[ENG CC] Integra R track tires battle – Toyo R1R vs. Falken Azenis vs. Formula RSV 98 HV33

[ENG CC] Integra R track tires battle – Toyo R1R vs. Falken Azenis vs. Formula RSV 98 HV33

The number of people interested and participating
in circuit driving has increased recently. It’s become very important to choose
the right tires for the track day. Hot version will focus on testing
tires suitable for track days. So, what kind of potential can be
really expected from such tires? Hot version is going to thoroughly check
their performance in a tire battle. But before we begin, let’s
make clear what is the difference between high
grip tires and S tires. First let’s explain the development
concept of today’s entry tires. This tire is recommended the
most time, has received many praises about its working
surface, the Formula RSV 98 Spec. A battle between new
tire rivals and Dunlop’s confidence product is
gonna be a sight to see. Like this one. The next one is the Falken Azenis. It’s got a look of an S tire, with a pattern
that emphasizes the dry grip importance. Looks almost like an undisputed champion.
We’re looking forward to enjoy the battle. As we’re enjoying you. Trampio (TOYO) R1R was
released just recently. It’s very close to an S tire though
its pattern is familiar with a normal high grip tire. What kind of
performance can we expect from it? We’re very curious. Generally speaking these tires lie
in-between the high grip tires and S tires, but the thread pattern as well as the
overall concept is slightly different. We’re going to have the tire battle for
the first time at Ebisu east course. With a lot of up-and-down’s it’s
a pretty tough course for tires. We’re going to check the tires
suitable for track days. Because we don’t know the real
potential of those tires, first we’re going to use sports
tires, high grip tires, Neova. These are the Neova tires. As for the battle machines, we’ve selected
4 Integra Type Rs 98 Spec from our viewers. Of course all cars are unmodified. We’ve selected a common tire size from
tire manufacturers, the 195/55 R15 size. With the inch down comes a new rim from
Spoon, the SW388, developed for the Civic R. Then we’ve exchanged brake
rotors for new rotors and new Image C2 pads
suited for circuit racing. More over we’ve exchanged
the oil, to make sure that all cars are in top condition
during the battle. So, let’s begin the tire battle. First we’re going to do a
lottery of tire brands. A very interesting lottery procedure. First Orido will try. You understand the lottery, right? “Why did you do this to me” that’s
the look she’s giving me right now. OK, I’ll go first, my apologies. It’s not aligned perfectly though. RSV Next, Kawasaki selected Azenis. Then Ida pulled out the R1R. We’ll start in this way. So, It’s a start of the Tire Battle 98! DoriDori seriously thinks that he
can win with high grip tires? So once again a Tire Battle after a while. Well all rivals have
track day suited tires. I have just high performance radial tires. I’ll try to fight with these
tires, let’s see how it will go. DoriDori starts from the front position. I miss shifted and got overtaken. Kawasaki-Azenis falls
back due to a miss shift. I should try to get away quickly. Ida’s R1R are suddenly under steering. I lost to Orido. This is gonna be a long 10 laps
battle to see how the tires last. It’s under steering in this corner. Orido-RSV is tightly
following Tsuchiya-Neova. The Neova should be getting tired soon. He’s close. The track day tires are good. All cars, following each other,
enter the 2nd hairpin. Start advantage of DoriDori-Neova has
already vanished, DoriDori is pinched. This is a serious hot battle. The braking from high speed
corner is also tough for tires. Orido-RSV already locks the brakes. It under steers when I enter the corner
at the same speed as the car in front. But Kawasaki-Azenis is still relative fast. He enters the slipstream of Ida-R1R. So, who’s gonna have the upper
hand at first corner braking? Sorry for that. Kawasaki-Azenis recovers from
the miss shift at start. This is the rear view
camera from DoriDori’s car. Orido-RSV ends up with a huge
under steer after over speeding. What a fool. He’s pushing hard, in the rear. Carefully now. I’ll get passed. But Akira is unable to complete
his 3rd gear attack successfully. Maybe I can pull this off. Neova is pretty fast. Neova enters the 3rd lap
followed by all track tires. The gap in the rear is getting
bigger, please push harder. I’m on it. Carefully. With “carefully” he means
to reduce the entry speed. In contrary to that, Tsuchiya-Neova changes
directions with a lot of sliding action, accelerates at full throttle at the S corner exit.
DoriDori is already driving very seriously. The tires are sliding more. I’m able to close the gap
with braking though. What’s gonna happen next, Orido? The Dunlop tires are very good. The track tires. Some words from DoriDori after a while, but
he’s again in serious-mode after the corner. How about Ida-R1R behavior
in the same place? This is great. The tires seem to be very soft. AkiraKun is putting big
pressure on the tires. As before, the Neova is still in the lead. There’s no sign of wear. The battle is in second half. It’s gonna be tough for tires now. In contrary to Dori-Neova, who approaches
the entry from outside, Orido-RSV takes more straight lane through the S corner.
Is this the difference in grip? But even with different lane strategy,
Orido’s unable to overtake, even the late braking isn’t working
well at this risky corner. This dirty hairpin is very slippery. It feels like it’s getting slowly better. Though the rear tires are getting tired. He’s fast. Only these two cars fight
for the race victory now. I thought the lateral grip would be better. It’s getting gradually worse. Orido-RSV closes the gap to
Tsuchiya-Neova at the last corner. Can he overtake the Neova? He’s fast, that car is very fast. I try to avoid road
resistance as much as I can. Because the grip of tires
on the car behind me is good, their resistance
gets bigger eventually. DoriDori is driving without
any mistake since the start. He’s running at very stable lap times. It’s the final lap now. The grip is still fine,
it haven’t changed much. Orido-RSV hunts the fleeing DoriDori-Neova. He looks for a last chance to
defend the pride of track tires. But Tsuchiya-Neova covers any under steer
with a skilled parking brake usage. The tire pressure is too big now,
there’s no grip anymore. Neova tires are awesome. They can run on the same
level as track tires. Can’t do anything
about the grip. So it’s the final climbing showdown. Not easy to overtake, that’s
the Neova’s strong point. It’s the checkered flag. Orido-RSV ran the best lap
time though we’re very surprised that the Neova
has won this battle. Anyone can drive in this
way with these tires. Look, not a big deal, they
still look nice, evenly worn. The pattern look still solid. I think everyone else had to put up with
under steer after the tires got overheated. Mine under steered since the start, but
there was no feel of grip getting worse. I thought the Neova would
get tired underway, that was a bad assumption. In
my case, probable the tire pressure rose too much, even the
brakes were easy to lock then. But the first half of
race was very good. It would have been better if the
tire pressure was lowered more. Around 1.6 Bar. It’s not good over 2.2. Vertical direction is more
important than horizontal. Horizontal as well as the
vertical grip wasn’t that good in the beginning,
couldn’t go full throttle. So we’ve finished the battle,
I’ll check myself all tires now. DoriDori will drive with new tires. It’s
hard to judge the tire characteristics based on the battle results, so let’s
have a better look. First TOYO R1R. Brakes work very well. It’s good. The entry is good. The grip is 1rank better. Let’s compare the tires to Neova. Let’s take a look at this graph of R1R. Vertical grip. It influences braking,
it’s relatively good. I’d give it 9 or 10 points. It’s gonna be closer to 10 points. Vertical grip influences the traction
during acceleration as well. There’s no wheel spin, the car
responds to steering inputs well. The vertical grip of these
tires is very good. The steering response. These tires have very soft compound, it
can be felt as soon as you leave the pit. Therefore the car responds very well
to even a small steering angle. Brakes respond to small
pedal throws as well. The car accelerates at once
after pushing the throttle. Overall this tire feels very soft. Therefore the longevity of the tire is
short, it gets only 6 or 7 points. But if you want to utilize their full
potential, they’re good up to 3 laps. The next is RSV 98 spec. Front end entry is good. The exit is not as good, but
shift-up spots are fast. They are easy to handle. Maneuverability is good, it responds
to quick steering inputs well. RSV 98 Spec. Their performance is
very close to S tires. Regarding the brakes, the response is
very good, these tires, their performance seems to fit perfectly to the Integra
Type R performance characteristic. The vertical grip, when stepping
on gas, the power to pull out. Usually a tire with shallow grooves loses the
vertical grip quickly, this one doesn’t. The tire performance is
depicted with the red line. I like this tire style very much. At last, the Azenis. Well they don’t have the S tire grip. The road contact patch
is the biggest though. The vertical grip, traction, the
surface of the tire speaks for itself, contact area is big so
the grip is relatively good. The control-ability, these tires
are pretty tough to control, although they look and make
an impression of an S tire. It’s not worth 9 points,
more likely 7 points. That’s what I think. The probability to do a
mistake during driving is very high because of
tough control-ability. The longevity is the same
as Neova, it gets 9 points. Looking at the walls or pattern,
there’s not much wear to see. It’s very close to a high
performance radial tire. It’s probably the best choice for people
who want to go to a track 10 times. So which tire of these track
tires should you buy? When going to a track without wearing at least
these tires, that’s gonna be unsatisfactory. How about you Orido? These tires are definitely good for people who want
to push hard, I’d recommend them to anyone. Kawasaki Shuhei? These tires are cheaper than the
other tire sets which we have here today. They last pretty long time, don’t wear
out so quickly, these tire are good for people who can’t afford buying Neova tires
and don’t go to a track frequently. Well then Neova seems to
be a very reasonable buy.

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  2. I drive the T1r and R1R on my integra type r but: i could never outrun/proof them tires fully like these drivers.
    They drive like hell real nice channel!!!

  3. toyo R1Rs are some real sticky street/track tires. They worked great for me on both the drag strip and the road course for my modded prelude.

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