Falken Wildpeak A/T3W

Falken Wildpeak A/T3W

Like a tool for every occasion, ready at
a moment’s notice, the Falken Wildpeak A/T3W were asked to be an instant
performer through constantly changing weather and terrain. Can they handle wet
pavement, dirt, mud and snow, all on the same day? It seems the Falken engineers were
targeting northern climates with this tire. All terrain tires are designed to be
the daily driver for off-road trucks and SUVs, perfect for the weekend warriors
and the guys on job sites, where traction on loose rock, sand, snow and mud, is just
as important as good road manners on dry and wet pavement. The M&S rating gets
you through the winter on these tires. Unfortunately this four season driving
also means you rack up a lot of kilometres. We need traction and a tire
that wears well, to protect our pocketbook. Can we really have it all? If
you’re into off-road driving, including events like King of the Hammers, you’ll
recognize the Falken WildPeak AT name as the one that won the 2012 KOH Everyman on a
buggy. The Falcon engineers were determined to provide everyman, and I
mean you and me, with similar off-road prowess and a tire
that we can drive every day and everywhere. The folks at Falken seem to
think they’ve got it nailed. Some of the tires features are going to sound
familiar and they should. These are all-terrain
tire design features that are proven to work. An aggressive upper sidewall and staggered offset shoulder blocks, protect
the sidewall from rocks and curb damage, and provide extra traction while aired
down. The silica tread compound reduces rolling resistance and improves traction
on ice and wet surfaces, as does the angulated siping. The siping provides
suction to the pavement and the angles provide stability to the tread block, to
reduce the wear that cutting sipes creates. It’s important to note that the
LT tires don’t have the same silicon compound as the other tire sizes. It decreases the wet performance of the LT, but enhances the durability. Speaking of
tread blocks, the spaces between the blocks are a mixed blessing. Movement of
the blocks on pavement reduces handling, but we need them for traction off-road,
to claw through dirt and mud and we need them to clear themselves of the debris
on every rotation, so they continue to work. Steps like a Mayan pyramid are built
into the sides of some of the A/T3W blocks, helping to eject material, stiffen
the block, while still keeping a large opening to grab ground on every rotation.
Falken engineers also spent some time and money on the A/T3W sidewalls, specifically close to the beat. Internally they built a secondary beat
apex to reinforce the sidewall. This makes the tire tougher in this area
and it acts as a heat shield, this has a net effect of improved durability and
handling. Additional cooling comes from their heat diffuser technology, located
externally in the same section of the lower sidewall. Keeping the tire cooler
provides more stability, especially when carrying a payload or towing heavy loads.
LT tire sizes have the deepest tread in the segment at ten sixteenths of an inch.
So you get the most consistent performance throughout the life of the
tire. To back the tire up with a 55,000 mile limited tread life warranty.
Now our test tires are LT285/75 R17, E10, weighing in at 65lbs a
piece and wrapped around a set of Deegan 38 Pro 2, 17 x 9 wheels on our 2015
Wrangler JK Unlimited Sahara, with a Teraflex 3 inch lift. Early April in the Okanagan is usually a warm, pleasant affair, with
flocks of tourists arriving for Easter vacation. This year, especially at higher
elevations, it was a crapstorm of fog, rain, sleet and snow, capping off an
unusually high and deadly accident season on the upper highways. We had a couple of
weeks on the dry pavement and the tires held the road well and were on the quiet
side for A/T tires. Cornering was solid and controlled and braking distance and time
uncompromised. The ugly weather test day provided a
lovely combination of rain and wet snow. Cornering on winding, wet mountain roads,
felt the same as dry pavement and driving at speeds of 60 miles an hour
was still solid. Now stock 3.6 litre Pentastar is never gonna be a drag racer.
Nevertheless, tires didn’t slip when I mashed that
skinny pedal to the floor, from a dead stop, in two-wheel drive. Checking the
rearview mirror and finding no one behind me, said a short prayer and
slammed on the brakes from fifty miles an hour. The ABS did not have to kick in
and the truck came to a fast, complete stop, travelling in a straight line.
The Falcon A/T3W are good, almost take the fun out of driving on
snow good, traction is solid and the treads cleared the wet snow really well.
The staggered sidewalls provided extra traction to side climb snow banks proving
that there’s no rut you can’t get out of. We spotted some very large piles of
broken concrete and decided that these hard, harsh, sharp-edged stone pieces,
would provide a great durability test and a real loose rock traction test.
Since it was in town, if we blew a couple of tires at once, the towing charges
wouldn’t be too bad and while this test wasn’t much fun, it did show with
certainty how tough the tires are and how good the traction is. The bottom line,
we tested the LT version of the A/T3W tires, which forego silica in the
compound to improve durability, given the extra load in the harsher driving
terrain in which these LT tires are used. If you plan on lighter use and want even
better wet road and snow ice handling, get the non LT version of this tire. The
Falken Wildpeak all-terrain A/T3W proved to be a great performer in snow, wet and
dry pavement, mud, sand and loose rock. This is a tire that everyone can enjoy
everyday and everywhere, in all conditions. It’s a hero tire you can
count on when the going gets tough. Which makes it a top choice for a 4×4 tire. Do you think the A/T3W in an LT size, without the silica, will be a good tire
for you? Please leave a comment in the section below. If you enjoyed this video,
smash that like button and if you want to see more please hit subscribe. They say money can’t buy you happiness, but we know it’ll buy you a 4×4 and I think
that’ll take you there. Until next time, stay safe and we’ll see you on the trails.

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  1. They look like some good mud/snow tires. I'll definitely check them out when I am finished with my 4runner. Great video too! Like always, very professional and put together well

  2. I have been considering these tires for my 2010 chevy colorado (the little years before they grew to almost Silverado size) and everything i see and read about them reinforces that decision. Gonna swap out my 16×6 rims for 14×8 and make up the overall size with larger aspect ratio, love that look. And these tires are so affordable, starting at under $500 per set.

  3. How do these tires hold up on pavement, was thinking about getting them for my titan, also are they 10 ply

  4. Great video, I just picked up an '18 4R Off Road and will be trading in my dealer tires for a set of these I think. I live in the PNW so the set with the silica sound perfect for rain, snow, mud, pavement. Great pricing on them also, and these came recommended by a friend who overlands in his 4Runner.

  5. I’m Seriously thinking about getting a set I really like everything about them… … I usually go with general grabbers AT2 … but the excellent minds at general tire decided to discontinue the size I use on my Jeep……

  6. I don't understand what he said about the silica. I have the LT Version on my 2011 f150 stx and I like the tires but the truck runs rough, cracks in the road feel jarring yet railroad crossings are fine. Does the silica make for a smoother softer less jarring ride?

  7. I have these tires. By far my favorite tire. I will never buy another tire ever again. I have no problems with my LT tires. But with 10 ply you shouldn't.

  8. I bought the 275×70 r18 for my 2010 f150 4×4 superscrew Sept. of 2017. We(Va,Beach Va) got hit with almost a foot of snow in January 4rth 2018. I was the first one out there around 3:30 am test driving these falken of mine.awesome on snow.few days go by and the ice on road started to set. I drove through like it was nothing. I'm about to lift 3" more and buy the 325×65 r18s.very very awesome tires!!! I can actually vouch for these tires.

  9. I'm interesting in putting these on my tacoma. You mentioned that I'd get better mileage and traction if you avoid the LT version correct?

  10. every body in comments get these tires they are everything and more ,safety when my wife drives in rain or snow that gives me comfort and that is priceless

  11. After much consideration I bought a set of (stock size) the P rated Falken A/T3W tires for my 2016 Tacoma over the venerable KO2's. After putting over 5k on these tires last year in Northern Idaho's winter all I can say is these tires performed better than I expected. In my mind they were better than the KO2's and cost a lot less..
    The tires were awesome, my family and friends took note as I drove up and out of my sisters long driveway which was snow and wet ice. They were impressed enough to get a set for their Jeep the following week.
    I now have 25k on them and there's hardly any wear on them. They're extremely sure footed on wet roads too. Northern Idaho is a good test for these tires, they sure felt at home there..
    Totally Love and trust them.

  12. Don'y like them. Every time I take them off to either rotate them or repair a leak I have to get them re-balanced which is an extra expense.

  13. I just bought a set of these for my 2016 F-150. Anyone have experience with these on 'black ice' on the highway? I live in Alaska and our roads get pretty bad up here.

  14. Before I choose tires the falken is one choice. I have a 2018 Chevy Silverado. I'd like to see more videos on pick up trucks than Jeep's. Keep the videos coming, thanks

  15. Just put a set on my 2014 Silverado half ton. 4wd Crew 6 foot bed. Love them for only day one. Can tell a huge difference already. 275/70/18s 10ply. Used to run 265/70/18 Nitto Terra Grappler.

  16. Just started researching these tires, I was under the impression that they were an economical tire to buy. I currently have bfg ko2 right now, which I do like. These falken tires priced considerably higher than the bfgs.

  17. Put these on my old f250 last winter 275/65r20 look great and perform too. Sold that truck this summer and bought f150 immediately bought a set of these for it 275/60r20. Dropped down a bit in size for a couple reasons. The 65s are a 10 ply E load rated and the 60s are a 4 ply. The bigger truck needed a more heavy duty tire but they are heavy in weight and harder to get balanced and harder on fuel. But they also don't wear as easy. But $ always has the final say, I went smaller because I didn't have the extra cash (new wheels too) and just wanted to get the tires on the truck as fast as possible. Love these tires! I'd but these every time, the only other ones that I'd even consider may be nittos but only if they were the same price. I don't usually review things but I can comfortably say if you are thinking about these then do it.

  18. I've had these on my 4×4 F150 for almost 20k miles now and I finally got to see how good they are in freezing weather, 8" of snow and on snow packed, icy roads. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give them about a 7 in snow, because I did a lot more slipping and sliding than I'd like. In fact, on one snowpacked/slushy 90 degree curve I nearly went straight off the other side even though my wheels were turned with no brakes applied. I was only traveling 15 mph. I had about 35 lbs of pressure in the tires and 420 lbs of sand in the bed. Pretty scary. Also, I'll give them a 7 on wet pavement too. Here's some advice: Drive below the posted speed limit in adverse conditions on these tires. Don't get overly confident with them, you may regret it. I do like they way they handle, especially on dry pavement, they're not noisy on the interstate and they look tough. I did loose 2-3 mpg's with these, but I went one size taller and wider.

  19. Well, this video has answered several questions that my conscience has burdened me with; if a Jeep Wrangler handled perfectly with the Falken Wildpeak AT3W tires, then my 2007 Ford F-150 XLT should handle itself with those tires, despite that I'd have to purchase a set that comes in size 265/70R17. I may have lost two different black hatchbacks in the past, but I don't plan on losing my forest green Ford pickup anytime soon nor at all; not a damn chance.

  20. Thanks for the review, I am in the market for new truck tires and these are on my short list. I haven't looked at Falken in a long time, I didn't know they were still around. I had a set of these on my Mustang GT years ago. All the reviews seem to be favorable and these are price much lower than some of the big name brands. Definitely factors into the equation. I still have some tough decisions to make though. Thanks

  21. Been running DuraTracs for years now on Tacoma's but getting sick of the loudness and stiff ride. You cant beat the DuraTracs in harsh New England weather but I am sick of dealing with how noisy they can even when brand new. I am getting these Falkens this weekend and will be putting them to the test immediately. I have always sacrificed the loud harsh ride with MTs and AT's in the past so I am hoping this tire really can perform and give me a nicer quieter ride without sacrificing off road, snow and ice capabilities.

  22. Hey boys northern Ontario weather goes from -30 to freezing rain in no time,I ride this rubbers, 275/70R20 and they great on any terrain and quiet

  23. I put these on my ram 3500 last week because of the reviews and they were 400 dollars cheaper than the toyo's I put on my wife's rig. They are by far the best a/t I have ran on any rig so far. It's December here in oregon and they are doing an outstanding job. I like that they ride great and the noise is not noticeable. Try them, I think you will like them

  24. I live in Oregon and 2 years ago we had an ice storm to beat all ice storms. At the time I had plain old highway tires on my Nissan Pathfinder 4×4 and even in 4wheel drive I slipped and slid all over the place. The following summer I put a set of these tires on my truck even though my highway tires were almost new. I swore I wasn't gonna go through another winter sliding all over. Wouldn't you know it but the following winter we barely got a dusting of snow and no ice storms. Old man Murphy strikes again. Here we are heading into another winter and so far these tires have done great on every surface I have driven on and after a year and a half they still look new. Who knows, maybe we will get some snow this winter so I can see how they handle it. Love these tires and highly recommend them.

  25. 100% getting these, I can't find one bad comment anywhere. However undecided on Lt or not. Running 09 Tundra Crew, with normal truck use. Any advice?

  26. I put a set of these on my 95 Jeep Cherokee Country last week…I did so cause of the reviews and the price I was quoted where I have the vehicle maintained…$114.66 each, mounted and balanced, and he threw in a T-Shirt from Falken…The ride is quiet and they stick to the road well…I can't say for any bad weather performance yet, haven't had any…Had a set of Kumho's A/T's that are no longer made and they were on for 6 years…Was an excellent A/T tire…As of right now, I have one major complaint with the A/T3w's, they have a very stiff sidewall and ya feel it…I had Goodyear R/T's and the Kumho A/T's and though it's a Jeep, there had it all over these Falken's for road comfort…All I can say is they best preform well in bad weather cause I'm not at all happy with the ride comfort from these tires…I also hesitated on Falken's period because of two family members that had different model on their vehicles and they just plain sucked…My daughters car was just plain dangerous in any type of snow and had to be towed or pushed several times…The other set rode like the ole bias ply in cold weather…They would get a flat spot on em and thump down the rode till they warmed up…Also not very secure feeling with them on snowy roads…Certainly the tread design appears as if it will dig thru snow, but I can also see where as they wear down, they may very well be like driving on hockey pucks as the sips wear away…Only time will tell…

  27. Great review 🙂
    I'm in the UK(England), I don't seem to be able to find the Falken Wildpeak A/T3W,,

    I have found Falken Wildpeak A/T 01 All Season M/S + Snow,, do you have any experience of these..?? Many Thanks

  28. I put these on my ‘13 F150 FX4 in Aug ‘17 (now 16 months old and 13,500 miles). Love love love these tires!! I drive in central Ohio with big mix of hot summer temps, lots of rain, multiple snow & ice events, and occasional off roading on farm properties (wet sticky Ohio mud, rock, and grassy fields). These tires handle EVERYTHING all the time. I had dedicated mud tires to swap on if heading to the farm but… sold those tires/rims once I tested these tires and found they could easily handle lite off roading. I do drive 95% on roads and these tires are relative quiet, brake and grip very well even in wet, and have worn well so far. Other than I’ve rounded off the tires edges slightly but that’s due to my driving style and fact that my truck weights 6,000 pounds fueled! Overall, Great tire… will absolutely 100% buy them again!!! Note: I went with the 33” P275/60 R20 tire which contains the silica compound for better wet performance, that was the right choice for me and this truck I believe.

  29. Been looking at these tires just trying to decide on size now. 255 80 R17, 285 70 R17 or 285 75 R17 on 2010 Toyota Fj Cruiser with stage 5 Icon lift

  30. Guided my dad to use these as a replacement for bfg kos , they run quiet, handle great ,smooth , all around damn good tire. Handled mud well too , he put them on 2003 tacoma 4×4 . And hes in love with them. Cant beat them for the money. Im gonna run a set on my ram 2500

  31. Putting these Falkens on my Ram 2500 next week. I have been looking around for a month reviewing an endless amount of data on dozens of brands and these seem to have the most rounded performance in all types of weather.. Can't wait to test them here on Cedar Mountain in our winter wonderland 👍Great vid, very much appreciate it.

  32. I put a set of these on about a week ago (235 75r15) and while I have put very few miles on them, they seemed to have smoothed out at about the 100 mile mark.

  33. Seems to be a great tire overall, although I've noticed it is really picking up and throwing the anti-skid during winter, has wore rockers down to bare metal in spots and destroyed a mudflap on my frontier. Anyone else noticing similar effects from these tires?

  34. Curious if you have reviewed the Deegan 38 all terrains? I'm deciding between the deegans or the falkens. Same price almost exactly.

  35. I like the tires and I am close to buy 4 of them for my jeep. About your video a lot of talking, but litter show

  36. I just talked to a big tire sales chain store manager FACE TO FACE! Told him about some of the dark news on the KO2 BFG/AT
    I had the original KO…great tires.
    I talked to the guy about how BFG is on sale/4 wheel parts $50.00 off a set of 4 and they pay sales tax. I told him that I'm hearing good about the Falkens …bad on KO2…He said what most have been saying and more…he is a off road enthusiast also. BFG new compound rides rougher than the original KO and in slick conditions of just rain and pavement if you need to emergency stop you will slide.
    He likes the reports of the Falkens!
    The older Falken would wear and get slick…not the new design.
    I'm actually going to pay a little more for a set of 4 Falken Wildpeak AT3 Than the Famous BFG…He did say the BFG is a race winner…yes in hard dirt and packed sand.
    Believe what you want…I'm going to the Falkens…

    After further research I am going with either Hankook Dynapro RF11 or Toyo Open Country Exteme 2

  37. I have the Lt's in Southern Spain……little rain here but off road, they are amazing, gravel, mud, shale, etc 20.000 km's and still as good as new.

  38. I have a 2015 ram 1500 4×4. The only offloading I do is at Carolina beach on the soft sand. I have 20in rims so when I air down I go to like 15 to 18 psi still worries me about popping a bead. I currently have Yokohama geolanders ATgo15 they did decent on the soft sand but when it rains they spin. What do you think will be the best at for my soft sand driving? Havent heard much about these falkens in that terrain.

  39. I've got 46,000 miles on my Falken Wildpeak AT3W's now. Mounted on Jeep Wrangler JKU. They still have some tread left to them. They have been a good tire. almost great. The only real complaint I have is their performance in MUD. Not Awesome. Better than a street tire, but they still turn into racing slicks pretty quick, in my experience. I am considering the Falken Wildpeak MT for my next set, but hoping to find out if the MT has sacrificed much of the road characteristics for the extra space between the shoulder lugs.

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