the tires. Hot tires will show more pressure than a cold tire the next morning. Whenever possible get Nitro filled tires. These stay cooler. This they are better at maintaining a consistent PSI. When winterizing your RV or staying in one place for an extended period of time, get your tires off the ground with leveler blocks or axle lifters and cover those tires to protect them for the elements. This will prolong the life of the tire. Tires left on the ground and exposed will not out quicker. Something as simple as a blowout can and does cause fatal accidents. Especially when the driver doesn't know how to maintain or regain control immediately when a blowout occurs. Educate yourself on exactly what to do. Here's a hint…. DO NOT HIT THE BRAKES! Despite our instinct to hit the brakes, this is the worst thing you can do. Ok. Enough of my blabbing..

    Anywhooters, thanks for coming back. Happy New year.

    Cheers from Seattle!

  17. Yep changed many a tire as an owner-operator and it's even more fun when you don't have air tools. When you are at a shop the noise is inevitable so just keep talking we can hear you. I hope they took a good look at all the wheel seals brakes air cans and lines. Remember Rome was not rebuilt in a day brick by brick my friend.

  18. A personal request. Because of the orange thumbnail frame on your videos, I can't ses when I've watched or missed a video. The orange is too similar to the red band TY uses to indicate a video that's been watched. Perhaps a different frame color? I know your brand color is orange. Perhaps a shadow effect would be equally pleasing? This keeps the bottom free from orange. So sorry, I've tried to adjust my colors to avoid asking this. Thank you, as always for all the great content and knowledge.

    So, did you notice a difference in power after installing a new air filter? Or was the filter just put back incorrectly by the shop you visited? Have you tried a few different microphone to see if one will not pick up external noises as much? The camera mic is designed to pick up all noise: front, back, center, side to side, and top to bottom.

    Cheers from Seattle!

  19. Hi Marc, great info – one question: the oil change and service seems to be very reasonable? What's your engine brand and size and what transmission?

  20. Marc because of the uneven wear of the tires wouldn't that indicate ,under/over inflation and out of alignment / bad shocks probs?

  21. Do you have any problems with the 10 year old rule at campsites, most campsites don’t look at the condition of the RV they just go by the age of the RV.

  22. I too bought an older 2003 Newmar Dutchstar. Knowing you are members of TT have had issues with getting into Encore parks with an older MH?

  23. AS a ASE master tech the date codes should be on the inside if the tire only has them marked on one side. That way the most likely tire damage would happen on the outside of the tire( curbs and such ) that way the dot and date codes wont get damaged plus the dot side is considered the back wall side. Second those tires look like they have bad shock wear. (the uneven lumpy wear)

  24. Great Video Like Always 🙂 Question: Did your $475.00 Speedco bill include a Generator Service? Loved the Bloopers!

  25. Yay!!! I've been eagerly waiting for your CC vids. Great vid as usual and much appreciated…God bless guys and safe travels.

  26. Were all the tires within the same year or within two years? Do you use a TPS device for your tires? Thanks for introducing Speedo! Very helpful!!

  27. Marc, you talked about changing out the drain blades in the water bay. Where would a person find out how to do something like that? In the success school you mention the RV repair club. Would that sort of info be on there? Or would it be just on general youtube, or even somewhere in the success school literature/videos that i have missed. BTW…….your face at the blooper bit…..i was just about dieing laughing at your annoyed face

  28. That old guy in the blooper – & putting it after Marc had already expressed his frustrations – was almost like a scene from the old show "Laugh-In"! Just too funny!

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