I can’t believe you’re wearing a red shirt in a Target. Why would that be a problem? Hi! Excuse me. I’m looking for the cat toys? Oh, ma’am I don’t actually work here. Hi, do you know how much this is? Because there’s no price on it. No, sorry. I’m not um… Oh, excuse me. Maybe you can help them out. Can I get next Friday off? What? Yeah, cause I gotta go to my grandma’s funeral. I missed it last time… …so I really wanna make it this time…. Ok! You know what? Fine! Fine, cats are on the second floor next to automotive. Uh that is 29.95, and yeah you can have Friday off, if you get your shift covered. Hella. That was intense. Yeah. By the way, do you know when the pharmacy closes? I don’t actually work here dips***. I know that piss nuts. You’re blocking the sign. Oh… Every Target Ever -_- Yeah, but why do you need more than one set of placemats? It’s all kind of the same purpose. I’ll get us a cart. Whoa, babe, you don’t need to get us a cart we’re only getting, like two things. Okay… Umm, babe, are you sure you don’t need a cart? My arms are already, like, super full Vanessa! How do you expect me to carry a goddamn cart!? I’m gonna need, like, four carts. All right, so we only have half an hour so we cannot get distracted this time. Alright, got it. I’ll get the cleaning supplies, you get the new sheets. Alright. Meet back here in 10 minutes. Got it! Ooh! We are definitely gonna need one of these. How many clothes are you taking into the dressing room? Fifty-five. Let’s start your training off in the shoe department. Okay, so first, start by taking some random boxes and throwing them on the ground. Then do a little mixing and matching. Put two right shoes into one box. You know put one shoe into a bunch of boxes. Hell you can even throw a t-shirt or a hat into the mix. Any questions? So what if someone asks where a specific shoe is? Just say you’re wearing a red shirt and don’t actually work here. Got it! I always wanted a place where I could get a hamper and a fresh banana at the same place! Ok, and you’re all set! Thank you very much. Uh, hey, whatever happened to that dog that used to be your mascot? Oh God! What kind of monster paints a target on a dog’s face and lets it run through an NRA convention? Paddles!! Clear!! I don’t know you’re talking about. Take care though! Why are the pet’s toys next to the tires? Alright! Give me smiles! You’re getting great deals and you’re happy. Ugh, it’s too happy! Okay… …uh, oh you uh work at a homeless shelter, and it’s kind of sad because everybody’s like poor and homeless they stink. But you’re super proud of yourself for being a nice person! Oh… Aw, yeah! Okay, yeah, yeah, we’re getting there, we’re getting there. Okay, so uh all right, so now you’ve just got a puppy, and he’s super cute, but he just took a diarrhea dump in your shoe! But he tried to clean it up so, super sweet! Yep, yep all right, now… …give me a jump. Oh, that’s perfect! We’re gonna sell so many undershirts. Honestly, I haven’t gotten a bra anywhere else. Aw, this shirt is awesome. I’m gonna look so cool at school tomorrow! Damn it! They only have 30 Star Wars shirts here!? Do you have a Target card, miss? Oh, actually, yeah. My name is Alex, by the way. Okay. You know? Alex, from Target. Okay. You don’t recognize me? Nope, sorry. Oh, um, I was a meme. I was even on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Seriously, you don’t recognize me at all? Nothing? No. I really don’t. Okay. Paper or plastic? Target doesn’t do paper bags. Oh, right, right. Seriously you’re not getting anything? Okay, I’m just. I’m Alex from Target. Every Every Target Every Target Ever Hi, it’s Courtney. Thanks for watching this video about Target!!! YEAH! And if you want to see Every Walmart Ever, click the Box on the right! Yeah! And if you wanna watch Every Forever 21 Ever, you hit that box on the left! And we’ll fight you either way! (YEAH!) We’ll fight you!

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  1. You just bought a puppy and he just tuke diareah dump in your shoe but he tried to clean it up so it's sweet

  2. I miss my grandma funeral last week and need to make it this week that make no sense since she died already

  3. My sister works at target and every time she goes to target when she's not working and she's wearing a red shirt a lot of people ask her where stuff is and she knows where everything is xD

  4. You guys should a lot more funny videos. Smosh you guys are the funniest youtube channel
    On 🌏 Thank you guys for the videos

  5. Well when I go to Target my mom just buys stuff from there and why would they think he works there just because he is wearing a red sweater

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