Ducati S2R Rear Wheel Replacement and Removal

Ducati S2R Rear Wheel Replacement and Removal

Anyway so to take off this rear tire, you
have this metal clip. You have this washer right here and then you
have another….sorry, this nut right here and then another washer inside of this wheel
that we’re going to have to break loose in just a second. And then as far as the exhaust goes, with
my bike, before I can slide the tire off I need to replace…or I need to remove the
exhaust pipes. So I’m going to undo this nut here and then
this Allen bolt here and this Allen bolt here. I’ve already taken those off so now this
should be loose enough to just slip off of the exhaust. So before I put this bad boy back together
I’m going to take some grease and get some grease on this back axle. Just kind of put a thin layer all the way
around it. Not too thick because a lot of it will scrape
off when I put the tire on anyway. There you go. So now we’re going to take this right here
and stick it on first. Then this guy. And we’re going to tighten it down all the
way. We got to get it on far enough that it’s
tight and holds the wheel straight and then we also have to be able to put this cotter
pin all the way through so it sticks in. I’ll show you. So this little pin…there’s a little hole
right inside of there that this needs to attach onto. It goes right through. Anyway, it’s on there. So I’ll put a list on the video description
of everything that you’ll need to do this, like the stand, the ratchet size for this,
the tires…the tires are really cheap on Amazon so I’ll post a link to those. There you go. Got the back tire in place, the exhaust back
on. Everything’s good to go. Anyway, if you have any questions make sure
to leave them in the comments. Don’t forget to subscribe and “like”
if this video helped you. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Great Job not as hard as thought it would be. about the stand your using maybe this would be somewhat better motomfg dot com

  2. Nice, practical video, thank you. In the description and related link, it says that the socket size is 46mm. However, in a previous response you said that it is 44mm. Which one is the correct size?
    Thanks again,

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