Driving Review – BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Sport

Driving Review – BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Sport

– Hey guys, what’s going on, it’s Alex from Fitment Industries. And today we’re gonna be taking a look at another dry review on a tire. So we did the Toyo Proxes R888R, we did the Michelin Pilot Sport 4Ss, and now we’re taking a
look at a different tire. We’re taking a look at the
BFGoodrich Advantage TA Sport. So this is something that is on one of our employee cars again. He has a BMW, I believe it’s a 328D. Now Parker, the owner of this car, actually does quite a bit
of non-BMW stuff in his BMW. He does a lot of off-roading. He does a lot of remote driving. He drives a lot on uneven,
dirty, just messy dangerous roads because he goes camping, he goes out in the middle of nowhere and
that’s what he enjoys to do. So this isn’t your typical BMW, but he wanted to get some
tires that would be able to last a long time, that
were gonna get the job done, and were actually gonna survive where he was planning on taking the car. So he ended up getting the BFGoodriches. Now these TAs are
actually a very good tire. So these are more of, I don’t know, they’re not necessarily a
sport tire by any means, but they are just a decent long-term tire. These specific tires are at 245 45. They put on as Koenigs; they
actually ended up picking up, which we’ll probably drop a
little clip there for you. But they’re really, really good. They’ve got a 60,000 mile warranty, which obviously most people
would not really have on an all-season, but BFGoodrich is like, “Screw it, we’ll give you
a 60K mileage warranty,” and they said, “Sure.” On top of that, they
got the 600 tread wear. So in terms of BFGoodrich and
the products that they offer, having a 600 is actually
really, really good. And if you’re wondering what that means in regards to the point system, we actually do an entire video on that, that we’ll also let you know about. So Parker has about 10,000
miles on these tires already and they’ve been doing absolutely insane. So what Parker’s telling us is that they have superior wet traction. They do a great job off-road;
they do a great job in gravel. And the noise isn’t that bad. On normal roads, you don’t hear
a thing, but on the gravel, it actually doesn’t pick up too much, which is awesome considering
what you’re trying to do with the tire, which is cool. BFGoodrich is a really good tire and it really does specialize
in a lot of the mud stuff, a lot of the, I would
say, more just industrial, I guess, if you wanted to call it that. But one thing it’s not
super great at is it has, I would say, probably
average drive performance. It’s not gonna be crazy-good,
it’s not gonna be terrible, but it’s definitely not
gonna be anything too nuts. So if you’re looking to get
something that is superior on dry traction on the roads,
probably not the tire for you. But if you’re looking for something that’s gonna be great in a lot of cases, but not perfect in any single
one case, the BFGoodrich, the Advantage, the TA is a great choice. They last a long time; they’re gonna be out
there for a long time. The traction path is very good. In terms about why you would
buy these, you’d buy these for the fact of the
longevity that this tire has. And that’s actually why
Parker even bought these. He wanted something that
he could take on long trips that he wouldn’t have
to worry about the tires in terms of any sort
of reliability issues. He knew that the dry traction
wasn’t gonna be superb, but it definitely is giving him everything that he needs in all the
other inclement weather. So I would rate it just a
hairline below a winter tire, because it even does good in the snow. It does give him pretty much everything. And that’s what’s really
cool about these tires, the fact that it is such
a long mileage, good tire. It’s not gonna terribly break the bank but it’s gonna give you
a good bang for your buck for what you want, as
long as what you’re doing is more of using your vehicle for not just driving on the road but also maybe going down some dirt paths with also taking it off-road
and things like that. Now again, this is a 328D,
so you probably wouldn’t be used to hearing that
in the same sentence, but that’s what Parker uses this for. The only thing that I’ve
heard that we’ve had a couple of issues with, which
isn’t necessarily a problem, it’s just something that you
have to take into account if you’re trying to
get an all-in-one tire, is that these tires themselves
have a lot of sidewall flex. And that’s just the
purpose of the compound that the Advantage in
comparison to other tires that we’ve tested out there in the past. But because you have more sidewall flex, if you’re actually giving it
a good run for your money, you’re gonna have some issues in terms of actual cornering
traction, traction paths, and just overall, you
know, traction in general. Because you have so much flex,
it’s gonna be hard for you to get where you need to go around a turn if you’re driving, let’s
just call it spiritedly. So the Advantage is a great tire. It’s definitely one that if you’re looking for something long-term,
I’d highly recommend it. The sizing is gonna be pretty plentiful between the low 200s up to 255. And you’re gonna see
average sidewall sizes from the 35 to the 45 to the 55. So we hope you guys enjoyed; let us know what you think in the comments below. We’ll drop a link if you’re interested in this tire or if you wanna know more. But I’m Alex from Fitment Industries and we’ll see you later, peace!

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  1. I have these same tires on my 16 Charger SXT. I love these things. Only slip when they're cold or if the road is very slick. Bit expensive but definitely worth it

  2. Do you know of any wheel company that sells blanks so I can get some decent wheels drilled in a 4×100 for my E30

  3. perfect for my Volvo s80 rally build. I plan to pick these up and maybe getting some Sparco terras with them. or just use the stock wheel. either way, I am going to be testing them in "bad" weather conditions (us car guys love them) and maybe on the dirt (probably after i lift the suspension using xc70 struts)

  4. Just put these on my wife's 2016 Rav4. Main reason these won me over was the severe snow mountain rating (Alpine symbol). No snow yet in WI but very good in rain.

  5. They sell these at costco for $99 a tire (if you buy a set of 4). Worth it? Any change in mpg? How do these compare to michelin x tour as t+h?

  6. I just purchased a set of BFGoodrich all-terrain ta sports love them so far but in wet conditions they are okay you feel the tire wanted to shift left to right

  7. Used to own Bridgestone Turanza tires, they always felt very slippery, I just bought these BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Drive and I loved them, great grip and braking.

  8. I have these on my 03 Buick Regal. Love them. Replacing OEM Continental True Contact on my 15 Buick Verano with Advantage Sport T/A. Worth rebuying.

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