Dr. Dunlop’s Amazing Tire – How We Invented The World

It’s 1888 in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Ten-year old Johnnie Dunlop is trying out his birthday surprise.
But bicycles are still primitive – with solid, unforgiving rubber tyres.
Riding on the cobbled streets is painful Johnnie’s father is John Boyd Dunlop
a successful veterinary surgeon. Seeing his son’s bone-shaking bike ride
— sparks an incredible question. Could he make the ride smoother
by making the tires softer? There has to be some kind of motive to invent.
That could be from the pressure of some kind of crisis or a challenge or competition,
or it could be from the desire for personal gain.
On the other hand, it could be the simple result of curiosity.
Dunlop has a stock of rubber sheets in his surgery – to protect his operating table.
Using his surgical skill, he sews rubber strips together to form a long tube.
He’s careful to make them airtight He glues the tube together
and fits it on to the bicycle wheel. Then he wraps strips of canvas round the tube
and to be extra sure its air tight he seals it all up with liquid rubber.
Finally, he pumps the tube with air. The pneumatic tire is born.

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