[ESIX-Interview] Entrevue avec MiloshTheMedic, caster anglais pour Rainbow Six

[ESIX-Interview] Entrevue avec MiloshTheMedic, caster anglais pour Rainbow Six

Hi my name is MiloshTheMedic or Ghassan Finge my IRL name that I very rarely use at the moment. I am Lebanese, I did all my study in Belgium so for the the inhabitants of Bruxells watching I think that I’m one of you. I am now a full-time caster for ESL working on the Rainbow 6 Pro League project. We’re here at the Six Invitational and I honestly love Canada! *How do you prepare for such an event?* The Six Invitational is a bit different from all the Pro League seasons because during the Pro League season we have matches each week. That is 3 + 1 days so a total of 4 days of matches to cast, comment or watch like for the APAC matches. With this schedule we can rewatch the videos and spend nights working with my co-casters- I’m not alone obviously: I have mzo: Devin also Parker: interrobang and of course Michael Stockley aka Kixstar. We also have discussions with the brazilian casters as well as our australians and french counterparts and I think that with what Supremacy is showing here we’ll talk a little bit more about the hidden gems of the french scene. So the work is really about rewatching videos and not just rewatching but also taking note. There are certain teams with certain players that play in a certain way. For example Zephyr and ??? who are playing a mix of Ela and Glaz. So each team has its way of preparing with different operators and of course you can’t always count on a single operator playing solo. It’s not always the job of Vigil or Ela to roam all day hoping to take a few kills with the 4 other players chilling around the bombsite counting on them. In order to execute a given defense or attack strategy a team needs a given operators roster which is logical and of course different teams will have different solutions So we try to find these patterns to better analyze and understand what’s going through the mind of the players. This way we can anticipate their choices and this is the most important point. The preparation for the Six Invitiational was a little bit easier because we didn’t have a lot of VODs to watch We had the qualifiers, the old Pro League matches and if we’re lucky enough to find scrims or private matches recordings this would be even better because we could analyze but it has to be a bit sneaky and it’s not easy to do and I understand that the teams don’t want to show everything. It’s hard to trust everyone but I think that we are doing a good job so far. It’s still not easy though, there are new casters that you may have seen on the english stream and of course Bios who was on the french side. We had foxA commenting and afterward he told us later that it wasn’t easy at all. *What emotions do you feel during such an event?* Honestly it’s very hard to describe because for one thing it’s the Six Invitational so it happens in Montréal and to me Montréal is almost sacred if you will because I have a lot of family here. I spent some time 7 or 8 years ago here in Montréal and it really touched me. To me Canada and especially Quebec is a mix between everything good in France and in the American way of life: simple with some typically french details. So being here with all the production team sharing these thoughts we won’t have anything overly complex that could cause trouble. Seeing all the teams coming on the scene and playing like Supremacy again -a very emotional team, seeing that each round won made the team scream and celebrate well I was going that from here too because … how could I say that … it was a dream for me to be more competitive than I am but since I can’t fully realize this dream I try to show the emotion and the efficiency of individual players the best I can. I think that a lot of people were filming and I was really cheering for the teams during this game. A little shameless anecdote: I have a little fear of heights and it’s not easy for me to stand here on the scaffolding and jump during the games. Overall I love very much being here with all the emotion from other people. It’s a very special thing and I can’t wait to see what will happen in Paris. We’re all looking forward to it.

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  1. Incroyable son niveau en français il a un très faible accent voir pas et puis il a super accent anglais franchement je suis jaloux

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