Ducati Scrambler Customizing Part 6 Tires

Ducati Scrambler Customizing Part 6 Tires

Ducatisti It’s been a while that I made a video concerning my Ducati Scrambler And today I want to show to you what I found out about the knobby tires As you know I have an Enduro Bike a KTM 250 as well and the last months I spent a lot (time) attending races the Offroad-Scramble… …and in my neighborhood: The Sachsen-Anhalt-Enduro Cup and unfortunately two weeks ago my 3 hours Enduro race was finished already after about two minutes when I had a severe crash and as you can see on the X-ray picture I brok my collar bone and four ribs so finally I found the time to put together my latest Ducati video So one thing I enjoy very much at the Ducati Scrambler is the dimension of the rear tire So I ask you a question: What does an 180/55″ tire beat? I can tell you: An 180/55″ tire with knobbies (Dog Laika grunting) So what I found out in the manual: that you have to use tubeless tires So guess, what we found when we took off rear tire: …a tube… So looking for knobby tires: what is available on the market? What I found was the Continental TKC 80 which is available in two different dimensions that fit to the Ducati Scrambler By the way: one more detail The Continental TKC tires have a speed index of ‘Q’ which is the equivalent to 160 km/h that’s fine for me and of course I am going to put a fancy sticker onto my bike …that you can see here so it can be always seen and I will never forget Thanks for watching my video so far For the next time perhaps I will do a review of what I found out concerning my latest modifications and do perhaps some stylish improvements bye!

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  1. Hi Michael,
    super Video and lot of fun with your Ducati.
    The best in your life is to do everything with pasion.
    I love it.


  2. I take it your collarbone is fine now and your ribs don't hurt. I've had these injuries and they hurt. Once a flat twin Boxer engine went through my rib cage.

    I have a question as I am interested in purchasing a Scrambler: has your Ducati been reliable, please?

  3. At least in Europe, there is. Check out for REAR tire (Conti Part-No. 0200019). Fits to front wheel too 😉

  4. Ich mag deine Videos. Würdest du die Scrambler einem Tourenfahrer empfehlen? Kann man da 5-8 Stunden am Tag drauf verbringen?

  5. is there anyway to buy the front fender from your enduro? not yours specifically but i'm looking for that fender for my icon XD

  6. Hallo Preuling, erst mal danke für die vielen Inspirationen :-). Habe auch den schicken schwarzen Auspuff montiert und würde nun gerne, da meine Reifen nun runter sind, die TKC 80 verbauen. Kannst du mir vielleicht die Artikelnummern für Hinter- und Vorderreifen nennen? Du schreibst ja unten: Conti Part-No. 0200019, passt auch vorne.
    Hast du hinten und vorne den gleichen Reifen montiert?
    Danke für eine Rückinfo.
    Viele Grüße

  7. No problem at all with rear tire on front wheel..? Stable on cornering? Cause iam thinking to do the same on my triumph Bonneville t120 2017, cause my front wheel size is 18 also.

  8. Are you happy with the Garmin, and if so, which one is it?
    Btw., next time you should take out a Gold Wing for X-country and do some jumps also.

  9. What do you think about putting a 120/70-18 on an icon for the front wheel. I have mag wheels … I’m wanting to use the Pirelli Scorpion Rally Str found on the desert sled on my icon ? What do you think? They make the 120/70 18 in the str … thanks for any suggestions!!

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