F1 Racing Hoverboard?! | DOPE or NOPE

F1 Racing Hoverboard?! | DOPE or NOPE

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  1. I had a cat named Buddha. He was white as sour cream too😂. Unfortunately, he died from age😥. Buddha was a good cat.

  2. If you's still have that fuzz saver thing could you try putting some Mentos in the coke and see what happens? Please

  3. 5:55 Anyone knows the name of the sax song that starts playing when he says : "Now I'm Buddaliocious", it's been in my mind for years…

    Edit: I have found the song, it's "Songbird" from Kenny G

  4. That hype watch you bought? It looks like mine lol but it's gold and uhhh REALLY old

    I found it in a cabinet and thought it was my parents or smh oof

  5. U used the ozobot coding wrong, there could be a sheet with COLOR CODING. With the colors u have, u can use those colors for coding, there's a boost, go right, go left, backwards, forwards, u-turn, etc. Believe me I done this before

  6. I could totally see her in a SciFi movie. Make it happen and I'll…. watch it and upvote it I suppose? Not much else I can do. I'll tell you what, I'll watch it twice in a row just because it was my idea and I would show my wife and brag all day. I'll brag on social media to sweeten the deal for you. My 5 friends on Facebook might watch it. Maybe it will get me more friends? I'm not sure how to make friends and I'm realizing why as I talk to myself pretending someone else will read this. This comment is going in a weird direction I'm just going to get off the internet for today. Just kidding I have nothing else to do…..

  7. At the karaoke mic part:
    I'm listening to the video with headphones

    My friend: muted the TV,so I pause the video

    Him: …..huh..I swore I heard a dog barking and it just stopped.

    Me: it was probably the guy in the YouTube video I'm watching

  8. The fizz saver actually works and Sam was right. Even though it seems counterintuitive, you put it on the bottle and shake it to build the pressure to pump the soda through the tap.

  9. you're suppose to shake the fizz saver after you fit in the soda bottle to create air pressure … I rate Matthais a NOPE for that one

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