Elena DarkBerry Intro – Rubber fetish illustrations and comics – eng subs

Elena DarkBerry Intro – Rubber fetish illustrations and comics – eng subs

Hi! I’m Elena DarkBerry
and welcome to my Rubberworld I’m an illustrator specialized in latex sure it never would come to your mind and work with all possible techniques: pencil, ink, mixed media, digital, … anything I’ve even made some attempts with the sculpture but always about latex and fun things around this fetishism I’ve even dared with the adult genre and with the comic strips about BDSM in the following videos you will see from the steps to make an illustration to drawing techniques real-time illustrations… Actually you decide the content
if you want to know how I make a latex texture or how do I do my comic pages put your comment here below in the video and I will make the following videos about the most popular topics if you want to know more about my comics and illustrations you have the links in the description of the video Subscribe and see you in the next video since then… HAVE A NICE RUBBERWEEKEND!!! I’m going to make an extra of outtakes, clearly

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  1. You are a so cute rubber artist… But answering your demand… I'm curious about your tools when you are drawing in paper (pencils, pens, markers,…) Thanks and rubbery kisses.

  2. Ya se que voy amar este canal porque es mi sueño echo realidad , amaria trabajar en conjunto contigo y sobre el tema porque no hacer un video de como hacer bien el brillo del latex al dibujarlo que es algo que todavia no domino de la manera que quisiera

  3. Hola me agrada el arte de este tipo yo tambien hacis dibujos asi que bueno que el arte es expresion pura. Postadum. Ud me atrae mucho, muy guapa.

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