Falken Pro G4 A/S Product Video | Discount Tire

The Falken Pro G4 All Season is a
performance tire developed to handle ever-changing weather is unpredictable
road conditions. The Falken Pro G4 All Season’s unique asymmetric tread design targets to year round performance through three different tread zones. The wide
shoulder tread blocks in the outside tread zone enhance handling and response for
excellent driving control. The smaller, staggered tread blocks in the center tread zone provide grip and traction in all weather conditions and the solid
rib and tightly spaced inner tread blocks zone increases stability and traction on
dry surfaces. For increased all-season traction the Falken Pro G4’s tread design is equipped with high-density 3D sipes. This feature helps maximize
traction in wet and icy conditions Additionally, the Falken Pro G4 All
Season tire construction includes specially treated polyester plies that
maintained mid-sidewall flexibility and absorb shocks for a smooth comfortable ride. The Falken Pro G4 All Season comes
equipped with a 65,000 mile limited treadwear warranty for V&H
speed rated sizes and a 45,000 limited treadwear warranty
for W speed rated sizes. Learn more about the Discount Tire exclusive Falken Pro G4 All Season by contacting a Discount Tire store near you or by visiting us online at www.discounttire.com. Click here to subscribe to the Discount Tire YouTube channel.

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