Do’s and Don’ts of Traction Control – OpenTrack Driver Coaching

Do’s and Don’ts of Traction Control – OpenTrack Driver Coaching

(thud) – Hi, I’m Andy with Open Track, and today we’re going
to talk about your VDIM, your PCM, your TC, VCR, DVD, ESPN, STD, BDSM, M&M, HD, LOL, whatever it’s called. Let’s just talk about traction control. (upbeat intense music) And one of the worst cliches about how to get around a race track fast is turn all of your traction
control systems off. They’re just going to make you slower. But honestly, when you’re new to this they’re going to make
you faster with them on. – [Kai Goddard] What it
helps us do is it keeps the car going in it’s intended path. (engine roars) I’m going to kind of drive aggressively and kind of like a tool, on purpose. Boom! I just threw the wheel in, to the corner there, I
could feel right now the brakes are grabbing in the rear. I’m not touching the
brakes but this car is applying brake pedal pressure and working these calipers around all
four sides of this car and even taking away throttle input to help keep me from spinning, to help guide me through these corners. So, the way I look at it,
is we have this amazing active safety feature but on a race track it’s allowing us to be Steve McQueen. – [Andy Lee] When you’re
new to driving on tracks you got to figure out driving line and how to balance the vehicle. And all that stuff takes practice. So, leave the systems
on and than as you get more experienced you can start to lengthen the rope on these things. Maybe go to a sport mode setting and try that for a track day or two. And then eventually move to track mode. – So with these active safety features we gotta know and understand that they work very well on pavement but anytime you go flying off of the track and you’re off into the grass doing some “agricultural racing” we call it, any type of stability control
programing really isn’t helping you if you’re that far off course. – There really isn’t
any reason to turn the stability or traction control
systems off in your car until you’re really well connected to it and you’ve got several
track days under your belt and you know the track
and you know your car. (upbeat music) – These videos are all
about you, the drivers; we want you to be fast, have a good time, but we want you to be safe. – Absolutely. And if you
learn something but you want more detail, or
you’re interested in some private coaching lessons, follow the links through your Open Track dot com; you can get into touch
with either one of us. (upbeat intense music) (upbeat intense music) (upbeat intense music fades)

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  1. Great simple video again! I remember Kai turning everything off and going into "stuntman mode" then drifting almost every corner!

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