Falken Azenis RT615K+ Tire Review

Falken Azenis RT615K+ Tire Review

What’s up guys this is Bryce with Dust Runners Automotive Journal and today we’re testing my brand new rt615k+ tires from Falken so let’s hit the canyon road and let’s test out how good
these really are These are rt615k+ tires are very
sticky but still relatively affordable compared to other sticky tires on the
market there are stickier tires but those are closer to a competition tire
or a semi slick which is not something exactly good for street use you could do
it but it’s not the greatest idea now there are some negative drawbacks when
it comes to sticky tires one they wear very fast this is a 200 tread wear tire
depending on your usage you can see anywhere from four to eight months of
life out of these it really depends on how you drive how heavy your car is how
heavy your foot is how often you’re going to the track how often you’re
commuting etc for me personally I’m expecting to get about six to eight
months out of these tires as most of my driving is commuting although I do and
do the occasional canyon run all sticky tires or all high-performance tires
have a relatively hard sidewall and that transfers a lot of noise and
harshness into the cabin so you get more steering feel but you also get a lot
more road noise now the tire noise is not all that bad in my car as my exhaust
is really loud so you really can’t hear the tire noise over the sound of the
exhaust but if I were to put the clutch in so the exhaust wasn’t being super
loud you can hear a lot of tire noise so if it’s something that doesn’t have a super
loud exhaust the tires might get really annoying very fast another thing you
need to factor in is price coming in around five or six hundred dollars for
all four depending on where you get on what size you get for the Fiesta ST I
got a 215/40 r17 with a lifespan of six to eight months
you’re looking at around $100 a month in tires and you have to decide if that’s
right for you because for some people that might be too much in tires monthly
a good option to look at is the Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 which is
a very sticky tire but has a 340 tread wear instead of each 200 tread
wear, so should theoretically last quite a bit longer than these let’s see what
these tires can really do as I mentioned the only reason
somebody’s gonna buy a tire this sticky, this loud and it’s expensive because they
like hitting the canyon road or the racetrack right now we are on seven Springs Road outside of Phoenix Arizona near Barlett
lake, and these tires have so much grip the previous all-season tires I had on
this car would spin all of first gear and almost all of second gear these
tires spin zero and second gear and almost zero in first gear most of this canyon road is in second
gear so I can just foot down everywhere and coming out of these corners it has
so much grip coming into a corner, bombing in super fast if you guys are wondering the difference
between the RT615 K and the RT615K+ is that the RT615K+ which is the
version that I have has a slightly softer compound and they’re slightly grippier
that’s about the only difference both are fantastic tires that’s a
sheriff so there you guys have it that’s my full
review of the Falken Azenis RT615k+ tires I think there are fantastic tire
if you’re willing to spend the money on them if you want something a little bit
cheaper the Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 is a great option be sure to hit that
thumbs up button if you guys like this video and subscribe and I will see you
guys in the next video

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  1. Im getting the yokohama advan a052's over these. Superior in every way, the azenis is still a decent tire for the price though.

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