Extreme Traction-Control Test

Extreme Traction-Control Test

hi this is michael vein from pickup
trucks calm and we’re here at General Motors milford proving grounds for 2008
halftone shoot out what we’re doing here is a split Mu test Mu is a measure of
friction on any type of surface so we’ve got three surfaces we’re going to
measure against we’ve got an asphalt surface we’ve got this white tile it’s a
slippery as an icy road and then we have this blue tile the blue tile is slippery
as a snowy road we’re going to take each of the trucks
we’re going to run it with one wheel here one wheel here and we’re measuring
wheel slip between the two surfaces so on the slippery surface we’re going to
see the rear wheels slip more than on the other surface we want to see how
each truck handles that situation traction control does two things when it
senses a truck slipping on the surface it cuts engine power and applies the
brakes to help stop the wheel that’s spinning enabling the wheel opposite the
spinning one to gain traction because most full-size pickup trucks are
rear-wheel drive and the bulk of their weight is positioned in the front half
of the vehicle trucks can lose traction more easily than other vehicles
particularly in icy conditions the new Ford f-150 and toyota tundra perform
best of this test there are the only two trucks to make it
off the slippery surface without having to stop and engage four-wheel drive we judge the f-150s traction control
system to be superior to the Tundra the f-150 is wheel slipped but the truck
was able to cut throttle smoothly to enable it to virtually walk off the
surface the tundra cut power to the engine too
but more aggressively than the f-150 it took pushing the accelerator all the
way down to Floor to keep the engine power up while the tundra slowly crawled
up the surface both tundra and f-150 had limited-slip rear differentials they were also the two heaviest trucks
that we tested which probably helped in this test the rest of the trucks in our
group were very challenged by this test chevrolet silverado and GMC sierra both
had locking mechanical rear differentials that engaged automatically
when will slip hit a certain rpm while both pickups did excellent in our
autocross test they were challenged by the very wet and
slippery surface that we were on both required putting the trucks into four
wheel drive high to get off the surface the dodge ram 1500 also require the use
of for high to get off the slippery tile but like the ford f 150 and tundra it also
use a limited-slip rear differential to us this was proof that extra weight and
excellent anti-slip logic can make a big difference getting a truck out of slick
conditions the nissan titan was the most challenged
by this test when its electronic locking rear differential wasn’t engaged because
we were using two wheel drive the rear differential operated as an open diff
meaning that there was no way to shift power between wheels when one wheel
started to slip. the titans engine quickly get close to the red line and
began to slip backwards as it struggled to figure a way off the hill Finally
we had to cut power and engage four-wheel drive to drive up the hill.
what you’ve just seen is a small part of the 2008 pickup trucks.com have to shoot
out for more information and videos of our tests and to find out our pick for
the best overall 2009 have time to pick up visit pickup trucks.com.

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  1. um yea…..tundra doesn't have LSD rear end, even the TRD. it's a brake system that transfer power to the other wheel when one wheel spins. true LSD won't give any problems

  2. lmao they got paid to show tundra and ford doing it I literally just saw tundra floored it to get up there quickly while dodge and chevy slowly went up without flooring it.

  3. but I feel like this is bs come on we all know chevy gmc have the best g80 locker system that was offered. dodge has a great lock diff system as well. so how did they supposedly not make it. I feel it was more due to how they accelerated the trucks you could tundra was floored on to get it to go up fast and f150

  4. AE 6 parts group are criminals godfather mutant.
    Their purpose : destroy all governor department all.

    They should be dead.

  5. I like chevy and ford. i have a ranger but this test was absolutely full of shit. the chevy g80 has proven multiple times how it will out perform any other type of differential. so this BS video is denying that a locker outperforms traction control. they're full of shit dont listen to them. notice how they didn't show the chevy's rear wheels? because it didnt have the g80. if it did you would see one wheel spin about one time then you'd hear a click and see it stop immediately then it would climb. simple physics thats what a locker is. they dont expect people like me that know shit to watch this

  6. throttle cutting gets old quick, whereas an older style car you can just power out of snow, that new throttle cutting crap makes sure you never get out of the snow

  7. there comparing unequal vehicles! some had limited slip diffs some didn't. i immediately can't take this test seriously when not all vehicles have the same options.

  8. I know gm and Chevy trucks engage 4high or the locking diff automatically the computer senses it’s slipping and actually does something about it they been doing this since the early 2000’s

  9. This is bull, a G-80 locker in a Chevy or GMC will make a Ford or Dodge with a LSD look like a fucking Joke. see Powertrax no slip locker video

  10. BLASPHEMY!!!!!! I wager i can get up that hill with no more than a G -80 in 2wd, the testers were to scared to blow the motors and didnt "TEST" them to full capacity. I dont believe this, they are trying to black ball GM and Chevrolet.

  11. what also makes a big difference is the type of tires and the type of LSD that is utilized. try a truetrac in the chevy instead of the gov lock and see what happens.

  12. Too many but hurt Chevy guys in here that lie and talk about why would i not use 4 wheel like come on people the fact that those trucks didn't even need 4 wheel says a lot 😂

  13. "Traction control applies the brakes to the wheel that's slipping" no it doesn't, as proven in this video. You even talk about locking differentials. Traction control isn't a locking differential.

  14. Locking diffs should always beat limited slip in this situation because both tires are turning equally which should cause no slippage unless you're retarded and have a heavy foot

  15. Why do GM trucks even exist? Ford came and beat them at their own facility. Sorry Chevy guys, Ford wins again. 😀

  16. The Silverado a d Sierra both have auto 4wd… Which I have had in an 04 suburban z71 and a 2010 Silverado z71.. And good bit more effective than traction control… This test should have been cars with traction control not trucks..

  17. Did you think about tires? Seems like they used stock tires on each truck, could make a huge difference in the traction control tests….

  18. This is so stupid. Each truck had different tires. Give me some BFG ko2 and I’ll make it up with any truck…

  19. The Ford slid sideways and got concrete..if every other truck had just cocked the wheel a bit..same result….get out…

  20. I know its late to post on this but it's total crap. I drive a Toyota Seqouia now but I had a 2WD 2007 Avalanche with the auto lock rear end. So easily could have walked right up this, give it a small amount off throttle and hold it, the locker locks and doesn't unlock till you let pressure off it. Not sure why this is so biased absolutely not true !!!

  21. My 2017 Sierra Denali pickup slides out of control in 4WD in any type of snowy conditions and doesn't handle much better in the rain. I just saw I have traction control and now I am not sure if it was off or on. Now it's summer and I can't try it out both ways. However, it almost killed me spinning out of control. GMC service can't duplicate the problem and says it appear to be working OK. GMC customer service sucks. Thoughts or suggestions? This truck is going to kill me, someone else, or all of us.

  22. Where the hell is the driver from?! Clearly never been on ice/snow. You dont just mash the fucking pedal on ice and expect to have max traction.

  23. Dodge Ram and chevy Trucks always get rusty faster and Nissan as well .. why are they not sealed and paint coated well .. they are not cheap to buy ?!!

  24. Was it the same driver for each vehicle? I have seen many many occasions where switching to a driver that knows how to maneuver these situation makes a truck that looks useless go to gold

  25. Todays trucks for idiots that can not drive.
    I always had cars that are rear wheel drive and live in Pennsylvania and i always got around.

  26. You guys should make this test again with the new models, and do SUV's too cuz all the videos out there on favor Subaru

  27. I just traded in a 2018 RAV4 AWD for a Silverado. Toyota's way of traction control pissed me off. My first winter and playing in fresh snow, every time I wanted to go up a hill, I had to disable TC. Mashing my foot down just made the TC light blink, and not much happen. To hell with that.

  28. My 2015 Silverado has excellent traction buddy. You did this review wrong. The Toyota and the Nissan have Awful traction. When I go mudding they get stuck and i pull them out. Remember that the army uses gm sir.

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