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  1. You see a number of take-downs by K-9's on Live PD. Not only do dog bites hurt, it usually scares the bejesus out of the criminals. It's why they scream.

  2. Good job officer Duke now let's get you a bullet proof vest. It took spikes on the road and a pit maneuver but it took officer Duke 5 seconds to bring the guy down.

  3. After the rubber bullet it wasn't necessary to put the dog in harms way by having it rush thru a broken window. Seems to be a bit of an over reaction, in my opinion.

  4. I love happy endings like this and instant justice. Bet the dirt bag will think twice when he’s back on the streets tomorrow thanks to you lib loons in California.

  5. Nice moves. I always cringe a little in case the criminal hurts the dog.
    Also, people are so dumb: vehicle glass doesn't break into shards but tiny round pieces so it can't hurt you in an accident. How do you not know that?!

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