E-Bike Review: Micargi Cyclone

E-Bike Review: Micargi Cyclone

Welcome to Bike Berry. Today we’ll be
taking a look at Micargi’s newest electric bike, the cyclone. The Micargi
cyclone is a 500 watt, Fat Tire, electric bike made in the style of a beach cruiser. The bike runs off a Bafang engine provides five levels of pedal assist. A 48 volt
Panasonic lithium battery powers the motors, LCD screen, and electric controls.
To handle the increased speeds the cyclone comes standard with front and
back disc brakes. Massive fat tires and a comfortable seat
provide the perfect pair for it’s long beach cruiser frame. If you have any
experience riding fat tires then you’ll already know the advantages it
has over standard sized tires. You’ll be able to ride on snow, sand,
loose gravel, mud, and almost any terrain you can think of. Typically larger wheels
tend to cause the riding experience to feel a little sluggish. The cyclone aims
to offset this with its 500 watt engine which makes an incredible difference. Set To
its highest level of pedal assist we were able to reach up to 26 miles per hour. We got
the opportunity to take a cyclone out for a ride. Take a look and
see the results for yourself If you’re interested in purchasing the
Micargi Cyclone check out the link in the bio. If you want to learn more about
electric bikes check out our other videos and reviews. Thanks for watching
and enjoy the ride.

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  1. I like the low long look, but the pedal position looks like it makes for a very uncomfortable riding position. How far will this bike go on throttle only mode?

  2. Why are they making such weak E-bikes? This isn't Europe!
    They have some cool bikes that would make some bad ass E-bikes with the right motor!
    Somebody tell them to change the wording on the website. They call the motors "engines" on the site. Not the same thing!

  3. How tall is the guy on that bike ? The Cyclone looks too big for him…. I'm 6"4 and I was wondering if this bike will be good for me.

  4. Micargi Cyclone Bicycle Beautiful. The very best bicycle, I love bicycles, I love Micargi Cyclone, is perfect, magnifc, the best.

  5. I'd like it better with high rise handlebars. I would have to learn forward to reach the hand grips. Leaning forward od not good for the back. That guy you see ridding it is taller thanme and he's having trouble reaching the grips. I have th eMacargi Royal. It's nice, but not electric.

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