(ENG/SPA/IND) [#LifeBar] Song Jae Rim X Yoon So Hee Sibling-Like Chemistry | #Mix_Clip | #Diggle

(ENG/SPA/IND) [#LifeBar] Song Jae Rim X Yoon So Hee Sibling-Like Chemistry | #Mix_Clip | #Diggle

You two have always been close since
you were young, and both are attractive So when you two give each other advice
(Jae Rim and So Hee are like siblings) How can you not be
attracted to each other? Like a scandal Because you’re pretty and you’re handsome
(Are they more than friends?) Maybe you two keep it a secret
because of the public’s attention? Well we had a scandal once
But not really a scandal Our company went to Saipan
for a vacation trip What a great company!
(A vacation trip?) – The company didn’t pay for us
– We paid on our own And we booked
a low-cost airline We just went there
to drink for five days I have this tattoo
around my ankle It kind of looks like an anklet
and she had on an anklet, like a surfer Like a couple item! – So people got it wrong
– Yes we took a picture… And people thought
that we got matching tattoos Matching tattoos?
(A love scandal made from pictures) But the tattoo you have is on your back!
(Teasing So Hee) Yeah I hide it
(LOL) Even if these scandals aren’t real
since you two are quite close Doesn’t it get
awkward between you two? We do get stressed sometimes
but we don’t care that much She knows the truth and I do too
(It’s not true, so we don’t care) Do you consider dating for real?
(A real couple made after a scandal!) Do you ever? These scandals have
already been spread I know that she’ll not be interested
even if I make a move What are you talking about? She turned you down before!
(Jae Rim’s confession?) She turned you down!
(These people love a scandal) I cried ~ My tears… (No no no) I keep crying~
(What’s the truth?) What was the question again? The possibility of you two dating for real! Well I like being friends with her
And the relationship that we have now Because we have been friends
for like 8 or 9 years – But if this becomes awkward…
– The relationship will be damaged But you two might get even closer
Why only think of it as being awkward? But I think that’s really difficult I’m grateful of having a friend
who understands me so well But if things get awkward… But if you don’t treat her as a woman And you don’t flirt with her…
and if the relationship gets boring… – She might think, “What’s up with him?”
– No I want him to feel comfortable [Dong Yup] Yes that could happen I’m not sure if I like her answer I mean, a long time ago
I met him at a premiere And when he saw me
he grabbed my cheek like this What’s does your father do?
(Like this?) (Like educating her…) My heart didn’t flutter at all I just didn’t understand why he was
doing it, so I grabbed his cheek too – Grabbing each other’s cheeks?
– Yes so… We’re close enough to do that, right? Yes so I felt that he really
thinks of me as a younger sister – I really felt that
– If someone grabbed your cheek If you feel butterflies, then that’s a
start (Butterflies=A start?) But if you grab him too
then that means you’re friends So Hee is like my little sister She’s pretty and young As time goes by,
her young and fresh charm… will turn into a more mature charm And she’ll have even more fans But I don’t want her to fall
for someone random Be with someone who really cares about you She has these
dark circles right beneath her eyes I thought that this was
going to be quite touching – So random
– Dark circles? I want you to meet someone
who can love your dark circles, too I don’t see her dark circles… Whenever I meet Jae Rim
I’m always really tired I only got to see him
when I was extremely exhausted But I think he’s a tiring person He would be like, ‘You’re here!’
‘Let’s…Let’s clean this’ (Cleaning) You can sit there
(He has a cleaning obsession) I’m already exhausted
(No wonder why she has dark circles) But right now she has this
yellow-tone makeup on And when she takes it off
she’s really white – You saw me with makeup before?
– Of course – You saw her without makeup?
– Ahh she doesn’t wear makeup often I don’t wear makeup
when I’m not doing a shoot – We go to the same salon
– Oh right so you saw me there If not, where? – I was wondering
– You never wear makeup when you see me Not once Can you tell the difference between
a good guy and a bad person? I don’t think I can – If he’s nice? Not because he’s handsome
– That’s what I’m worried about Who is your dream guy? You’re starting to ask those questions
(Is Hee Chul making her to say his name?) Jae Rim is worried about guys like Hee Chul When you guys say things like that,
I can’t say no! (I’m innocent!) Jae Rim,
what do you think of Hee Chul? I want someone to see her as I do And take really good care of her (What?) Oh so that’s a warning for Hee Chul
Don’t come near her! No I didn’t say that
(A smart way of saying no?) – Nothing more than friends?
– What about me? He can’t say anything
(Speechless LOL) I mean, let’s say that there
are these four types of men Which type do you think
is the best for So Hee? (Jae Rim’s answer?) (Chuckle) I’m sorry, but
I don’t get why he’s laughing It’s okay for me or Dong Min to feel
nervous, but why is Dong Yup nervous? You’re married! Regardless of marriage…
(Even a married man gets nervous) Not as an individual, just think about
the type (I understand you, Dong Yup) It’s also a way to know my status
(Only Jae Rim is taking this seriously) Hee Chul! I choose Hee Chul Hee Chul? You’re the same as him! – Now tell us why the rest was not chosen
– The reason It’s because of the age difference
(Hee Chul is the youngest) Age? You shouldn’t be
considering age! What if we’re all the same age? Same age?
Everyone? Still Hee Chul… I shouldn’t have asked

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  1. 윤소희님처럼 생글생글한 인상은 그냥 웃기만해도 주변남자들이 자기한테 마음있는줄알고 치근덕대는 인상이라
    본인이 좋아하는 남자말고는 제발 편하게 봐줬으면 싶을거임

  2. 송재림님은 진짜 볼 때마다 생각하는게 연예인 중에서 소두로 손꼽힐듯….
    여자 연예인들이랑 있을 때 보면 키가 훨씬 큰데도 불구하고 얼굴이 비슷한 크기임…비율이 사기야ㅑ..

  3. 4:23 그게 걱정이야~
    4:48 나와 같은 마음으로 봐줬으면….
    3:28 그 다크서클도 사랑해줄수 있는 본인 어필인가… 진짜 많이 좋아하나본데 ㅋㅋ

  4. 마음이 있어보인다고 해도 그건 결국 본인만 알겠죠 아니면 예전에는 그런 마음이 있었어도 지금은 편하게 친구로만 볼수도 있는거고

  5. 송재림이 윤소희한테 마음 있어 보이는 건 나뿐인가…? 술 마셔서 그런지 진심이 나오는 것 같은데

  6. Hola alguien que sepa donde se puede ver life bar episodios actuales. En kshow los episodios terminan en 118 no hay actualización 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  7. Jaerim is right when you have been best of friends for 8-9 years its hard and awkward to change your status 😂😂 ahhh i feel you bro 😂😂

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