Fast Wheel Cleaning Tips, Tricks, And Tools – Chemical Guys Car Care

Fast Wheel Cleaning Tips, Tricks, And Tools – Chemical Guys Car Care

Today we have this Alfa Romeo race car! The owner of this car likes to drive it really
fast… and he stops really hard… so it kicks up a lot of brake dust on these
rims! He’s got aftermarket Wilwood brakes on here,
and they tend to kick up a lot of brake dust, so today I’m going to show you how to clean
and maintain these rims. I’ll be using Diablo Wheel Gel. It’s a concentrated
formula that I’ve diluted in this bottle. I’ll be using a Ducky Foam Sprayer, which
aerates the product as I spray it, turning it into a thick foam. All I have to do is spray it in between the
spokes, lug nuts, and brake caliper. This rim has a lot of brake dust on it, so
I’ll use a lot of Diablo so I don’t scratch the rim. I’ll also spray down the tire to get the brake
dust off that. I’ll also add some Diablo to my wheel cleaning
bucket and mix it up with my brushes. To start, I’ll use the Concours Wheel Brush
and get it nice and foamy so I don’t scratch the rim. It’s a thick bristle brush which will help
me clean to the back of the rim. I’ll start at the top and get as much of the
dirt and brake dust off as I can… …get in between the spokes here… Rim has a lot of brake dust on it, so it’s
gonna be real messy. I’m already pulling off a lot of brake dust and grime, so I’ll rinse off this brush and get more foam on it… …and keep cleaning from the top down all the
way down the rim. Now I’ll use the Green Soft Flagged-Tip Brush
to clean the face of the rim to get all the grime I pulled out of the barrel. Starting from the top down, I’ll get all the
dirt off… You can see this rim has a nice deep lip on it, so I’ll clean it all up so it shines nice and bright when it’s all done. Just go all the way around it… Now using the Best Detailing Brush, I’ll get
in the small crevices between the spokes and lugnuts. I’ll spray some Diablo on here for extra cleaning
power… I’ll clean up around the valve stem here,
another intricate area. The rim is already looking a lot better, so
I’ll clean off the tire and rinse it all off. I’m using the Blue Stiffy Brush to clean the
tire and get all that brown road debris off the rubber. The final step is to rinse off the rim to get
off all that brake dust and dirt. Lastly, I’ll wipe off all the water and dirt I rinsed off the wheel using some clean microfiber towels so you can see the shine of the rims after
all the work I put in! There you have it! This rim is looking really good… I’ve three
more to do, so I’ll finish that up. If you like this video, be sure to give it
a thumbs up. If you want to learn more about Diablo Wheel
Gel, check it out on our website: and don’t forget to subscribe! We’ll see you next time!

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  1. Hey I know this wasn't an engine detailing video but I have a question about that.. can I send a picture of my engine bay to you guys so you can tell me what needs to be covered? I have no idea what to not wet up.

  2. I have that wheel brush and it worked great the 3 times I got to use it until on the 3rd time the handle broke, Come to find out this happens to everyone. Wish I would have known that before buying it.

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