Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers calling customer “dumb as shit” w/ “just bump it” alignment

Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers calling customer “dumb as shit” w/ “just bump it” alignment

M1: Bump it. M2: yea, I know, I just gotta.. I can’t just
bump it and pull it around 30 seconds later M1: inaudible M1: inaudible M2: Give it a couple minutes.. M1: ..just leaving it sit, so..
M2: I forgot it was just advised and he don’t know any better. For all he knows, its just
fucking regular old tie rods M1: yea, he’s dumb as shit.
M2: Bump It.. M1: It’s already bumped?
M2: yea, its bumped. Its already done. I wasn’t planning on setting this sumbitch I’m just
just seeing how crooked the steering wheel is. M2: Cause toe is technically fine. The steering wheel was off. M1: How off? M2: Mmmmmm…. a little bit

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  1. If toe was fine and steering was off only a little bit, this report seems bogus:

  2. Eric,

    Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. The technician who conducted this alignment is no longer employed with us. We do not tolerate these practices at any of our locations and truly apologize for the service you received. I believe we've been in contact with you in an effort to make things right. We'd like the opportunity to earn back your trust, but understand if you choose otherwise.

    Thank you again for bringing this to our attention.

    Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers, Corporate

  3. Dear Steve @ Dobbs… I'm confused. Your statement of "I believe we've been in contact with you.." is not accurate. I called you. You didn't call me. We both agreed to meet tomorrow (5/3/2016) at 8a. I guess your intention is to make things right but I haven't been told that by anyone at Dobbs. Your post is what is referred to in public relations as "spin".

  4. In the early 2000's, I brought my dodge caravan in in a dobbs in St. Louis, MO for what felt like spongy brakes. Several days later after it was "fixed" my brakes failed on I-64/40 in rush hour traffic by not stopping at all. it's scary when your foot goes to the floor when you press your brakes. I took out 2 cars ahead of me and totaled my van. Dobbs asked me to drive the van in again and have it checked out for free. It was no longer drivable with a caved in front end in a friend's yard. He bought the vechile and fixed it up; He showed me the master brake cylinder with 3 of the 4 rubber expansion seals spilt. It's all water under the bridge now but I refuse to go to a dobbs again.

  5. I stopped using Dobbs 4 years ago after using them for 20+ years…..for this same type of shit.

  6. Just to set the record straight, I was calling the RSM up front "dumb as shit". Not the customer. And the manager, Steve Tatalovich, encouraged bumping sensors to sell alignments. He made that very clear to everyone doing alignments.

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