Epic Bike Check! – The whole squad and more

Epic Bike Check! – The whole squad and more

Today I’m going to show you guys my squad. As you may have seen, my house is pretty small
with no garage, so my bikes stay in this closet. I’ve emptied it so you can see. There are a total of 6 bike hooks in here,
but I have more like 10 bikes. The other bikes stay in a storage locker,
which is ridiculous, but that’s my reality at this very moment. Today we’ll be talking only about the bikes
you see most on this channel. Here we have the Trek 4900. This one gets asked about a lot since it was
in so many of my early videos. It now belongs to my sister Emily, and still
runs great. From the Rock Shocks recon suspension fork,
to the DNM dropper post, to the Deore XT derailleur, everything on the bike is an upgrade. Oh except the headset bearing cups, those
are original. The great thing about the Trek is that it’s
super light, and capable of taking bad beating, as we’ve seen. Since I credit this bike with the start of
my YouTube channel, it will always stay in the family, and I’ll always keep it running
no matter what. Next is my hardtail, which is a Diamondback
Sync’r Pro. Although this bike was given to me by Diamondback,
I was never paid or contracted to endorse it. The Sync’r Pro is the top tier bike in their
Hook, Line, and Sync’r series, which means there are 3 less expensive bikes you can get
that look and feel very similar to it. The Sync’r Pro is an all mountain hardtail,
which means it’s slack, aggressive, and not particularly light. I have broken nothing on the Sync’r but
the chain and one of the tires. Both tires have been replaced with 2.4”
Maxxis High rollers which just barely fit. They’re awesome. The only working part I upgraded on this bike
was the seatpost, which is now a KS Lev Integra dropper post. As you can probably tell, I love hardtails. They’re nearly indestructible, easy to throw
around, and great for techy jumps, trials, and general shenanigans. I plan on collecting as many hardtails as
I can. Next up is my SE Everyday. This only ran me about $300. I bought it to make a short series of videos
on BMX, and didn’t expect it to survive. Surprisingly it did, and will continue to
be a long term workhorse me. So far I have upgraded the the front sprocket
and chain. I originally left the brakes on this bike,
but it just didn’t feel right to me. I always rode brakeless as a teen and still
long for the distraction-free experience. I know it’s hard to understand if you’ve
never ridden brakeless, but—it’s magical. Anyway, I’ve already gotten my money’s
worth out of this bike and can’t wait to use it more this winter. This is my Inspired Fourplay, which is a street
trials bike. Think of it as a cross between a BMX and a
purebred trials bike. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a
bike made just for hopping around on stuff. Although I did a short trials series on this
bike, I don’t ride it very much. Still, it’s worth keeping around in case
I need a trials bike for a video. Remember the Swing Bike? This bike has changed hands among my friends
for the last few years, and is a bit of a novelty. The hinge in the middle lets you sort of drift
around turns and do all sorts of crazy stuff. It’s super fun to ride, fast, and probably
one of the coolest novelty bikes I’ve ever ridden. Quick story. My friend Kevin owned this swing bike a few
years back. We left it everywhere and never thought someone
would have the balls steal it, until one day he left it outside his front door. Someone must have carried it down the stairs
with great difficulty and rode off with it… with even greater difficulty. Kevin was super bummed out. We all were. One day he was in his car at a stoplight and
saw a dude riding by on his swing bike! He pulled over, jumped out of the car and
stopped the thief. He threatened to call the police and had the
bike back within seconds. We were all amazed to see the swing bike again. The next bike is my Diamondback Mission 2,
which is an all mountain bike, also given to me by Diamondback. This is second to the top of their Mission
series. I chose this bike because I wanted something
really heavy duty that could handle anything. Although it’s not the lightest, it’s extraordinarily
robust. The one exception to this is my front rim
which has now been replaced twice. I guess there are better rims out there than
the Easton Arc. The Mission 2 came standard with a KS Lev
Integra dropper post. I want to mention that on all my mountain
bikes I have platform pedals, and actually I’m not very picky about them; Any decent
aluminum platform pedal will do. I’ve ridden clipless in the past and like
it. I’m just better off with platforms since
I do so much jumping around, and they’re easier to shift around and bail on. If I add an XC or CX bike to the squad I’ll
definitely be clipping in. The Next bike is the Diamondback Release 3,
which I do not currently own. This bike was lent to me for my New York trip,
and I’ll be riding another one on the Utah trip. It’s considerably lighter than my Mission
2, has less travel, and a shorter chainstay. These factors make it really fun to jump around
on and treat badly. On heavy descents it’s not as plush as the
Mission, but everywhere else it has the edge in performance. Another notable difference is that the Release
uses RockShox while the Mission uses Fox. While I don’t have an opinion yet on which
is better overall, I’m a huge huge fan of the Pike. Finally we have my Nimbus Oracle, 27.5 plus
mountain unicycle. This was given to me by Unicycle.com, the
manufacturer of all Nimbus products. This is my first unicycle; it’s the one I
learned to stay up and ride around on. I made a whole series of videos on this, and
had a lot of fun in the process. A lot of people asked about this disc brake,
which seems pointless. Well, a unicycle is fixed gear, which means
that the only way to slow down is to pedal slower. On a really steep and technical descent that
doesn’t cut it, so this brake let’s you maintain control. Let’s just say I haven’t needed it yet. So far this Oracle has sustained absolutely
no damage, yet it has taken every bit as much abuse as my other bikes. I plan on taking this out a whole bunch of
times this winter as well. Wait, there’s one more vehicle I forgot. My Arbor skateboard. Of course, it doesn’t have pedals, but I
actually use it as much as any of the bikes we saw. This skateboard has rust all over it and never
comes indoors. It sits outside my front door 100% of the
time, so I can just leave the house and grab it. If I get caught in the rain, these Shark wheels
my brother in law got me seem to work just fine. Yes it’s rusty, and no, I don’t take care
of it, but that’s the life of a grab and go anything. This is the most convenient vehicle I have,
so I’m including it in the bike check. So that’s pretty much the whole squad. I hope you enjoyed this video, and I’d like
to hear what you guys have stacked up in your garages, closets, and storage units. List them below. Thanks for riding with me today, and I’ll
see you next time.

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  1. Seth I love your videos. I have the Fugi Nevada 1.5 hardtail with 27.5 tires. I’ve had full suspension bikes and wanted to go back to less problems. Only if I could get to ride with you, Skills with Phil, and Single Track Sampler that would be the coolest time ever. I lived in Massachusetts but my little family and I moved to Mississippi and I haven’t had time to check things out around here just yet. If you know of an awesome place to ride around here I would LOVE to try it out ASAP. Thanks for your info on your videos and the laughs too.

  2. I like mission 2 but i too poor to buy it and i still use low quality full suspension bike from China it broke lot of thing

  3. Hey this one I can have a bike yes or no show me picture which one you gave me your somebody so I have bike because somebody stole my bike

  4. If you don't like to bite you can give it to me or you can dip if you give it to me or I'll bite you can give it to me to thank you

  5. That swing bike is the "Tokyo Drift bike". Awesome fleet. I ride mainly a Trek 800 singletrack, but have visiting privileges on a Masi Gran Criterium (built in 1965).

  6. my basment is home to my radio bikes dirtjumper, my 1995 schwinn predator bmx that thing is
    indistructable, also my 1977 huffy chopper bike, two bikes that i made into ski bikes, and three
    walmart bmx bikes that i like to beat on. also the 3 foot tall MOUND of bike parts including ,forks
    frames, wheel, tiers, lots more tiers, bars, grips pedals, and way way more.

  7. i have a:
    Look carbon road bike
    Saracen alloy road bike
    Pinnacle Iroko 3 xc bike
    Norco fluid custom build with dt swiss wheels and fox suspension
    radio comrad bmx
    wethepeople bmx
    specialized p2 custom build dj (build vid on my channel pls check it out!)
    Giant xct carbon xc bike
    Giant reign 1 2018
    fiat hybrid bike
    marin retro mtb

  8. Malvern Star 29 inch hardtail with 250watt ebike set up. and cheep second hand part gravel bikey commuterey thing with a capsicum crate on the front.

  9. I have 2 free agents raceway and stilea bmx bikes ,a old schwinn converted into a fixie ,a mirraco that im working on , and a bike e and soon another bmx or mtb dont kno yet

  10. Hi seth, I also have a YouTube channel and I have a question that how to add dropper post in any cycle . I very much like your channel and keep it up 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😀😀😀

  11. Here are the bikes in my garage:
    2007 Scott Speedster S60
    2008 Scott Speedster S50
    2005 Cross Deamon (local lowcost bike company)
    2012 Drag Hacker (also local company)
    2019 Cube Attention SL blu/orng
    2000 Covanni Rosa (I cant even find it on the internet as a real company but its actually a cool bike) 😎

  12. I got

    A trek 820 MTB
    A trek elance 400 road bike
    A norco 125 2006 model (single speed) dirt jumper
    A 24 inch unicycle (hybrid mtb tire non mtb frame)

    And I recently had to get rid of my 1994 diamondback sorento I was so sad but it was too costly to repair. At least it allowed me to get my trek 820!

  13. Hey Seth hope your having a good day just wondering how I can switch to tubless on my treck rumblefish

  14. I got inspired by u and then went out on my bike, done a pretty big drop and now Im in the hospital with a big injury

  15. If you get a bike for free, it means you were PAID! Nothing is Free, they just paid you extra for your services.

  16. iv got a mtb fastest in the naborhood safe to say and it holds the record naberhood jump 17 feet in distence im planing to make a 20 foot jumpsoon

  17. I remember when i was younger and grew out of my old bike (16”) and needed a new one, so my brother who had just gotten a new one gave me his old one which was a 20” black BMX bike i did come with brakes but after riding it my brother broke them before he gave it to me. I wouldnt use it as a bmx bike i would go steep hills and stop with my feet tile my flip flops didnt have fronts to the anymore😂

  18. Ok so I hate to say this but: Seth:I do lots of jumping. Also Seth:I'm not very good at jumping.
    Please Seth, make your mind up!

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