Here’s a taster of what’s about to come the 8s
armma infraction doing a full-on burnout as you can see it’s thrown up
quite some rubber that’s because these are the state of the tires afterwards
keep watching see how we got here okay guys time for some more burnout action
with the arrma infraction 8s I’ve got an old set of the DB hoons
tires on here which have had it they are no use for normal use anymore so time
to fry them and I’m only putting two body clips on the car guys in the event
anything goes wrong and I need to get the body off in a hurry let’s see how we
go on today just nudge it up to the front there see if we can but see how
long it takes before we can fry a full set of the infraction tires just remember guys if you like what you
see today don’t forget to subscribe well I think finally just check that out
guys I think I’m gonna need the airline to get this one clean boys man you know
why that front one was not working we’ve got, look at this guy’s thumbs up! Oh man that’s hot anyway guys
thumbs up if you like that burnout action from the armma infraction
there. Absolutely crazy there today guys I think even with ESC frying on
there I actually wonder how much current that’s pulled
and how low a level the batteries have dropped to fully charged packs
on there guys but that’s full throttle full throttle for quite a long period of time
there check those out it’s still super sticky to the touch awesome any way let’s see
how we go on today just nudge it up to the front there see if we how many minutes we, see how long it takes before we fry a full set
of the infraction tires well okay guys what was a little worried
there in case there was any kind of heat issue but what’s happened is that heat
it’s got that the connectors got too hott and the wire has come loose on
there. so were fingers crossed blow the air line down on it redo the connector
and we’re back on again anyway if you like this video guys share with friends
and if you loved it don’t forget to subscribe and as the aftermath of the
armma infraction 8’s burnout there guys absolutely epic anyway time to clean my
driveway up .well thumbs up if you like this video guys post any comments you
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subscribe and if you do hit the circle don’t forget to hit the bell and if you like
the arrma infraction guys then JJ customs are having a burnout competition twice a
month from now on so do check them out online for more details

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  1. Those tires produce way more smoke and last longer then Kevin Talbot's burnout car tires. He should grab a set of tires with the same compound, I don't know who would make them.

  2. Im out here searching every hobby shop for these tyres and your burning them like firewood.. send me a set… ✌🏾🇬🇧

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