Fendt 108s reparatie! (gebroken steekas & remmen vast)

Fendt 108s reparatie! (gebroken steekas & remmen vast)

Hey folks! Great that you’re watching We don’t have a tank video this week, we are waiting for some components But we still had this tractor at the old workshop! Uh oh he’s stranded Look at this… Here we are, at the old workshop Everything started here, you don’t recognize it This was the spot were we would drive our cars But we’re here because of this
-It’s a big one Yeah it is a big tractor It still looks good It doesn’t move The brake is completely stuck We loosened the brakes, in the hope that it will be able to roll But that is not the case I think we’ll need to get some diesel So we can start it and pull the brakes loose with its own power Wait a moment, otherwise the battery will die We need some brake cleaner It is making some clouds, but Maybe we should spray and start at the same time He doesn’t want to start We are adding another battery with starting cables to put them in series and 24 volts That will make the starting motor go around a little harder That isn’t really good for it, but it needs to start… This side is completely stuck No movement at all We are able to move it, that’s something We want to remove the brake mechanism that’s installed over there There is a little inspection hole at the hand brake But we can’t take a peek at the main brake If we remove the brake mechanism, we can remove the rubber sleeve to take a look and hopefully we’ll be able to see the brake band We can take a look if its stuck or not That doesn’t look good We only have drive when it is on self locking It seems like something is broken in this end delay It is a brake drum Oh it broke, look This axle broke, it’s missing a piece attached And we can’t even take a look at the brakes, we need to open this There is water in here! There isn’t a brake drum in here It is a clutch disc It has been wrongly repaired These are two things that move opposite of each other, just like the tank That doesn’t move anymore And this jams against this And this grows, it grows larger It does work look at this It’s loose now
-It’s just like the tank with balls It isn’t a brake band, what we thought it was Here there is something like a clutch disc with another one here And between that there is an element that pushes them outwards And it pushes to the housing And it does the same at the other side But this hasn’t been renewed, it’s just stuck
– The brake band is a little loose We don’t have any drive on this wheel, but we can roll to the workshop with the self lock Because it will have drive on the other wheel So we can move it through the sand to our workshop Uh oh he’s stuck! Here he is Yeah it suddenly stopped I loosened this tube here – well it broke off with how brittle it is I blew through this, and look at this It’s flowing again, It didn’t do that just then I think we have diesel now He just shut down, there is some filth in the fuel tank It has pulled some air through the system That’s why they’re stuck, there is a lot of dirt in here What is laying in front of us is the part that’s between the brake discs and pulls them apart In here there are five balls And the balls are planted in these slopes This plate is on top of it And it has the same slopes as the bottom one What happens is that the plates turn opposite of each other And the balls get twisted outwards, pushing these two plates outwards And they do the job It has a toggle joint in here You are insanely strong with this These two plates that are situated here They were installed like this with a pen And it gets pushed… does it get pushed or pulled?
– It pulls It pulls You are insanely strong with that The power is needed, it is a very steep slope We just need to clean this In this right here the brake fluid enters when you push on the brake there is another thing like this You push this in *prfff* The fluid goes *whhll* through this tube it enters through here *whhhhu* and this one goes *inaudible* outwards It pushes against the toggle joint *???* And that.. yeah.. that pulls the brake mechanism How does that sound? That does *Wrrhgll* And that goes outwards, and that pushes the brake discs like *interpret yourself* And then it brakes like crazy Here it is, our patient Here is our broken axle Look at it Does it work?
– We’ll see in just a moment Here he’s coming At some pressure Here it is We have a nice axle, but we need some more supplies! Here they are! Hey look at this, a dust seal There is a dust lug here This side is usually on the outside and on this side there is a bigger lug The oil is on that side First this one
– First that needs to go completely in It isn’t completely fixed yet It seems like there still is some dust stuck everywhere We are cleaning this plate again There wasn’t enough clearance on the entire brake mechanism It needs to have enough clearance, otherwise it’ll keep braking constantly And the brake lining will decay quickly That isn’t good It seems like it didn’t have the clearance because of the dirt that was still in here This plate is underneath On here is a clutch disc, on top of that the brake mechanism and on top of that another disc Brake disc to be exact The thickness of the entire package Makes it so there is a lack of clearance That’s probably because of the rust that’s in here, look right here We are going to clean those components again But it back together and take a look if it is in there completely flat That should solve our problem Yeah!
– I want to test the brakes and lets loosen it also works! It does! This is the fuel tap It has some dirt in there Do you see it? We’ll need to clean that I see some bells
– That’s good! It has to work now, all or nothing Go ahead, here we go It works It works good doesn’t it? If were stuck in the woods with our homemade tank, we can pull it out ourselves! Thank you for watching, until the next one!

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    Hey folks! We got our Fendt components at van den Heuvel. So if you need any Fendt components, be sure to take a look at their website:

  2. Good Work!! Respect! 🙂

    Please do my one favour and take good care of this bad boy. Usually the motor is from MWM and these were in my opinion one of the most trustworthy things ever built. In connection with the oil-clutch are this 75 horsepower perfect matched with the size of the transmission.

    A masterpice of engineering for its time!

    (Maybe a second favour for your own safety: a roll bar)

    Otherwise awesome work and videos! Keep it up! 😀

    Greetings from south Bavaria

  3. Hallo mastermilo82,

    ik ben zelf bezig met het restaureren van een international 1455XL
    nu heb ik mijn vloeistofkoppeling uit elkaar liggen en mis ik 1 ring ervan, weet u misschien hoe ik aan deze ring kan komen of hoe ik met iemand in contact kan komen die zoiets in bezit heeft?

  4. I feel like in 3:26 instead of "end delay", (delay meaning being late of something) better translation would be "final drive", which mean the last piece in the set of components which delivers torque to the drive wheels.

  5. Is een hard-hat geen idee als je bij die schok aan het werk bent. Jullie gaan steeds maar net langs die hoek met jullie hoofd!

  6. "The brakes are stuck! We need some brake cleaner!"
    "To clean the brakes?"
    "No, to start the engine. To clean brakes, we use diesel starting fluid!"

  7. Hebben jullie ergens "Sas" in de tags staan? Ik krijg steeds reclames voor Sas-software. Best toepasselijk van toen jullie nog het SAS-team waren.

  8. Toch best leuk die oude trekkers. Zou best vaker mogen! Ik wil jullie ook wel eens een trekker voor de trekkertrek zien bouwen ofzo

  9. goeie montage voor het hoofdkanaal geworden Bas!

    even en mini rolgolf/flip-Ka mix van die oude Canta body maken? gebeurd verder toch niks mee denk ik.

  10. Super video. The very finest of farmer/backyard fixing. When you see the arc welder being used inside the axle housing, things are getting serious!

  11. kijk! dit zie ik graag! even een ander onderwerp! #afwisseling niet dat ik het tank project zat ben. maar eens een ander thema er tussen door is ook prettig

  12. No R.O.P.S on that tractor means you will probably die quickly in a roll over, or suffer the rest of your life as a cripple. No R.O.P.S= No operate tractor. And don't drive it at speed.

  13. Die loods waar die Fendt staat, is dat de loods die afgebrand was, en nu dus provisorisch weer opgebouwd is om als opslagschuur te dienen?

  14. was de steekas al gebroken toen jullie eraan begonnen of is die gebroken doordat jullie gingen rijden met een vaste rem?

  15. Hello from Canada! That old girl has the same brakes as my 1976 Volvo BM650, I had one ball split and it jammed the break on for the left side. Unfortunately only part's available are sold by Olssons i Ellös out of Sweden and they won't ship to Canada, I'm currently trying to devise a system to attach some Ford F-150 front disk brakes onto the spline shaft of the original system, I using a vacuum pump alternator out of an 82 Toyota Diesel truck to power the vacuum assist. Would like to use original hardware but oh well.

  16. You guys working on stuff like this and videos like this are the best! Tanks and everything is awesome as well! Keep up the good works

  17. Hey Milo, als Lang fan zijnde kun je eens wat beeldmateriaal maken van de oude werkplaats. Voelt bijna nostalgisch aan!

  18. Front tires look more like truck tires than tractor tires? I've seen those on tractors, but most of the time only on one wheel. Are truck tires much cheaper than tractor tires?

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