Expert says change in law fuels thieves to steal more, and more often

Expert says change in law fuels thieves to steal more, and more often

HOWARD: SEVERAL CASES OF SPAM WERE STOLEN CART FULL OF THE POPULAR CANNED MANOLO MORALES GOT SOME MANOLO: DASH, A LAW THAT WAS PASSED LAST I SPOKE WITH A RETAIL EXPERT WHO TELLS ME THAT IS DRIVING THIEVES TO BECOME BOLDER TO STEAL MORE OFTEN, AND MORE ITEMS. The latest incident happened Wednesday night at the Safeway in Waimalu. walked right out the door. Sua tells me the man got away with it. Unlike the other incident last week when three woman tried to roll away with a shopping cart with 18 cases of Spam. A customer confronted them, so they left the Spam behind and instead they ran off with other stolen items. Experts say they’re seeing more types of thefts since the law felony theft from 300-dollars to 750- dollars… meaning thieves can steal more before facing stiffer penalties. being targeted but all kinds of merchandise and because of the law thieves are stealing more of them.” Among the items being targeted by more thieves are designer clothes, electronics, and Retail apprehend them they’re being attacked either they’re getting punched or they’re seeing knives being used, I’ve heard of some guns a couple of times.” Yamaki tells me many stores have taken to to report the thefts, because in the end, we all pay the price. Tina Yamaki, Retail Merchants of pay and unfortunately it’s always the customer who ends up MANOLO: THE MANAGER AT SAFEWAY TELLS ME THEY DEAL WITH SHOPLIFTING REGULARLY. BUT EIGHT CASES OF SPAM IS UNUSUAL. MANOLO MORALES KHON2 NEWS.

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  1. this is what's really going on people who need money usually drug addicts are stealing spam and corn beef and stuff and selling it to little mom-and-pop stores in Chinatown for money

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