Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 Tire Review

Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 Tire Review

yes [Music] [Music] what’s going on everybody got a very exciting review for you today and I am going to be testing and reviewing the brand new Firestone Indy 500 ultra performance summer tires I bought these tires because of a couple of different reasons number one the reviews were off the charts looking on Tire Rack they were you know five stars four and a half stars all over the place and and all of their new there was quite a few reviews on them and they scored higher than than tires that were you know twice as much so that that leads me to my second point their price I mean the Front’s were I think 160 bucks 162 something like that and the backs were 170 each I mean that’s I mean that’s a that’s cheap people that’s super cheap one of the drawbacks I mean this is probably not really a drawback unless you’re a maniac and you’re trying to drive 170 Plus on the street but they are W rated so they’re rated at 168 miles an hour yeah they’ll go faster but I’m not sure I want to risk my life trying to go over 170 with these tires just because of the rating I don’t know you know how accurate those ratings are or how they do it I know the Mickey Thompson’s I had on here before Y rated so they were rated up to 198 miles an hour and [Music] neither of those speeds I’m going to test all initial impressions when I first got in the car right after I threw them on I turned the steering wheel the car was just stationary like wow the wheel moves a lot easier I know that sounds stupid but I figured it was just because they were new and they still had all the lair of whatever the hell is on it you know from the manufacturing process but I’ve been driving with them now for a few miles and still the much more responsive even stop to the light the wheel actually turns a little bit easier seeing pressure I’m running about 35 pounds in all of these psi and that seems to work good and these tires so far are very smooth they’re they soak up bumps really nice I’ve found over railroad tracks and a few other things and they soak up the potholes and little imperfections in the road really well I’ll still be able to still you can still feel what the car is doing as much as you can with this stupid pass electric steering system the Mustang has I really want the boss 302 our steering rack mine did go out once not while I was moving I was trying to back out of the garage in and it locked up and you have a lot of suspension mods and just mods in general so they say that that can cause it to fail but holy that’s close he Brit oh man local baby $150 tires getting her done your job Firestone done once you made it exploded to kill people knock on wood now when I test attraction I’m doing that with the traction control completely turned off so don’t think I have to track your control on it’s completely turned off which is the way you’re supposed to drive anyway lake is beautiful and chops it’s windy up today your data test whether fricative mark steam 500 500 this is completely off-topic here but there’s a kid in vans up ahead of me now he was giving me the thumbs up and filming the car I mean the kids probably I don’t know 14 or something like that so I read the writing on the van and it’s a it’s a corner oh I wonder if they have a dead body and spin just I don’t know that’s just kind of strange it was a very happy child happy that there was a muscle car next to the van and there were probably dead bodies in the back of the van that’s uh strikes me has kind of fun yet so I’m driving over a really bumpy road right now and the tires are soaking it up beautifully if I drew a lil attacks at City they actually feel like they stood up to functioning better than dick Thompson but are a hell of a lot more response they definitely that the requires less steering inputs turn and lateral Griffis is good I haven’t stopped 100% from the did it get on it on day trip awesome these are the best grippy tires so far that I’ve ever had that was on a pulse on the tires weren’t even eat it and they were written pretty good I stable anonymous super in DNA and effortlessness carry really awesome tires very happy with these smooth at the mall very precise very sharp yes yes on again I didn’t heat him up I was driving around a little bit I was sent around 66 Rando one going and went all the way with Han these are nice very nice I mean this place tires are like a silk maybe he maybe that’s because I was running mismatched tired I blow out one of my tires mixed thompson’s in the back I got a nail in it so I had those tire rack old Firestone India come on kalenna complement prime and pretty stupid to do that but against Ramos rely fine but we want to turn to fast [Music] thanks everybody for watching and please don’t forget to hit like and subscribe or as always shoot me the middle finger but I’d rather you hit like and subscribe or hit just like or write some stupid comments whatever works for you cool everybody have a great day I’ll see you next time

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  1. i just got mine today on my 2016 GT Mustang. I absolutely love them. Night and day from those Pirelli's P-Zero Tires…Nice Video. I enjoyed..Thanks for sharing..

  2. Doc,thanks for the info on the tires.Just put the m on my GT 500 with 631 HP and they hook. The original Good Year F1 were like ice !

  3. Great review!! Just purchased today my new Indy 500’s!!! 255/35z/19’s for my 2011 Audi S4. Ran Michelin Pilot Super Sports for $360 a piece the last 2 summers…..just left the shop after dropping a mere $180 each and wondering if Firestone made a mistake pricing these babies!!! Everything you described and more!!! I should of bought 2 sets just In case Firestone raise thier prices when everyone starts to catch on. Wake up Michelin, Continental and others….thank you Firestone!

  4. Just put these on my 2017 Procharged / Supercharged Camaro SS. Replacing the Good Year eagle F1's. The eagle F1's were like ice skates. Man, these grip even being supercharged 720 hp. Wow what a difference and they ride smooth and quiet.

  5. I almost got these for my 2015 WRX but I went with the Nitto INVO because I've heard they are great in wet and dry conditions. The Firehawks look excellent for DRY but not that great when it's wet. Plus… they are pretty quite and comfortable.

  6. Have them and love them. Expecialy for the price. One downside if you aren't aware. They measure one size narrower. My 255 measure 245. And on front 225 measures 215. My next will be one size bigger.

  7. I have a 13 5.0, Roush Phase 3 TVS kit. Crazy powerful. I have the Cooper RS3-S that come on factory Roush cars, but even with 305/35/20 in the rear they just can’t put the power down until 4th gear (3:73 gears). Ordering these ASAP.

  8. I just got these for my ecoboost mustang I like how they look I went from having 235s base rims to performance pack wheels 255 to now 275s I’m waiting for them to arrive I want to see the massive difference lol

  9. It can take a few hundred miles to wear away the factory film that’s on new tires, which act as a preservative and protectant during storage and transport.

    Anyways, I’ll probably be replacing my OEM P-Zeros with these rather than the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S just to save some $. I’m just curious to the longevity and grip rating as they age. These properties are high in the PS4S, which are among the reasons for their high price.

  10. I just got these tires for my 2017 2.5 Mazda3 6spd manual to replace the seriously bad Dunlap 5000M Sports. I have Michelin Ice /w steels for the winter. After seeing this video, I can't wait to get these tires on in the spring. I'm currently using Michelin Pilot Super Sports on my 427 Z06. If I hadn't gotten a set of Pilot SS's at the Tire Rack for half off, I would've gotten these tires. I've used the Fire Hawk SV, SVX, SVZs on my modified IROC-Z. They were the best. Much better than Pirelli, BF Goodrich, Goodyear…

  11. Love the comments at the end… thanks for the review. Considering some for my '17 SS Camaro. Crappy Goodyear F1's gotta go.

  12. Thanks for the video. I'm a big fan of these tires after putting them on my car OMG !! I have a c6 Corvette with cam, exhaust, intake, and tune when I say these tires handle the power with no problem close to 500 hp I mean just that. Best soft compound performance tire out there hands down.

  13. Super excited for these to come in the mail now! Awesome review, Great content and funny as hell 👌🏻 keep it up man

  14. It's just a re-branded Bridgestone RE003… so yeah. Save money on the premium brand name and buy these instead.

  15. Ratings on tire rack are like ratings on Yelp. Just because its rated high it doesn't mean it's actually good.

  16. How are the tires holding up after a year of use? Thinking of getting these tires, just not sure if they come in 305's. Nice car by the way! subbed!

  17. Oval. Less rubber to ground but the rubber that is on the ground is damn near drag radial. I only use indy 500's on the rear. They are absolutely amazing tires for the price. I prefer these over nt555 just because there are very good in water also.

  18. love them on my 12 5.0 second set and will stick with them, great in the dry ,the best in the wet! and the price!!!!

  19. Got them on my subaru legacy. It's made a moving boat feel even more pleasant to drive haha. Can absolutely agree with your mention of how it soaks up the bumps and potholes. Stopping and cornering on these without much fear either.

  20. I'm ordering these RIGHT NOW! My rears are bald af 😂 2011 5.0 Lund tuned, manual, cai and off road mid pipe. My current best is a 12.2 at 119 with a 2.0 60ft on Continental DW's

  21. Hey WarMachine do you (or any others out there) have any experience with the Michelin Pilot Sport AS3 pus all seasons? Supposed to be 95% dry grip of their summer only tires but can take cold temps. I have a 2008 LS3 Vette with only 436HP and with the original Goodyear Eagle F1 super car run flat tires I can not even launch at 1/2 throttle on a 90 deg day without lots of spin. I live in Cleveland so some mornings I will drive in 20 deg temps until it warms up later in the day.

  22. There is an "outside" mark but they are NOT directional. This is why the tread direction is different from left to right side of the car. I find that weird an unsettling. I got 400 miles on mine. They have good grip, but compared to Michelin they are kinda numb and cannot tell if I am running over the head or the tail of a coin.

  23. @ 1:42 Dude is sitting in stopped traffic jam talking about going 170mph……you can't make this stuff up. Great sight gag.

  24. Great review! I'm thinking about buying so.e for my ISF I'm correcting running continental pro contact dws tires and I have traction issues all the way up to 60. Granted they are all seasons lol. How loud are the tires while driving?

  25. As good as Pilot Super Sports at literally half the price…AutoX my car and love these tires. Better than NT05's and NT555's.

  26. Isn't war machine the name of the Gay porn mma fighter who hanged himself? So you're running a 320 treadwear Tire on a 700 horsepower car? Please tell me more

  27. I'm planning on getting a set of 275/35R19 on a set of Apex 19×10 wheels for my 2011 5.0L. $800 CAD for a set of 4. My Mustang Tops out at 163mph anyway (3.73) so W rated is fine.

  28. Dude, you act like a teenage kid with his first car. Squealing like a school girl does little for your credibility. Just tell us about the tires.

  29. Currently running Nitto Invos on my Challenger that need replacing this spring and considering the Firehawk Indy 500. How do you find the road noise on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being a high level of noise. Also, nice ride.

  30. I want to buy those for my Challenger. I hear they are good. Only problem is that I nave two new Good Year F1s so I would probably stay with them and put on two Indys. Worst case, I guess I could by to more Indys since they are so cheap(half price of the F1s)

  31. These are supposedly re-branded bridgestone potenza RE-11r. If you pull up a picture they sure as hell look the same. Super performance at half the price. Love them on my GTI.

  32. Sold! Thanks brother for the review! I’m putting your tires on my 2017 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack R/T! I appreciate your input! I’m going with 275/35/20

  33. I wondered about these. Im running generals on my s197 I ordered Xxrs and need to find somthing for my rear cuz I dont think generals come in the sizes i want

  34. Definitely giving these a try next on my 2014 GT. I had super sports but they were bald within 11k miles. I got the hankook evo summer tire instead to see how they serve me. Only negative for the fire hawks is their lack of 305 tire 🙁

  35. I know this video is old but do you know exactly which firehawk Indy 500 it was and what size did you have

  36. Just bought a staggered set for my 2010 Camaro SS. 245/45/20, 275/40/20 – Cannot wait to get them mounted. Currently running P Zero Run Flats right now. Yuck.

  37. I put these on my Camaro SS and loved them so I just put them on my VW GTI also and love them on it… that said, they transcend from a muscle car rwd to a hot hatch fwd… look great and perform great on both… highly recommend… Really enjoyed the video, nice sounding ride!

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