Does Fix-a-Flat Really Work? (How Fix a Flat Tire)

Does Fix-a-Flat Really Work? (How Fix a Flat Tire)

rev up your engines, today I’m going to answer
the question, does fix-a-flat work, now people often ask me, if I got a flat tire
on the road, can I use some of this fix and flat stuff to fill it back up and
drive around, well the answer is yes, as long as you do it logically, and here’s a
story of how I figured out at work, I bought this Celica years ago, it had
three bad tires and the right rear tire was good, so I bought three new tires and
left the right rear one on, and then strangely enough over the next five
years, occasionally I had to add air to the new tires I bought, but I never had
to add any to the old tire, but eventually the old tire started to dry
rot, because I don’t put many miles, so I put a new tire on, and when I took it off,
the old tire was full of fix-a-flat inside, which had been sealing it from
losing any pressure for the last five years, but as with everything else, you
got to know a few things, first you need to get one that says tire sensor safe,
some of the other ones can ruin tire sensors, and you have to use common sense,
if you have a tire like this, it’s worn down to the cords, the tire’s dangerous,
get another tire, and if your tire has a nail, or a little piece of glass in it,
the sealer can work quite well, but if it hit a curb or something and the
sidewalls all slashed in, that’s not going to fix it, you need a new tire then,
and be sure to get the one that says non flammable formula, now that really won’t
affect you much, but whenever somebody changes the tire, the tire guys don’t
want to be messing around with a flammable formula, so for their sake
don’t get the old stuff that was flammable, so really it’s not a bad idea
to have a can of fix-a-flat sitting in your trunk, just in case something
happens, and you won’t be stuck by a side of the road with a flat, more quick fixes on
the Scotty Kilmer Channel.

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  2. as A tire and lube tech at a dealership I will say one thing it is very messy sticky and it smells like paint when dismounting a tire from a rim. it does not always work and it is not good for the tpms it also gets all over the place when dismounting the tire from the rim. your better off with a plug kit works much better no mess and wont harm tpms. it will say sensor safe because they want you to buy it its bs I do this every day for a living it is a waste of money and it takes forever to clean that crap out . they have this grate invention that came out many years ago it is called a spare tire use it it works a lot better fix a flat and mechanic in a can is the cheap and lazy way out if you were a tire tech for one day in a very high volume dealership or tire shop where I first started you would never use this crap ever again

  3. A few years ago I bought a car at a car auction. one of the tires kept going low. so I took the tire to a local tire repair place. I told him that it had a nail in it. when he took the tire to the D mounting machine and did his thing the tire blew Fix-A-Flat all over him his jeans his machine the floor and the tools next to him. the guy got absolutely freaking irate. I told the man I had no idea that it had fix a flat in it because I had just bought the car at auction the night before… He didn't care and banned me from his shop telling me that if I return he would sue me for the damages!!!

  4. It does work and pretty well. Make sure you understand that it's only temporary and get the tire fixed ASAP. Also it doesn't hurt to warn the tire shop that you used this stuff as it makes a hell of a mess when the tire is taken off. If it ruins your TPMS sensor, so be it, at least the common ones are now a lot cheaper than dealer stock. Understand this and decide whether it's better to use the spare your car came with. BTW, check the pressure and condition of your spare every so often, just because!

  5. With respect, if your tire has to be replaced due to dry rot, it's been on your car WAYYYYYYYY too long. Lucky if didn't blow out on you, especially on the highway. And you should always replace tires in pairs.

  6. The previous owner of my car had put some of that fix a flat stuff and when I went to get new tires, the wheel that had it was severely rusted from the inside, caused by the product. I do not recommend it for steel wheels.

  7. This is bad advice. Unless you're in a pinch, don't do this on a tire that will be road driven! On a radial tire you have plys of rubber with steel belts. The plug will leak on the inside ply, air will get between the plys and the plys will separate. First this will cause a bubble in the tire, then a blowout. Look it up!!

  8. Fix a flat saved my ass one night. I had hit a curb and got a flat. The wheel was so rusted it would not come off. I tried everything for hours and even help from friends and strangers stopped to help. Walgreens was on the corner. Fix a flat fixed it in seconds. (I later learned a good way to unstick a rusted tire is to loosen the bolts, and drive the car very short distances, a ft pr 2, front and back and slam on the breaks each time)

  9. this stuff gunks up the rim and ruins the tire from ever being able to be properly patched. the rim will have to be cleaned next time the tire is changed, and the tire will be ruined. dont be lazy folks. get your fat ass out amd change the tire and put on the donut. then go to the tire shop. should cost you less than 20 bucks for a proper patch to be put on the tire, including having it mounted and balanced and put back on the car.

  10. As a tech for a shop I hate shit alot, that tire milk is a fucking hassle to put up with and it makes in hell of a mess when we dispose those with that cummy shit in it

  11. I think I used Slime Pump, not an inflator BUT I didn't put it in my car tires either. I put it in my lawn tractor and trailer. I have a couple of Osage Orange trees (hegeapple, what have your) and when these drop an old branch you get to find out if it's one that's covered in half to inch long thorns or not, the old fashioned way. After cleaning up from a windstorm I had to plug my mower tires, all of them. I only had 17 or so plugs and I had to go get more. Pluggin had been fine for 3 years, every once in a while. Looking at plugs and wondering how many I should get I saw the slime, so I put it in my tires instead. 10 months ago. They still have the same pressure in the tires. I can see throwing a can of Fix a Flat in the emergency kit.

  12. This last weekend my dad used some on a side line tire on our 28 foot disc when my grandpa and I got going the tire fell off the rim and I had to run the tractor all day! And I was afraid the thing would fall off and get shredded, resulting in the left frame of the disc to sink into the ground deeper. But that WASN’T the fix a flat. That tire was dry rotted and worn down for a year so it was bound to happen. Also love your videos Scotty! You are real help

  13. It's not a permanent fix though right? I mean, yeah that fix-a-flat lasted 5 years, but you're not supposed to do that, correct?

  14. The only drawback on the fix-a-flat is sometimes the can doesn't have enough compressed air to fill up the tire completely.

  15. I used to work in a gas station where I have changed tires. And sometimes people put fix-a-flat in it made a sticky mass.

  16. You need to take the tires off and clean around the rims where the bead sits. Probably leaking out of there.

  17. geee–thanks scotty Kilmore for recommending this crap—-I use to work at tire shops and I would get dickheads who like to use this crap—there is even other variations of it and I seen a couple where it is very sticky and can barely get the tire off the wheel cause it stuck—-yet they still come in wanting to fix there tire cause it is going flat—then when I take it off I get crap all over me–on top of this then I have to clean all the crap out cause you cant exactly patch a tire with this bullshit in there—–only got paid like .2 to fix a tire and just makes more work for less money—from my point of view—–this is the dumbiest product of all time and only idiots buy this

  18. I've never used fix a flat but have used tire slime.   Used it once in an old truck tire and it just doesn't work.  As someone else said on here, when I took it to a tire shop to get it fixed properly, they charged extra to scrape all that crap out.  Have used it in atv tires too, again just doesn't work.  The only tire it actually worked in and the only type I would use it in again would be a lawnmower tire.

  19. Tire guys HATE this stuff. It works…for a quick fix. But so does changing to a spare or donut & going to the shop.
    We only use this as a last resort for our vehicles.
    We were camping once and a can was run over and EXPLODED all over our jeep. We still have spots of that crap. It takes oven cleaner to remove it.
    And it can build up in one side of tire and cause balance issues.
    Emergencies only.

  20. The old formula worked and was permanent. But like he said, the main ingredient made it flammable. The new formula is no longer permanent and it freezes if the weather is cold enough. I try not to use the new stuff unless I absolutely have to

  21. 1) Full-size spare, inflated, always in trunk.
    2) $30 air pump from Harbor Freight, also in trunk.
    3) Tire plugging kit, in trunk.
    4) Both belts (not timing, though), conditioned, in trunk.
    5) 1.5 ton HF jack for $59, in trunk.
    6) $8 HF breaker bar, slides in to handles of jack.

    This, and a small amount of tools, will get you back on the road in 20min or less. Total weight is under 100lbs, including the spare tire and jack.

  22. We're using sealants in tubeless bike tires now, seems to work pretty well but for my car, I tend to avoid them and just have good tires on all the time. Our newer cars have spares but I know some newer cars like my sons Volt does't have room for a spare. Yikes! That would make me nervous on a long trip.

  23. My understanding is that on the old metal rims the fix a flat can rust/rot the rim out in the long term. I don't know about the alloy rims.

  24. I went to Walmart hoping to be hired as a mechanic. When they asked me do I have e any experience. I told them "Yes, and I got all my experience and knowledge about cars from Scotty's Channel on YouTube. Walmart hired me on the spot. Thanks Scotty!!!!

  25. I used it once, made a mess inside and tire shop charged me additional for the cleanup. Now I just carry a tire compressor that connects to cigarette lighter, inflate tire and quickly take it to a tire shop.

  26. About 5 years ago I was up in Crystal Lake, CO and on my ride down the mountain, I heard a loud hissing. Had a hole in the rear drivers tire tread so big I could put my finger into it. Put in a big can of fix-a-flat and ran it hard to get the tire hot. Made it into town easily. I keep 2 cans in the Jeep now. Didn't see anyone else all day on the trail so I was happy/lucky.

  27. He's wrong! You should NOT use this product on any highway driven vehicle. It will clump up inside your tire and throw it out of balance making your vehicle less save at highway speeds.

  28. First of all, when you change tires, you always do it in pair, left and right. So changing 3 tires is totally retarded!

  29. In my country, tire shops use this to rescue tires that had a lot of punctures; they use plug kits to fix punctures all the time ( you can ask them to patch it from inside but it's more expensive and time consuming and not all shops offer that)

  30. As a les schwab tire employee: Don't use it if you can avoid it! the chemicals are pretty toxic and can be bad for us tire guys! also, if your wheel has a chrome finish, the fix a flat can cause a lot of corrosion on your wheel. it can lead to leaks occurring down the road between the rim and bead of the tire. this can be a headache for both us (tire guys) and you because you have to keep coming back to the shop to get the inner edge of the rim polished and sealed again. just please use in emergency situations only!

  31. I've seen someone try to use it and the stuff went everywhere!

    I keep my spare pumped up, I carry the right tools to change a tire, and just change a tire when I get a flat.

  32. The acidic versions will eat your wheels depending on the metal compilation. Some eat the tires as well over time. Definitely not a long run fix, intended as a emergency fix.

  33. I used fix a flat on my tire and it didn't work the stuff came out on the side of the rim and didn't inflate the tire a little.

  34. Scotty, you have a great youtube channel. But I have to disagree on using Fix a Flat without hearing the bad side of it. First of, if you have a flat, see if you can inflate the tire and drive to the nearest tire store and see if they can fix it. Also using fix a flat makes the tire unfixable when you apply the patch. because the chemical of the fix a flat makes it hard for the tire patch to stick. I spoke with a goodyear employee and he said the worst thing you can do to a tire is use fix a flat. If you do use fix a flat you may render your tire not able to be fixed under the manufacturer's warranty.

  35. Just in case you haven't pumped your tyres in 5 years don't worry use fix a flat… haha just come across this guy his so funny love it. Cheers mate I'm off to fix me flat tyre lol

  36. The can says 3 days or 100 miles. Just saying. Since their seems to be some confusion about it being used as an actual fix. I mean, maybe a small hole may last. But definitely not supposed to.

  37. The last few times I used it the product didn't work for me. It just dripped out if the hole. It was like it couldn't seal fast enough. I wish I could find this green product I used once. I thought it was green slime but it wasn't, but it plugged my hole fast

  38. My guy, I'm 20 seconds in and I had to stop and like because you've got me engaged and listening like it was nothing.

    Keep it up.

  39. It worked so good for me that when I put new tires on 23,000 since fix a flat The tire guy goes you used fix a flat.. Oh crap yeah I forgot about 24,000 ago for a screw. He laughed he goes that stuff does work but depends on the size of the hole.. Yup

  40. Does it throw it out of balance? I got an inside (new patch) leak and I don't want to break it down again. Can I use This to finish of the job or do I need to get this stuff cleaned out soon?

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