Exploding Minecraft Creeper! | 10 Strange Amazon Products

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this is the safe space for the but yeah what’s going on guys I am Matthias and
welcome back to 10 strange things a Tanner found on Amazon
what Terry I’m Matthias who’s Tanner oh this dude Tanner who where no you must
be on camera Tina oh so Tanner picked out ten of these items he thinks there
may be strange weird wonky funny goofy whacky whatever I’m gonna let you know
whether they are dope or no yes that’s right guys I’m growing out my beard film
the other side oh you like this dude it looks like my beard patchy that’s just
white hair right there so if you ever see that that patch is filled in because
I’m wearing mascara let’s get into the first item adult I can’t get past the
first word dude I love it when things are described as adult meaning it’s for
adults it’s not for you children all right you will not get the subtleties of
this humor or the raunchiness but you will adult achievement stickers mom
version being a mom is hard you deserve recognition for a job well done
celebrate the small victories with mom achievement stickers now that is
absolutely true there’s a lot here let’s wait to read them until I get them Add
to Cart oh I shaved my legs today I paid my
bills on time I almost went to the gym today me every day that’s not exclusive
to moms I only had one glass of wine last night my plants are still alive I was like and I was serious as a heart
attack I was like babe if you’re gonna buy more
plants they need to be fake because I can’t keep wasting money on plants that
died this was her response at least your kids still alive I was like alright
alright that’s yeah that’s true bless her heart she cannot keep a plant alive
I didn’t eat all the cookies yeah she likes cookies for sure but she’s a
skinny snack though am i right baby mwah oh nice alright I say these are dope and
I’m gonna give them to Amanda but I’m gonna take off the ones that she may
find offensive Duck brand cents duct tape a creamsicle can we just talk about
how nasty that creamsicle looks like oh it’s fake it’s made out of duct tape
how duct tape sense was invented what
why are you swing his arm like that for the scene oh they’re so upset oh it got
into the oh so here’s my only question why what purpose does this soul where
are you gonna put duct tape where it matters to have a scent give me just one
example okay I got one you’re a serial killer okay all right you sneak up to
the second story of the house yeah the mistress she’s a little loud so what do
you do you break out your scent take the scented duct scented duct tape it’s
salted caramel right you put it gara gara mo you put it over your lips and
you like and it seduces mm-hmm and then she smells it and then you don’t do
anything because you’re an honest man with the wife at home okay so you’re an
honest man with a wife at home but you’re robbing someone yeah you gotta
pay the bills somehow hey didn’t you say serial killer that’s just exposition
dealer where’s your brain going dude I’m gonna have to have you checked out the
high fives therapist is down the street Add to Cart so do you think this is
actually gonna smell like launch cream wow no I am laughing because for a
second I totally thought that duct tape already has a very pungent scent and
when you mix it with orange cream I don’t even understand it this is bad oh
maybe it’s like the underside of it maybe we can smell like the underside
it’d be like ripping something off engages the scent do that oh my gosh
that’s most like rotten barley I didn’t really smell any orange it smells like
sweet duct tape that’s a no all right so the next item is in fact the dope or no
that you guys have been waiting for for quite some time it originated in this
video as such there we go guys like but we have to know if you guys actually
want to see this because it is quite pricey so I asked for you guys to like
it give this video a like if this video gets over 80,000 like 80,000 that’s all
I asked for and you guys killed it with two hundred and thirty thousand likes
that is insanity so guess what that means
today we are actually going to be looking at the razor EcoSmart Metro
electric scooter guys since we waited so long we get like 50 bucks off 500 watt
extra power high torque 36 volt electric system 16 inch pneumatic tube tires dude
that’s awesome so here’s we’re gonna do we’re gonna add this cart and buy it now
stay tuned when we unbox this sweet item next product pray scientific spill ops
sentry petal force demonstrators entry pedal what did I say this is why I love
the English language it’s just never the same do I actually never read the word
centripetal I’ve only heard it I’m not a math dude I don’t read math texts so
what is this so pretty much I’m assuming that you just kind of like to start in
it’ll start spinning yeah but why who cares because science is cool for the
school science is cool for the sake of science being cool science that solves
purpose is cool this is just a demonstration to amazed this forget it
ever occurs I hope this thing amazes me Chandler will so I assume this is
something for like classrooms and stuff I mean I guess it could be used in
classrooms probably a cool science teachers have it but we’re gonna test it
with some team I don’t understand that sounds like if it’s gonna make a huge
mess I have no idea what to do here bill not provides an effortless way to walk
with an open beverage without spilling ah I see I see so you put this on like
this and then you can I don’t like you doing that would be on Oh as you can see
it’s absolutely full I don’t know if you yet you could see the fluid in right
there and this I don’t know why we wouldn’t test this with water it’s the
same effect I’m not a perfect man okay so you can technically demonstrate some
trip centripetal a centripetal force in Tripp it’ll forests look at this you see
that Wow the fact that the tea isn’t moving is actually insane so this is
supposed to demonstrate it why don’t why don’t wait errs do this why don’t they
have their entire tray unlike something like this and just carry it around like
that oh because I think someone could heat up no but then then they could be
like hey you know the idea here is that you could just you know honestly
shocking yeah like that yeah you’re you’re walking into like a restaurant
and you’re just like Oh sir I’m so sorry I always hit my copy games change this is how I’m
this is gonna have this is how I’m gonna drive to work you put this on your
rearview mirror put your coffee right there you hit the brakes you’re like hey
okay it’s alright coffee’s not spilled all right well I
would have to say this is a dope I rescind my negativity wearin right
dry erase board you wear on your wrist wearable notepads set includes white
board adjustable elastic comfort wristband black low odor why is that a
feature by the way our product has low odor no matter what anyone says so
uncool oh yeah it’s like worse than like putting a note
pad in your front pocket add the card okay so it’s not that big the purpose
that this object right here is supposed to solve is the ability to write down
anything that you want at any given moment when you need to without having
to go and reach for like a notepad or a marker board or something like that why
is this already used I haven’t used it yet someone returned to do they’re like
Oh marker wait you smelly wow it writes really well yeah they definitely used it
already maybe it was just like a test or something like that so let’s put this
thing on dude looks four o’clock how did you find the clock it’s like dude yeah
five o’clock welcome to math Margaritaville five o’clock all right
tanner break out the margaritas a little shui steel a little wasted I mean what
would you be doing with this I don’t know like maybe writing down
measurements or something like that like just keep me distracted I would just be
like I’m in a meeting Bess is drawing a little cat bigger just like a little cat
oh you can actually draw kitties I can draw anything breath no what can you
draw my self-conscious yeah I enjoy yourself conscious Oh No here comes a
heavy dish I can figure done literally nothing there all right I’m gonna have
to give this one nope before we get into that next item it’s time for a
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product minecraft exploding creeper 5-inch figure from the Minecraft video
game Oh sour that’s from oh yeah Wow look at this creeper dude press the
hidden button and watch the creeper explode so I was like real life I guess
that’s the hidden button right on the top and then kaboom creature explodes
creature creeper explodes its creature creepers a creature
it’s a creeper creature alright let’s watch this little video let’s give it
all away could’ve picked more climactic music that’s it that is literally it I’m
so shook EPPICard anyways alright here we go
comes in parts unique function pop the creeper I don’t know about that dude
exploding creeper original creepers would explode I’m talking about the
real-life ones here we go and not in the gross way just look at my wife weird
just like pressing on the top of the head pop goes the creeper push the
creepers head or exploding creeper action comes in so many parts here’s the
issue I wish it walked and then exploded the legs do move it’s so so
disappointing Mattel come on Mattel I’m gonna tell you something better to do here’s what you should should have done
you should have made this like a timer that walks and then explodes I know it’s
possible it would have been a little bit more expensive but I know it’s possible
and you got the money Mattel so why don’t you Mattel me why
you should buy this they should have added a speaker with the sound of the
explosion – yeah speaker would have been cool oh my gosh $30 yeah $30 you you
should have been able to get all the above what we just talked about a
speaker it walking and then exploding I feel like that’s reasonable that’s all I
want a walking exploding bomb I want it until it loves me – this is not great
I’m upset here’s what you’re gonna do I’m gonna give this to you Tanner oh
yeah and you’re actually going to explode it on Rex I’ll do that and I’ll
even make the sound no who is it no it’s not look at everyone stop it was no what
is it just a bruise which is another name for Hickey no no no his blood blood
stuff not blood stop applause it’s fine yeah I’m gonna give this to you you’re
gonna exploit it on rank but before that thumbnail yeah that’s a no pure lift
energy Styx original flavor one package six sticks energize anything anything crazy you really want to see something
died but before before it dies just like make it go crazy give it to your bird
maybe your rat the smaller the animal the more insane it goes is this how
Amanda keeps telling me your plants like you need some energy plants no you did
not give this to kids oh oh good she’s putting it in hers I saw a kid and I was
like you do not give caffeine to kids I remember seeing kids in like high school
be like drinking frappuccinos and stuff bro your body has not seen the rots of
the pain of the world yet you have not experienced well that’s not necessarily
true maybe some people have but their adrenal glands are far newer than mine
so you typically need not as much caffeine I didn’t need caffeine when I
was in high school but I wasn’t high school at all the energy in the world
that’s what I’m saying like I was bouncing off the walls getting things
done you know all these people are like time had my coffee yet I’m like you’re
just trying to adult right now don’t act like you need caffeine when you’re like
15 years old like come on I didn’t even develop the taste
for coffee until I was like 23 oh I was the same way couldn’t drink coffee
couldn’t drink beer and then I became an adult and I’m like alright I can’t live
without all right add the cart clean caffeine energized anything what does
that mean though do they understand the ramifications of energizing anything I
don’t think they do can you imagine dude hey doggy you look tired meanwhile dogs
got like some sort of disease you’re like good to that I know you’re choosing
living things all right they’re saying anything I’m gonna pour this on my car
battery in there all-natural original flavor you know what original flavor
means it means there are like 10 people that liked it the majority of people
that didn’t so they’re like original flavor for the people that are like the
fans of when our product sucks dude if this tastes good I’m gonna eat my shorts
how come I cannot open this dude this is impossible you know I need some energy
before there we go I got it cool packaging I know everyone hates it when
I say this but caffeine is a drug and it feels like a drug now I guess I could
pour it in this water or I could just snort it oh wait let’s read the
instructions peel and stir or pop and pork heel and stir I got a feeling oh
look at that let me let me show you a little closer
here you see how it’s like perforated and you can see the powder is like stuck
to this sticky part so now you just put this in like this and just stir but
let’s not do that let’s just yeah I’m gonna pop and pour kind of guy oh my
gosh just looking at this this is what I need like you guys can’t even see that
looks nasty dude dude it’s not even like dissolving either oh yeah not the whole thing you finished my
question and you answered it dude you gotta try this
you let the plastic piece and I could choke on that baby hopefully you gotta
be like what does that taste like tastes like papers inside
of it don’t you taste not too oh you know what that tastes like what it
tastes like kool-aid before you add the sugar oh my god that is absolutely nasty
all right now let’s add some sugar yeah that cuz you need more cat more energy dude
I’m gonna have to say this is a no thumbs up
inflatable gummy chair with pump dude I like how the first picture is like a
twenty-something yeah I don’t think this product is marketed towards dudes with
beards but hey you’re in luck I’m a dude and I have a beard now then you have
some of the younger generation honestly if you are in your 20-somethings with
this in your room you need to pop it get it out of your life yeah look at this
they’re like fighting over it my question is how did this occur what’s
the story behind this there in the middle of the street that’s a great
question my follow-up question is how is a four year old girl almost beating an
adult at polling right oh you’d be surprised dude Lunas strong she’s only
one and a half yeah but she’s like a superhuman really go that’s dirty
smarter than I am well that’s absolutely true here’s the
story behind this picture oh yeah little girl has this chair friend of mom comes
over from across the street she looks at that chair and she’s like my little
Johnny would like that but sold out right I can’t get it anywhere so she
goes back over to her house and she’s like hey I’m taking this she runs across
the street to put it in her own house kid finds out they have a fight in the
middle of street car hits the lawn thank goodness the kid didn’t save right
because the kids the hero it was her chair unfortunately it also popped the
check yeah so we aren’t you the valuable lesson we all learned a valuable lesson
only sit in a chair if it’s made of actual gummy add the card all right
bring it to me tanner oh wow it’s so bright it’s so red it’s almost like
Tanner’s face squad did a little but place for you whoa but place yeah no
place for your body it’s a but place do this where you go to just not have
anyone talking about your but wouldn’t it be where you go to work everybody
talks Bernie it’s where Jared goes have you ever seen his butt yeah no because
it doesn’t exist this hunk of junk this hunk of junk made just break this thing straight up let me try and relax in this
thing you just shocked my chemistry the liquid something’s leaking over here
listen you hear that yeah it’s absolutely leaking oh I can feel it
right here yeah will you stop with the chemistry do you think it would like be
comfortable to sit and like I’m sitting in it and it’s not comfortable I don’t
know maybe you are comfortable maybe I can find a different position you know
what if it’s a red herring what if you have to sit on it actually
it’s comfy backs on the back of its head it’s kind
of messed up all set finally get to use it that’s it’s but you stab its button
no this is the safe space for the button yeah still deflating slowly so you
dropped your knife can you stop spreading Eagle before that’s a no-no
it’s definitely an elk golden charcoal toothbrush with crystal handle
toothbrush by nano B that’s actually a little disconcerting I don’t like the
idea of it being crystal is it actually crystal or is it just see-through so
antibacterial and charcoal have you ever used truck on your teeth no works pretty
well it absorbs all the bad stuff nano bees charcoal and gold tooth brush is
particularly useful for those looking to whiten their teeth in a natural way
merges the antibacterial properties of gold with the neutral whitening
properties of bamboo charcoal well you know let’s add the card that was
aggressive so that’s percent that’s plastic here’s the next question is this
actual gold I don’t think that’s gold in there it looks very shiny and gold like
but I don’t think it’s actually gold I don’t think that’s actually charcoal
either let’s try it I guess in circles there you go sounds violent for anybody
curious uh you spit on the toothbrush it’s weird you stopped me oh gosh don’t
like I use the toothbrush again so yeah I spit huh you see your teeth yellow as
ever I look good oh no I think that’s a load of hooey hooey you eat it has
decent reviews some had said using it was like brush and flossing at the same
time I think these are just fake I mean all fake that’s the fakest thing I’ve
ever heard in my life better than electric stop unusual but very effective
toothbrush it’s just a regular toothbrush that’s a note paint to it Pro
anti-gravity paint tray palette premium multi-purpose kit for easy painting no
spills no drips no mess in possibly how does this work how could it be
anti-gravity let’s watch this video wow look at that
okay goop it on okay it doesn’t make any sense
I actually impressed how much paint are you dripping to the point where you’re
gonna save money everything you pour in you just drop it once it’s just like are
you really wasting that much paint I don’t know if this solves the problem of
saving paint or saving money but it may solve the problem of no spills or drips
or mess Add to Cart all right here we go non spill paint tray Pro with
professional liner the first anti-gravity paint tray ever transfers
paint from one service to another without dripping or spilling a single
drop oh okay let’s just take a look at this though
interesting oh wait should I not be touching that can you see that texture
right there it’s like a very fibrous like kind of like fiberglass looking
texture but that’s supposed to keep the paint on it I think there’s very
specific ways that you put the paint in it too because if you put probably a
little bit too much it probably will drip here’s your paintbrush mr. Bob Rock
a little too big I’m not a perfect man okay not even a semi good man I’m gonna
be comes there we go that’s paint guys I’m just giving this tool right here in
which I forgot to take off but I guess it doesn’t matter cuz I could
technically just turn this upside down and it shouldn’t fall off right I think
what you’re supposed to do is kind of like spread it around so it kind of gets
in the grooves here in a normal environment and when you’re painting I
would have put like two to three times this much because you don’t want to keep
pouring more it’s soaked in there’s a little excess but that’s
question basically is like will it spill seems to be working it definitely does
seem to be starting to dress you can see up there a little oh oh and there it
drip I mean it’s a bit of a gimmick and you have to really add like the right
amount to it because like right there I just added a little bit too much to it
but there is a lot of paint in there as he was doing right here but there’s not
like that much I’ve painted my fair share of rooms in my fair share of
places right you just can’t put enough paint on it for this to actually be
purposeful does that make sense and now those fibers are like absolutely blue I
wonder if that would come out I assume that would come out if you get it fast
enough but that may be hard to clean too yeah so there you go I mean there’s
decent amount of paint there but that’s gonna get you like a quarter of a wall
or something like that if that will get you nothing I’m have to say nope and my
fingers are blue great alright guys here it is don’t mind the construction in the
background if it’s loud just ignore it here we go dude the razor advanced
Street systems made the EcoSmart all about this EcoSmart here there’s a up to
18 miles an hour laminated bamboo deck so this is bamboo so they’re going for
like the really renewable eco-friendly type thing it’s obviously electric
bamboo one of the most renewable resources on the planet oh yeah no it
does have a little luggage rack but it also comes with this basket I mean let’s
be honest makes you look a little uncool but I’d buy these ears with me it’s
pretty awesome to have a basket though 100% often have a basket why is it so
good to have a basket but also someone cool to have it but everyone wants it
but it’s like the long cool it’s a fanny pack it’s uncool to wear a fanny pack
but it’s awesome to have it yeah I’m gonna test this out on this coast on
this course ready yup kickstand see how fast this is okay doesn’t go up to 18 miles an hour
remember kids always wear your helmets channel you grab the helmet that didn’t
have a buckle oh man Kobe always wear a helmet kids that’s
being stupid right now oh and he is puting through that going through these
kind of like agile courses it held its own I have to tighten a few things here
cuz that kept going into me I do have to say this is nice
I’m gonna take it down that this road here let’s see how fast I can go all
right it’s just so weird like whoa you got it that’s not the scooters fault
that’s whoever built it’s full yeah good to have like a platform and not have
like a bike in between your legs I’m just not used to that look at him go
there goes like there’s only one I wanted truth I just burned rubber oh
that is pungent that is so pungent dude this thing’s got some power and for that
I’m gonna have to say this is a dope you want to give it a ride I get a little
swirl a little swirl through the seat doesn’t move a lot pretty fast he’s
gonna die he’s totally gonna die what do you rate this tanner there’s a
dope as well I think it’s pretty cool this time now right here um be very
careful if you ever get that product it could potentially give you a seizure and
this one right here yeah again I bought nothing again also big shout-out to
Joey’s game say for supporting this channel very much appreciated – thank
you thank you kindly sir and if any of you guys want to support this channel
all you got to do is click that subscribe button thank you again

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