E-Track Cargo Management System Review – etrailer.com

E-Track Cargo Management System Review – etrailer.com

Today we are going to show you how to install
part number E19148 from Erikson. What we have here is an E-track, this is the
5 foot long model. The actual E-track itself is 1/8 inch thick
and the mounting holes are 1/4 inch in diameter. This assembly has a rating of 6,000 pounds. One thing you want to do when mounting the
E-track is look for the wall studs on the trailer. In this case we are doing it on a wall but
the same thing applies even if you are mounting it on the floor of a trailer. What you want to do is look for the studs
in the wall. A dead giveaway, of course, are these screws
that hold paneling in place. Across from here to here is the wall stud
itself. It is basically a big channel with a couple
flat spots on top to attach the plywood to. Basically we just copied the same thing on
our E-track and kind of bridged the 2. The whole thing is a little over 2 inches
wide. So what you want to do if you have 1 you can
find here then you can simply measure from the center and go out to the next one which
is roughly around 24 inches, manufactures will vary. Then just copy those dimensions to the next
stud. Then verify with the screws in the wall that
are preexisting. Also what counts is when you go ahead and
install the track make sure it sits as flat as possible on the wood. In this case, we did have some trim here but
we simply took a section out so we could go straight across. We kind of cheated by following the edge of
the trim, but at least it made it easy to keep it relatively level. When you have it on here, then you want to
move it back and forth to find it at the best dimension and get it the way you want

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  1. The 1/4" self-tapping screws were simply to hold it in place while the rest of the holes were drilled out, but the were about 1" long. The permanent screws are #14 x 1-1/4" screws. You could also use the 1" version too if the wall is really thin.

  2. @DakotaFLHTCUI There really isn't a standard height for the e-track. It depends on what kind of objects you need to secure to the wall. If you want to let me know what kind of stuff you will be hauling, I can give you my best recommendation for a height. An example would be, if you were transferring a refridgerator, you would want the e-track mid height. But, if you were securing a motor cycle, you'd want to put the e-track on the floor and run straps from each handle bar down to the floor.

  3. I just found out not all etrack is the same. I bought some from condor-lift. Then some from harbor freight. The hardware from condor won't fit the harbor freight track. It's like the dimensions for the square holes are alightly different. Too bad it's not standard. PITA.

  4. Are E-Track clips designed to handle loads pulled at a diagonal angle–especially up/down–reliably?

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