Driving to the East: La Quinta, California to Phoenix, Arizona

Driving to the East: La Quinta, California to Phoenix, Arizona

Well, that is of course my legendary beef stew cooked entirely in the RV for the first time I believe… but lets begin at the beginning, or shall I say the end, where we left off, by the Pacific Ocean. Today we begin the return trip, driving back east, towards Phoenix. Enjoy the ride. Well, this is where we left off as I witnessed the sunset over the Pacific Ocean bidding farewell to the West Coast There goes that train again with the annoying fake whistle. I’m leaving Del Mar, and I have a pretty long drive back to the campground Should be over two hours. Well, at least this is the last gas that I will pay at over $3, $3.69 Well, there’s something you don’t see every day. That’s all the traffic behind me on the freeway. And check out the moon, I’ll be honest. It looked amazing in person The video doesn’t do it justice. There’s that’s more like it. And this is the Coachella Valley overlook. Seems to be very popular with young people who come, and park to look at the moon I guess. Let’s make the stew and the first step is to brown the meat, even burn it a little, seal those juices in. I went to Alde and bought some beer, so we’re going to bathe it in IPA to enhance the flavor. OK, let’s pour a second IPA, and we’re going to let that simmer for a while. It is looking so good. Then we’re going to dice some onions and put’em in, smash some garlic and chop it as well. Ideally I would have done the garlic and onion separate but this is a one pot meal today. Now some bell peppers. Dice’m up, and some celery as well. A bit of tomato sauce. I also added mushrooms, carrots, olives, cumin, oregano and smoked paprika, and a bit of sriracha for flavor but I am so tired I’m just going to eat and go to sleep. Well, good morning from La Quinta, California Today we begin our trek back east Oh well, check out the moonset Nice view huh? I do believe that is the Salton Sea in the distance And down here, that is the campground, of course Well, this is not good Got a flat. Well this is the forst real setback of the whole trip and after almost 3 weeks, that’s not bad at all. I get to use my trailaid tire changing ramp. Hear that water slushing in my gray water tank…. Could be the black too. I’m almost overdue for a visit to the dump station. Oh wait, I’m supposed to loosen the lug nuts first. Luckily I have a spare in decent shape. Now all we need is a little air, and off we go, to the nearest tire shop. Everything was going so smooth. Well the good news is that I thing this tire is salvageable It’s just a nail. I think that’s all there is to it so they might be able to patch it and then I’ll get a new tire in Phoenix Because nobody has trailer tires in this town I’ll use that one for now and then I’ll use that one as a spare That’s the plan, anyways Well, as I said, before we leave, a trip to the dump station is in order I mean, I am going to an RV park in Phoenix, but we’re going to be going through some mountains so I want to be as lightweight as possible. I’ve settled on a tire shop here in nearby Indio, California, called El Valle. Hopefully I can get my flat plugged and I’ll take it easy on the way to Phoenix. Well, this was a pretty nice park OK, so I got my tires patched up here at El Valle automotive, very nice folks These tires are apparently very hard to get but I’m just going to go to Phoenix like this Yeah, Phoenix is a lot more RV friendly, so I’m sure I’ll be able to find tires there. OK, let’s top it off, one last time at California prices. Well, I figured might as well get something to eat. They have a Popeye’s here This is the Coachella Travel Center Well I love fried chicken and I haven’t had Popeye’s in a very long time Well, it is time to get on the road again But before that let me tell you about Custom Covers for your RV Made out of steel, available in many different colors and in 29 states Protect your RV from the elements by calling Lisa at 501-455-4442 and if you mention me, Traveling Robert you get a 5% discount As always I want to thank Custom Covers for their continued support We are approaching Blythe, and there’s the California inspection station, where they will surely confiscate any citrus coming from Arizona. As we cross the river We’re going into Arizona, look how pretty Arizona state line. GPS: Welcome to Arizona Robert: Thank you! Descending upon Quartzsite! All these gas stations here in Quartzsite are always super busy The Scaddan Wash, where I stayed a coupe of days ago, although it feels like a long time It is very straight, I-10 in this area.
Check out that power line! It looks like a suspension bridge. Well, it is really not that far, but somehow it has felt endless. I’m staying in Apache Junction, which is east of Mesa, which is east of Phoenix, which means basically I have to drive through the entire metropolitan area, even through the city, the GPS apparently thought this was a better idea than braving it on the interstate. Well, here I am… tired arriving at the Apache Junction KOA, where I am going to spend a couple of nights. Well, I made it here yesterday, as you saw I am in Apache Junction which is east of Phoenix, and I though it would be a lot closer to Phoenix but it is not, it is like an hour drive I have been busy all morning and I didn’t take the camera but I did an oil change and I bought a new tire, let me show you. because as you saw I got a flat tire back in California… probably in Slab City I got that nail, I don’t know But here I got a brand new tire that I’m going to install before I leave I did an oil change and they added power steering fluid because of that noise that it was making I did groceries and I bought an extra hard drive because I’m going to need it with all the footage I’ve been taking So… well that’s it Now I’m going to start exploring Apache Junction, Mesa, and eventually Phoenix but that will be for you guys on the next video I know, this one was kind of short, but, the next one? The next one will be action packed. On the next video we’re going to explore the Superstition Mountain Lost Dutchman Museum, including the Elvis Chapel, the picturesque Goldfield Ghost Town, then we’ll visit Phoenix proper, its wild First Fridays, its deserted downtown during the weekend, Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza in front of the Arizona State Capitol, and ritzy Scottsdale, among other things

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  1. Robert, this road, from CA to AZ reminds me the highway that goes from Barcelona to Valencia in Spain….. and this video gave me ideas for my next video that i plan to realize near Valencia during my summer holidays. As always, thanks for the beautiful pictures…

  2. The view of the sunset over the Pacific Ocean was great! Thank you for sharing it. I've only been to that side of the country one time, but not on that visit there was not an opportunity to see the sunset. The traffic coming into AZ looked fierce. Heavy traffic is never much fun. I hope it doesn't happen too frequently in your travels.

  3. My favorite things on THIS episode:
    1. The contrast of green from the valleys where its irrigated and the mountain scale behind.
    2. Had to laugh about your comments on gas prices out West. When you’re filling up so often…it adds up. Definitely been there.
    3. The camera angle from Minitini reminds me of what I see driving highways so it’s one of my favorite things about your work. Feels like I’m riding along with you🇺🇸
    4. Traveling “West to East” this “Southern” route is on our list so I’m learning from your stops…..perhaps I’m missing something…but the Salton Sea and Slab look pretty bleak. Would you visit them again?
    5.love your cooking videos. Always looks tasty👊
    Thanks for your talent and work Robert❤️

  4. Awesome video Robert! Glad the flat (if it has to happen) did not happen while you were driving. Thanks for taking us along with those beautiful sunset shots and the moon was amazing. Driving through Qsite brought back some great memories. Safe travels as you head east my friend.

  5. I'm so enjoying your trip back east and all the adventures. Sorry about the flat tire and California prices at the fuel pumps not all of the adventures are fun it seems. Safe travels, looking forward to the next video. 🙂

  6. You should invest in a quality tire plug kit, you already have a portable compressor. Like the editing at around the 8:24 mark don't see to many people do that. Your music is very catchy, had it stuck in my head the other day at work.

  7. I'm so glad you are continuing the journey from West to East. I only discovered your channel a couple of weeks ago and I enjoy it so much. I live in the UK but I have visited the USA numerous times, I even worked in NYC in the early 90s. However I have never travelled across the USA as you are doing and I am thinking that this might be something to do myself in the future.

  8. Sorry for the flat tire ( time and money) but it is part of a travel in any circumstance. Spectacular sunsets ( sun & moon). Nice video.

  9. Hello Robert. Was wondering if you ever had a flat on the trailer, or your truck while driving. I imagine it would be a scary proposition. Safe travels sir!

  10. Better getting a new tire I saw the treads on the other one,, they were not to good, so you made a wise choice purchasing a new one,,,stay safe mr Robert,,

  11. Hey Robert first great video and did you go with the wife? she is like my wife not liking to come out on the videos

  12. You always manage to catch the most captivating moonsets and sunsets … lovely. Can't wait for the upcoming video!

  13. Nice that you have a twin axel trailer. Makes tire changing easy. A nail or other road hazard in the tire is not something you could avoid. Many RVers have blowouts on the road (especially the single axel trailers), which the tire shreds to pieces and rips up the light plastic wheel well and possibly takes out wiring, etc. in the wheel well area. Consider yourself lucky 🙂

  14. Very good video Robert as usual. I like your videos because you actually show the RVs and the problems that sometimes come up.

  15. Great video ! I can’t wait to start a family adventure as new RV owner ! You are a huge source of inspiration !
    Regarding the tire : based on my truck driver experience once your tire thread is became to get low you’ll have a lot problem with flat tire… maybe it’s good ideea to think change them. And also to have a plug tire kit it’s awesome! 6-7 min work and save a lot time & money. I used for big semi’s. You could check on truckstops or truck dealership for a profesional kit (~$50).
    Thank you ! Good luck !

  16. Arizona is surprisingly one of my favorite states! I have spent a bit of time there over the years! I think you are already back by now, but I wonder if you ever visited Sedona? Jerome is also pretty cool, but you wouldn't want to take mini tinnie up there! It is a cliff side town that was a copper mining town I think in the 40s! A famous musician has a winery there also in Jerome. The old hospital is now a hotel, and it has a from what I saw, constant Halloween them, and isn't really that expensive to stay. The town itself has a lot of neat little restaurants! I look forward to your next video!

  17. I loved this video, like all the others !!! Thanks again… I would like to ask a few questions for when you have the time. If this is not the place to do it, please let me know.
    1) I am concerned about towing anything in my retirement later this year, I do like your set-up, but I keep looking at so many options. I just discovered an RV that intrigues me, and I would appreciate your opinion. www.renegaderv.com. I am interested in their smallest RV which is built on a Mercedes Diesel platform. The Villagio model. They have a few, I was thinking of the 25FWS. You have so much experience with small rigs, that I would appreciate your opinion when you have the time. It is not much larger than a FORD F350 largest pickup, so I would think I could park it anywhere? I would appreciate and respect your opinion Robert !! Keep up your fantastic videos !!!! Fantastic quality and content !!! Bruce-NJ

  18. Thanks Robert, looks like you encountered a flat tire, hopefully that was your only glitch for the trip. Have a great trip.

  19. I’m glad I started watching your videos. I had never seen a trailer aid tire changing ramp before. I just purchased one yesterday. Saying goodbye to the jack, stands, and blocks of wood. Less weight and a whole lot more convenient!!! Started my RVing adventures a year ago and there is so, so much to learn. And see 🙂 (still learning the video end of things too) Thanks again for the tip.

  20. Ask & you delivered on cooking the Stew Robert … you also need to go to Walmart or Auto Part store & buy a tire plug kit …. since you got a pump will be a lifesaver for you kit cost bout $14

  21. See you are still having an issue with the edge of the tyre wearing off. Could be a camber problem with the tyre not hitting the road squarely. Hey put some oil on the door hinge of poor old Kia😆

  22. Ummm esa carne guisada made with beer looks great! I may have to start adding beer to my carne con papas too!

  23. Robert, check out Coasterfan2105 (Mike Armstrong) on YouTube. You captured his namesake locomotive (with the annoying fake whistle!) I am subscribed to both of your channels, so this is where the world of RVs and trains collided (thankfully not literally).

  24. oh you had beef stew;i think it is beef kaldereta in some way, we have that here in asia, thus tasteful and beer match as well, and we include beef kaldereta with rice =)

  25. Your videos are appreciated.  I don't have a lot of vacation time to take trips like this from WI, and its almost like I'm on vacation with you on your journeys across the country & elsewhere!  I know it takes a lot of time and energy to narrate/edit these videos you are uploading, and your good sense of humor along with your enthusiasm in your trips makes the videos worthwhile & fun to watch!  Keep the videos coming!

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