[ENTRIES CLOSED]* 5,000 Subs Giveaway + Xmas Time HW Scores!

[ENTRIES CLOSED]* 5,000 Subs Giveaway + Xmas Time HW Scores!

If you’re viewing this right now, you
have a shot at winning five cars I gave away…only you choose the fifth one. Here’s how. ~Jingle~ I’ve got two hanging display strips loaded with nothing but unopened models found throughout 2018. One of these will be added to the giveaway to
make five in all. Please choose just one, and five days from now on New Year’s Day,
I’ll put all of these into the big drawing bin…right over here. I’ll give it
a good shuffle, and pull one of these out. If you picked the car I pull out, you win
all five. Whatever I choose from here, and these four. Trailer Trawler, Skidster, the
Kmart-exclusive Mazda RX-7, and the Dodge Charger R/T. So I’ll put up each one of
these individually with their names showing. So just pick one and leave the
name of it down below in the comments. And just like that, you’ve entered for a
shot at winning. This is open for anyone to participate until noon on New Year’s
Day. So good luck to anybody who is participating. Lots of good stuff to
choose from here, some of which I know I won’t see again…in-store that is. So all
of these in the shot make up what I found at Christmas time. Never thought I’d see
those Kmart-exclusive pieces anywhere other than Kmart. Trailer Trawler…this is
my first time finding that ever, and Skidster was a surprise. That one is years
old now; I don’t expect to see that again. The Charger is pretty nice; this car
is made up of a plastic body, metal base. So those of you who have tracks and you
like racing fast stuff, wouldn’t be surprised if this makes the cut. Chances are you aren’t hearing that from me first. The Mustang features a piece that you
can actually adjust at the front which makes this great for track, even though
it doesn’t say so. So to those of you participating in the giveaway, best of
luck. And until next time, it’s time for me to get rolling.

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  1. IMPORTANT: Two Jeep Wranglers, two McLaren P1s and three Corvettes, so if you're choosing one of them please specify which one you're going with!! Forgot to mention that in the video, my fault!

  2. Also have you seen that greenlight are making a ram 3500 dually. I'm telling you this because you said someone in one of your videos commented have you seen the new f350 dually and you said that you weren't interested but you said I would only get the ram 3500 dually any time. Just giving you a heads up if you don't already know.😃😆😃😉

  3. Ya the Chevy dually look pretty cool. Also you should get one of those hitch and tow racing sets I got one of them and they are really cool. I'm telling you this because you can do a video when you load up the race car for race day.

  4. you made me start my greenlight collection I'm am only 10. I just started my collection so I only have two hitch and tows a gas monkey and a hitch and tow racing one. Ps You should do a video of how you made the exhaust on your Rams.

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