Easy + Cheap eBike!! Motorized Wheel Conversion Kit REVIEW

Easy + Cheap eBike!! Motorized Wheel Conversion Kit REVIEW

Hey guys, I’m ben from Authentech and e-bikes are getting really popular But they can be pretty expensive This is [a] cool solution It comes with the tire a battery motor built into the hub you attach it to the bicycle You already have and now you have an [E-bike]. Let’s check it out There’s a few different wheel sizes based upon the bike that you have nothing looks free today now The wheel is pretty heavy, and it will be interesting riding around with all that weight front, okay? So I think I found what this goes to not that But probably that looks like shipping got the better of it. Hopefully nothing’s broke This is the main battery pack clicks right into the hub usb charging outlet for your cell phone on the go Looks like they include plenty of tools for assembly attaching to your bike Really nice hex set down super sweet alright. We have everything pulled out Let’s go into the shop and install it so the kit includes everything you need even the tools which is nice Assembly is easy remove your old front tire drop in your new attire throw on some washers and tighten it down attach the cell phone holder Attach the Throttle controller and since my gear shifter was [kind] of in the way they Fortunately include some spare parts like this extending Rod which allowed me to get perfectly aligned with my thumb So I can still hit that throttle and change gears when I need to at the funny side note My old bike had a mounting hole right in the way of the battery slot So after a quick dremel cut boom we’re back in action and the battery slides in and out just fine so riding this motorized wheel Ebike I [gotta] say is pretty sweet you just hit that throttle and cruise the world one simple and very convenient feature they included after Holding the throttle down for a short period of time just a couple seconds it clicks on Cruise control So you can let go to that throttle and keep the motor cranking for you. This is perfect for those long rides Style and design is classy to the average. I most people wouldn’t even know you’re riding electric three different models available Suitable for any 26 inch mountain Bike road bike or leisure bike top speed isn’t crazy fast but with my speed gun on flat ground Motor only it clocked in around 15 miles per hour Now if you pedal us this of [course] you can fly around even faster It has [a] 240 watt brushless hub motor and the batteries 36 volt 130 watt hours which as a side bonus you can charge your mobile devices via usB and they say the power pack equivalent is around 30,000 milliamp hours they say you can ride up to 15 miles on a single charge Purely riding electric or up to 25 to 30 miles with pedal assist Lastly if you download their app and connect Via Bluetooth. It shows your live speed distance and now their settings Oh and riding around with that extra weight in the front isn’t a big deal at all you Definitely get used to it and can still have some good fun Overall this [is] a nice kit to convert your ordinary bicycle into a sweet cool ebike at an affordable price [if] you want to check out the current pricing and availability as always. I’ll give you those links down below huge Thanks to banggood for sending me the sample unit and consider subscribing if you haven’t already until next time let’s live authentic

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  1. Greetings from Canada. Home of the Rocky Mountain. Love how you converted an old Rocky Mountain bike. Nice to know you can convert an old bike with this e-bike option.

  2. All I want to know is the HILL speed. That's all. Is it 15m/h or at least 5m/h? An Ebike for flat surface is nonsense.

  3. I'm thinking of doing that to a trike cause I can haul my stuff in the back or get a lil trailer ..just for in tow trips and carry my guitar and yeah thought of carry some beers lol

  4. How do i charge it.. I got one mine has a plug cable one one end wires on the other do I put a wall plug on it to charge it

  5. $ 130 for the wheel, and $1,000 for a long extension cord. Can I put one on the back wheel too to make me an AWD mountain bike?

  6. I don't really need crazy fast top speed or long lasting battery, I just need something simple to add a motor on an old bike to pick kid up from school, this is perfect! Thanks for this video!

  7. The wheel is too heavy and i dont understand why. Because it has only 240w and is very slow and a big shit. Cruise the world??? Only a few km ..


  9. this is the electric bike kit I really really want. All the other ones are extremely complicated, this one it's so simple. But the problem is that website looks a little sketchy, it's straight out of China and I don't know if it's safe for me to order it off that website. I can't find this exact one on any American sites anywhere

  10. Hi I live in Kobe Japan which is incredibly hilly territory. I contacted the company directly about purchasing one of these front wheel units and unfortunately they haven’t gotten back to me do you know if there any companies selling this unit in Japan ?

  11. Dude. Please. Don't do the foot lettuce articulation.
    You can chaaaarge your phooooone on the goooo. Theeeey give you pleeenty of tooools for assembly.

  12. You shitting me… I can do 30 mph on my road bike without electric assist… so, sure this would be nice… But I just beat your battery electric wheel… ta da… peace out.

  13. Why even bother with this, there's so many nice complete ebikes out there. I've been checking out the Wing Freedom.

  14. How longs isthe life on it I'm thinking about buying one but I don't want it to just last a few months I want it to last a good while

  15. $275 right now this could be paid off in less than two months if you don't pay for car insurance and fuel.

  16. Is it possible to just use pedal assist with this kit? Rules where I'm using it says bicycle MUST NOT have throttle, only pedal assist.

  17. I hate it when guys think it's cool to add music to their presentations – I'd much rather hear what the guy has to say without anmy dramatic effects…

  18. My ebike's a 1000w 48v wheel. It can actually get me rarely up to 46 or so if the winds are okay and im going downhill. As for going around places, usually about 30 or 35.

  19. do you get any torque driven understeer when trying to make a tight turn while engaging the motor drive? In other words, does the bike try to go straight while applying power the to motor during a tight turn?

  20. i have a Schwinn 29'' mens taff mountain bike my question is can this motorized wheel fit for my Schwinn that has disc brakes will the wheel fit for my Schwinn ?

  21. Can you ride it in the rain.Can it still keep its full power in the rain. Some 1 told me if the spark plug gets wet it can mess up the electric power. Is it water proof ? What's the exact names of the best e bikes that goes up to 28 mph and 18 miles on a full charge where can I get them bike's from ? and what e bike's I can put a small mini lightweight trailer that can pull up to 50 lbs ? I want the names of the top 5 e bikes

  22. "Not noticing you are riding an e-bike" might be a bit of an exaggeration. But it looks like a pretty good solution compared to other more bulky kits

  23. I bought this kit its totally trash. 3 months later it seized up and from the outgo from new it would only take me half a mile but stated 15 mile under its own power.

  24. My question is how much this would help with hills. I can pedal wherever I want on level ground with no issues, but there are some STEEP hills where I live, which are a bit much for me.

  25. I've dealt with these specific iMortor things a couple of times for bike shop customers. They're pretty easy to install on most bikes (some bikes need a little metalwork to make them fit), but they're slow with disappointingly short range.

    They're be good for a kid who wants an e-bike.

  26. i bought a similar unit front hub , when i hold the axile bolt in my hands the wheel wont spin or free wheeel , is that normal ?? are the magnets so strong you cant hold it in your hands and spin the rim?

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