Fat Idiot Gains 100 Pounds At Costco

Fat Idiot Gains 100 Pounds At Costco

[Ethan] So we just moved out to L.A. from New York as many of you know, and it’s time to do some light grocery shopping. We’ve been hearing about Costco quite a bit. Just need a little bit of a milk, couple eggs and stuff so we thought we’d give Costco a try and just see what’s up dude. I mean, I know we just came here for some eggs and milk, but this is a pretty good deal on the 61 XL Black Noir cartridges for our printer. I think we should buy this. [Sick Beats] It’s fucking John Scarce! He shops at Costco too! [Hila]
Hey what’s up guys [Ethan] Hey, what up today guys, Scarce here. Coming out with a new crazy video today you won’t believe what happened that’s fucking crazy. (crunch) [Scarce] We had a bunch of news that went down this morning, we probably will have a double-upload today- [Ethan] 55 pounds of dog food. [Hila]
We don’t have a dog.. [Ethan] What? [Hila]
We don’t have a dog. (laughing) [Ethan] Yeah, but it’s such a good deal dude… It’s almost worth buying it. With a $5 rebate at the checkout! Can I get this Hila? Can I buy this? [Hila]
I don’t think so. [Ethan] This is only eighty-five bucks, dude.. Do I need to… I don’t take this one? Where do I get it? [Hila] I’m not sure-
[Ethan] Do you have a scissor? I’ll come back with scissors, and get it. [More Sick Beats] [Hila]
Where did you get all this food? [Ethan] Hmm? (With mouthful of food) Oh, uh… the food court. (Smack) I just wanted to lighten up a little bit, get some salad. [Free Samples Lady]
You get 6 in a bag, and you get 42 bags for this. [Ethan] 42 bags?
[Lady] $12.89
[Ethan] We’re going to need that… [Lady] That’s 31 cents a bag.
[Ethan] Thank you so much. [Ethan] Is this too much butter? Or is it that like the right size? [Hila] Oh my god… [Ethan] 5 pounds.. 5 pounds of butter [Hila] I think we’re good on the cheese.. [Ethan] You sure? ’cause there’s more, I can grab some more
[Hila] Yeah [Hila] I think that’s about how much cheese I ate in my whole life [Ethan] There’s only 360 here… I think we’re gonna need a couple more. [Hila laughs] This only, like 5 bucks so it not– it doesn’t really matter if we throw it all out. Nothing gives me a rush like getting a good value on cheese! Philadelphia?
[Hila] A what? [Ethan] A tub? [Hila] Hmm, no [Ethan] Says here, 3 pound tub [Ethan] It’s no longer a little bit of Philadelphia, it’s a tub, you can bathe in this shit, you can bathe your newborn baby in this tub of Philadelphia once you’re done [Hila] Where did you get all this food? [Ethan] What are you talking… why you giving me shit, dude, it’s a normal thing. Come to Costco, you eat food. [Hila] you’re gonna gain like 100 lbs here
[Ethan] Dude I’m only like 10 thousand calories today [DOPE BEAT] [Scarce] We had a bunch of news that went down this morning [Ethan] Stomach doesn’t feel great… It’s probably….. I had a fruit, this morning for breakfast, that had like a bruise on it I think that’s why my stomach hurts [Hila] Yeah, it’s not….. it’s not this shit.
[Ethan] No, what..? No. [Ethan] No, we had like a peach that had like a soft spot on the side… I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that We’re just having a really good day here Hila, do you wanna get dinner after this? [Sick beat] [Ethan] So, we got eggs that enough? we wanted milk, right? so hold on let me grab some milk [SWEET BEAT] [Ethan] I can go back and get more.. It’s just too heavy for me [Hila] I think that’s probably enough [Sad song, Scarce talks in the distance] [Ethan] Spent like a thousand fucking dollars I thought Costco was supposed to be cheap and have good deals we spent a thousand bucks! All I wanted was some eggs and fucking milk dude Did you know they have a gas station, Hila? At Costco? [Hila] That’s pretty cool. [Ethan] Is this the entrance to Disneyland? No It’s the gas station at Costco Like gas prices are always something that.. that I found funny Because if there’s a place that’s 3 cents cheaper there’ll be a line like this. If you put 20 gallons in your car – that’s a huge tank – at 3 cents less per gallon You’re looking at 60 cents in saving – did I do the math right, Hila? 3 cents/gallon times 3 times 20, 60! SIXTY CENTS IN SAVINGS GUYS People will sit here for, like, 30 minutes for their 50 cents savings in gas well I’m not better than any of them [DOPE BEAT] [Ethan] Both of these guys are pumping it on the wrong side [Hila] Oh my god
[Ethan] Look at the other guy One two [Hila] What is going on here? I guess when you wait in line for 30 minutes to save 30 cents it doesn’t it doesn’t attract to the brightest people on the world maybe Can someone explain what the fuck is going on at Costco? Everybody is pumping gas on the wrong side! I’ve never seen this before Here – this guy too, down there [Hila] *laughs* Shit…
[Ethan] Everyone’s pumping on the wrong side. People are SO dumb [D.Pixelz] If you didn’t notice he switched sides. Like I said – it really appeals to dumb people, Costco, don’t it? This is really… Really stupid people out here, huh? Wow, these people are really dumb out here at Costco. Boy… These people out here at Costco are really dumb I can’t believe these fuck- what happened to me? I got gasoline all over me Fuckin These people are so stupid out here This has been a rough day – I’m not gonna lie It’s been a really hard day for me personally. [Ultra Super Sad Music] Wow, Ethan great moves! Keep it up. Proud of you. [Outro Music]

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  1. Wow they Just said something about a child and a dog in the same video🤯🤯 before they got them🤯🤯🤯🤯

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