Fat Bike Vs. Enduro Bike | Fun or Fast?

(rock music) (record scratching) – (laughs) Wow! I bet that guy’s on Strava trying to get this segment dialled in. What a idiot. (whistling) (fun upbeat music) (whistling) (hard rock music) – Think of the gains, woo hoo hoo! Woo, that was fast. Woo! Yes! Wa-pew! Personal record, woo hoo hoo! I am so damn fast, right now. (laughs) oh no, it’s the fat bike guy. (laughing) – I overheard you saying
– Pshaw. – how fast you were. – Nah, I don’t, pshaw,
I’m pretty damn fast, man. Look, it’s showin’ up.
– Well– – Uh uh. – I reckon I could beat you. – No, I don’t think so. – Don’t underestimate the fat bike. This is pure muscle. – Pshaw, yeah, you keep
telling yourself that. (laughs) – No, I think I can beat you. – I reckon I still beat you. – No, I can beat you. – No, I can beat you.
– NO. Yes, no. I can beat you.
– No, I can beat you. – I can beat you. – No. (gong) (laughter) Who’s this guy? – That’s Sumo Sam, that’s my cousin. Yes! – That’s correct, I am Sumo Sam. I am your cousin, and I
overheard you two squabbling on who’s faster than who. Well, today, I’m gonna be
your challenge adjudicator. I’m gonna set three challenges and then find out who
is definitly quicker, enduro bike or fat bike. Let’s go. (boom) (zap) (laughing) Right, Sumo Sam challenge number one. But, this is a two parter. So, number one this is a
technical section, it’s fast tech. So, you gotta drop, here,
into a little root garden, into a berm down there to catch you. Off to the next one. (zap) – Ahhh! Ooph! Whew! Right, this is part two of
challenge number one of tech. You got this little drop into berm, into tight berms all the way down but comin’ in is rooty, it’s rocky, it’s definitly gonna
put them to a challenge. (exhales loudly and grunts) (electronic music) – Well, that bit was really
comfortable and fun for tech. Bit rough at the bottom, there. I think fat bike’s gonna struggle, here. I think I got this one in the bag. Definitely faster. – Horrible feeling about this. That was a bit
uncomfortable, a little bit. Didn’t like that one. I found myself a little bit slow, there. Bouncin’ all over the place. He’s got an advantage, he’s
got full suspension bike. He can take up all that
rough stuff into that turn. (electronic music) (laughter) – Oh, oh it’s a drop. It was fun. But, I think, trail bike guy has got one up on me on this one. I think he’s taken both of them. Did a nice skid here, though. But, according to him, trail bike, it’s not about havin’ fun, it’s about going fast! – That is way fast. I think I definitly win this challenge. I was fast through there. If I had Strava on I’d definitly get a K-O-M on this trail. (laughs) I can hear you crying already, fat bike, “Me, but I’m having more fun.” Who cares, I’m faster. (whirring) (laughing) – This is challenge number two. It’s the climbing challenge. (whirring) Ha ha, yes, a climbing challenge from down there to end up right up here. I think, fat bike, cousin
has a chance, here. Go. (electronic music) (whirring) (laughing) Look at that, (ding) fat bikes can climb. They definitly are faster. (whistles) Ha hoo-oo-oo-oo-oo.
(boing) Ha hoo-oo-oo-oo-oo. (grunts) (laughing) Right, challenge number three and the final challenge
for these two competitors fighting out to see who’s faster. This last one is a fun challenge. Yes or no, riding a bike is fun and any bike is fun. But, who has the most fun? I’ve picked one trail. It’s got tech, it’s got
flow, it’s got a few jumps. Let’s see who does better,
out there, on the trail and has the most fun. Let’s go. Ha hoo-oo-oo-oo-oo. (electronic music) (laughing) Right, well, Sumo Sam did pick one trail that had a few elements
of tech, speed, turns, ya know jumps, whatever. I had loads of fun on there. I was definitly faster. I wanna see Fat Bike Blake come down here. He’s probably gonna be screaming’ help. – Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. That was hard work, especially that drop at the top. That’s big into a turn. That was fun cause it made it. I was having so much fun on this bike cause I was out of control. I think, going by my face, this was more fun than the trail bike. – Right, that’s a bit unfair because that was your cousin
setting all the points and I was definitly way faster than you. So, I should win. But, it’s two to one and I win, obviously.
– No, I don’t care. But, I’m way faster than
you, so I should win. But, obviously, points won,
– No. – I won. – But, I should win.
– No, but I won. – No, ahhh!
– But, I won. (zap) – Okay, oooph, enough of the squabbling, who’s fun, who’s faster. (exhales loudly) Calm down. Fat bike, to me, I’ve
been riding for two weeks, that thing is the funnest bike
that I’ve ridden, to date. It’s totally different to the trail bike. Where the trail bike is full suspension, and I’ve ridden that loads, and can take an absolute hammering. And, it’s in a different element in itself compared to the fat bike. But, I love them both and I love the fat bike
cause it is way funner. Puts a big grin on my face. But, if you wanna see another
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