F-250 Platinum Gets Fuel Blitz Wheels and Nitto Ridge Grappler Tires

F-250 Platinum Gets Fuel Blitz Wheels and Nitto Ridge Grappler Tires

what’s up everyone I’m bill I’m with
cali moto TV welcome back to the channel and welcome back to the 2019
f250 Super Duty the super beast now where we kind of left off last time was
I was actually considering selling the f250 in getting a f450 because it’s
looking like we’re gonna be changing the beast which is our 38 foot outlaw coach
and we’re gonna be doing a tow ball 5th wheel toy hauler instead of the coach
the original toy hauler that we were looking at was 44 feet and weighed over
20,000 pounds and the super beast just wasn’t super enough so we were gonna
have to be looking at a f450 and so after kind of mowing things around we
actually went and looked in person at the 44 foot 5th wheel and we actually
didn’t like it and we actually ended up finding and looking and deciding on a
38-foot 5th wheel toy hauler and the super beast can tow it so we decided
we’re gonna stick with the super beast and I’ve got so much into this and I
really you know the the loss of money to go from the f250 to the 450 it would
have been almost $20,000 essentially lost to kind of go into that so I love
this truck so I really wanted to stick with it so we are sticking with it now
so that means the modification hold is now off and I have been doing a couple
things to the truck so you guys will have to stay tuned because we do have
videos coming out we have the hot and cold side air turbo piping is being done
we also have upgraded the exhaust which I’ll share with you guys what the end
result looks like but y’all stay tuned for that video red label automotive
hooked me up with installing all of that we’ve got new
wheels on the truck so that’s what today’s video is about about we’re just
kind of I wanted to give you guys a tour of the truck and talk about the wheels
and what wheels I got and why I decided on these wheels and then but I really
quickly wanted to share because I’ve been getting a lot of comments about the
new EPA and of course the truck is tuned by PPE I and how this is going to affect
me and the super beast so right now I actually have recently contacted PPE I
about some other questions about the tune when we did the intercom the turbo
piping and I did ask them hey so being that I’ve already purchased the tunes
from you guys how is this going to affect me in the future and their answer
in short was it’s not so my PPE I easy link auto tune system is here and it’s
here to stay and so the delete for right now is we’re
good now I do want to talk about a little bit about the EPA and the new
kind of a lot of people were like oh you’re stupid you know you’re gonna get
with hit with fines and stuff so I don’t want to be stupid I know look I know
that we’re kind of breaking the law us delete errs but look it’s good it’s
better for the truck it runs better it’s more fuel efficient and everything so I
really would like to keep it but if it comes down to a point where we are
starting as end users are starting to kind of get the attack on us by the EPA
then of course I’m not I’m not that stupid
will react up things but for right now the trucks good I’m not you know I’m not
just out rolling coal over people so it’s it’s um it’s it’s good for now but
stay tuned because I do have some stuff in store for the channel and talking
about we’re gonna be sitting down with caller with California Highway Patrol
and talking about what is going to happen
if I’m pulled over with my deleted truck and an inspection is in is done and what
my consequences will end up being so stay tuned because we’re gonna get that
video out real soon but where I’m gonna be with the deleted
is is basically it’s sticking here so without further ado let’s go ahead and
take a look and see what’s going on the outside beautiful day here in California
this is what we’re all about guys this is what we’re all about
and there it is so beautiful be the full weather so the super beast let’s get
this let’s get this ready ready ready oh yeah I absolutely absolutely love it
guys so we’re rolling on 20 inch fuel bullets rims they are the painted black
we’re on 35 12 and a half Nieto Trail grapplers I decided with those instead
of the fury tires I was looking at the fury tires but decided that we’re gonna
go with this but let’s go ahead and let’s look I love love love the rims
hopefully you guys can catch and see what’s going on here there we go so
super cool and I love oh there’s the ridge grapplers they’re not the TRO
grapplers Ridge grapplers and you can see so I kind of turned in the wheel so
the thirty fives no cutting no rubbing front or rear we
do have the slight leveling kit on the front but you guys can see here whoo
yeah look at this thing guys look at that absolutely gorgeous
so we have body so black now we’re black I’ve kind of eliminated
the the kind of silver look so now we’ve got to deal with the chrome we have to
deal with the chrome we have to deal with the chrome we have
to deal with the chrome and around back I’m not sure guys that I’m gonna
actually mess with the back too much switch these mics around sorry guys I’m
not sure that I’m gonna mess with that silver plate I kind of like this silver
plate and I kind of like the front grille so I think I’m gonna stick with
that gen-y hitch but we’ve blacked out here and alright go ahead and comment
tell me what you think tell me what you think but stay tuned for the full video
on the exhaust four and a half inch all the way from the DPF all the way back so
chrome gotta go chrome gotta go chrome gotta go chrome down below Scott to go
but I’m personally not a big fan now I don’t mind I don’t mind the front grille
but check out the light bar what do you guys think of the light bar now remember
it had silver rivets on it and I’ve done a full tint on both the light bars and
I’ve kind of blocked them out so let me know what you think about that so I’m
looking at doing the emblem a little bit of change
I do have black tow hooks that are already in we’re looking at doing some
graphics on the hood so stay tuned for that
I can tell you guys it won’t be a ginormous eagle but something close so
stay tuned for that but here’s my question me it’s look it’s me personally
personally I like a white body so do we put the fender flairs on there and I
don’t like the rivet Thunder fares I want the original kind of the OEM now I
did have some stuff that I was going to probably do with the front end but it
looks like cost it’s just not effective so we’re gonna change and and possibly
do the Thunder fenders but emblems and the Chrome’s all got to go go ahead tell
me go ahead tell me tell me how much you hate it
tell me how much you love it I’m gonna get a shot of it soon but and then I
really like the I really like actually how the platinum back is check out the
new watch and subscribe baby oh and we have tinted the black the back third
brake light so let me know what you guys think of that kind of looks pretty clean
and so that’s kind of that’s kind of where we’re at right now and so let me
know what you guys think should be going on next but I can tell you this Eddy is
going to be doing some paint work for me so let me know in the description down
below what you guys want done to the body because the body that’s next the
body work is definitely next but I just love this thing look at this thing woo
in the wheels I love them absolutely love the wheels so again the fuel blitz and the super beast alright guys thanks for staying tuned
thanks for subscribing thanks for smashing that like button and thank you
for comment down below what’s next let me know we’ll see you next video thanks

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  1. Would you buy a BMW 1250GSA for predominantly 2up road touring/camping trips (not really off road) because that is what I have done. After watching your video on the K1600 Grand America I wonder if I made the right choice?

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