– Okay guys, remember
this a 12 pound truck. I wanna see how the paddle tires do with the added drag of the outboard motor. And then we’ll add the
power of the outboard to see how it does overall. So viewer requested, I actually was asked if paddle tires would actually
do this truck justice. This is the Toybota. I did
cross the scale channel all the way across the pond
with the outboard motor. But in the very first
episode, the maiden voyage, we saw the truck power itself back with just these stock tires. Now these are 1.9 sized
with aluminum bead-locks. You guys can see here that I
ordered 1.9 sized sand tires, gonna mount them up on
aluminum bead-locks as well. I wanna see if these paddle
tires actually make it across. I’m gonna take the outboard motor off on the back to reduce the weight. And I wanna see how well
this actually works. Always wanna sure that the
tires direction is always proper to when you’re putting the
actual wheel on the inside. Remember with paddle tires
one side does not fit all. You wanna make sure that the
direction is the right way. Bead-locks go on the
inside, starts with a ring. This is the inner ring that will actually hold the bead of the tire. Just wanna make sure that
the bead lip is on proper. Flip it over making sure
the bead is lined up well, plus the foams are also seated. Gonna put that bead-lock ring
just on the inside as well. You can see it just seating perfectly. You never need to cinch down
the first two all the way. You just kinda want to get them started so you can start the other screws as well. You’ll notice that I started on one side and I’ve kinda done a star
pattern so opposite sides. I started here, immediately
to the other side, then a 1/4 way, immediately
to the other side and then I’ll be going up here. The reason I’m doing a
star pattern like that is so I can get equal
torque on all of the screws and I have an equal cinch all
the way around that bead rim. Just going around the
outside cause you’ll see the actual first screw
I have here, even though I’m doing the 2nd tire
here, kind of magic of TV. You’ll see it’s actually
loose and the reason why is ’cause each one of these screws that goes down after the first one, kinda cinches that lip
down that much more. So you wanna go in once every few runs, make sure your bead-locks
are done up properly. I wanna make sure this is nice and tight for the water crossing. I’m gonna be running on 3s
LiPo which is 11.1 volts. Removing that back outboard
motor will remove quite a bit of weight so I’m actually
wondering how this is actually gonna float in the water. I imagine fairly flat
and I wonder what kind of speed we’re gonna get out of it. Alright mini-me you’re all
strapped in good luck buddy. Your steering wheel is still going to work which will control the front
tires all on their own. Your outboard motor is now gone make sure to have your head up
pointed straight forward. The water cannon which is expelling water from the back here is on-demand. It goes through a pump,
slurps all the water from the back tray into this pump here and shoots it out of the
water cannon 14 feet. Now in 1/10 scale if I
was to multiply that, that would be a 140 scale feet so (laughs) plenty of power to get
the water outta here. My friends, we’ve taken
off all the weight. Right now she must weigh about, I’m gonna have to say about
seven and half pounds. Everything’s charged
up, let’s go the pond. I have no idea if this is
gonna be even worth it, but if I don’t try, I won’t know. (engine starts) (engine whirring) Alright 3s LiPo let’s
go. (electric motor revs) It’s in low gear right
now, with a 40 turn motor it will be a very slow crossing
but I think we should try and test it out in the canal which is actually a moving body of water. Everything should be good to go, and it should be able to
drive right into the water. Let’s see how this goes.
(electric motor revs) There we are, floating. Whoa, a little bit of a slip. Let’s see here I’m gonna have
to have some real traction if you can say that in the water. Look at this, the paddle
tires are working. But I definitely have a
little bit of a problem. The problem being is that
I’m also again starting to plow into the water. Very interesting when I
don’t have the outboard motor on the back to help it stay
stable, that it plows like that. (muted engine whirring) (laughs) You can see with the weight
of the outboard motor though, it may actually help
with these paddle tires. Because it does have the
flotation, it does have the speed. Check it out, look at this. But it’s plowing more than anything. See that hood, trying
to go under the water. Not too bad, this is
basically maximum speed. There’s crawler speed, and
then high speed if you will. So paddle tires may help in the overall propulsion of this truck
but I wonder if the weight of the outboard motor on the back is really something that we do need. So let’s go back and actually
put the outboard motor back on there and see if we can get a different test result
with that extra weight. (engine revs) Under there, over on
top, slide it into place. One screw through, now I gotta remember in the last video I did
where I crossed the channel or the water pond really is what it is, or a scale 1/10 size channel, I actually had to have the
motor a little bit lower so I could plane a little better. But not too low because then I’d have that same plowing issue we just saw. So I want to have it angled
up, just a little bit. Not a lot of wind today
so we should be able to maneuver the waves pretty well. (door closes) (engine revs) For those that are just
joining us this is the Toybota. (loud motor whirring) So I got a good charge on that battery. Now the paddle tires
should give me the power plus the additional weight
of the motor on the back and the propulsion, it might
even this out pretty nicely. We’ll see how we do. Beautiful calm day to get out,
float around a little bit. Let’s head her into the water. (engine whirring) Beautiful, instantly floating. ‘Kay so one of the things I notice about the paddle tires themselves, is if you go too fast, again
it starts spitting water into the back box. Check it out. And that’s okay I’ve
got the pump back there, I’m not too worried about it. But again, is it worth it, for the amount of work my batteries would have to do to have the paddle tires? Though it is moving
faster than it did before with just the scale tires
would we all agree on that? We saw that in the first maiden
attempt in the first voyage. So I’m gonna bring it back
let’s have a look and see how much water is in the back tray just from that small journey. (engine dies) There is a bit back there
let’s see if the pump will actually filter it out for us. (pump whirring) Yeah it does. (laughs) This is how I purge the
back bed of any water. So there is a problem of paddle tires you can only go so fast at the moment until I build some rear fender flares. And then I’ll be able to use
those paddle tires at full bore until then, I may actually
have a sinking problem. But I don’t care I think we should try and do a channel crossing
anyway or a pond crossing. (engine whirring) That outboard motor is so cool. So constant velocity again guys. Let’s get her goin’. Not too bad, I definitely
could use a front bow design. I know everyone suggested that already so thank you for your input, I agree. But in true Top Gear form
guys, this is just too cool. Around the reeds. Now I guess the true test
that I came out here for even though I got excited and forgot, was, what if I add paddle power now? There it is. It’s definitely going faster guys. Whoa, look at that! Oh yeah! Right out onto the beach. And then I can back out again. Let’s get her in position
so it’s floating well and then I can get going. (engine whirring) (scats) It’s got a long ways to go because it’s gonna start right there. So I’m gonna put us up on a tripod, well I guess I can do it one-handed. Let’s see here, constant velocity. (engine whirring) So it’s going too fast, okay. I wonder if we’re ever gonna
see this machine again. Let’s start the pump. (pump whirring) Yeah definitely pumping water out. Not too much though. ‘Kay let’s get in on there again. Again captaining with one
hand, filming with the other. It is far over there, can I
even see it in the camera? There it is, I’m gonna
have to turn it around and start bringing it here ’cause the zoom doesn’t work that far. (engine whirring) Totally awesome. Whoa I think I’m plowing
a little bit too much so let’s turn on that pump. Whoa! Out of control. That’s okay takin’ it nice and slow. This is crazy for you guys,
I can’t believe you guys out here doing this with me. I gotta zoom back on
the camera a little bit so you can see exactly how far away this is I’m trying to pilot the boat. Whoa, kinda wants to capsize
a little bit there I noticed. I wonder if I’ve taken
on quite a bit of water. (engine whirring) Turning on the pump, yeah
I can see we’re spritzing out some water for sure oh I see one of the pontoons might be
completely underwater. I don’t want to get any water
into that outboard engine just like any usual outboard engine you don’t wanna get water into it. Just kinda puttering along here. Looks like we were able
to eject some water and we’re getting, there’s
some more water right there. (laughs) Will you look at all the
water we’d actually taken on? It’s still purging water. That’s quite a bit so while
it was far away I guess I had too much throttle power going and I took on a ton of water. That’s okay it makes for
good onboard footage. I’ll turn the pump off, looks like there is no more
water to be pumped out. Still under constant velocity
I’m gonna zoom the camera back so you can see where we’re at. That’s a Toyota Land Cruiser
1/10 scale my friends, 12 pounds of radio control
amphibious vehicle. Come on that’s gotta earn me
a like, click, and a share. Hey what do you think? Outboard power I do have
about 13 videos thus far about building this truck
and the different missions we’ve had with it so far. I know any builder, roboticist,
or heck just anybody who’s interested in this kind of tech, there you go a floating
truck with an outboard motor. Amazing, a little jittery,
a little bit far away too. Let’s get you back down to the beach and we can drive this thing back in. Again the farthest point I could find. We’re totally gonna
get to shore over here. Now if I turn it off, outboard is off. Propulsion is all in the paddle tires. Gotta be careful here. I think we were all
surprised in the beginning when the stock tires had actually… (laughs) Look at this! The paddle
tires actually sunk! And yet the back, gotta
be very careful here. That’s a win, okay. Pump’s not workin’. (engine revs) Paddle tires and prop power wins. Check it out, so those paddle tires though they are very effective
they do throw quite a bit of water up the sides so
I’ll have to make some sort of fender flares to protect it. But there you go my friends, the Toybota for the 2nd time making a
huge journey all the way across the pond for you guys. Hopefully you’re entertained,
thank you so much for tuning in I hope we got a like,
click, a comment down below. What do you think of this
hair-brained project? Did you follow all-along or
this your very first episode of the Toybota or RC adventures? My friends, we’ll see
you in the next episode. Get outside and have fun
with the hobby of RC. You know I do. (engine whirring) As a side note for all those wondering even though this kind of
like an after-show thought, everyone was wondering what would happen if it completely filled up. There it is, full in the back. Motor basically underwater,
everything waterproof and fine. The only thing that really happens when we have a full back tray, is that it maneuvers so
much better. (laughs) Turns on a dime and
those flotation pontoons, they’re awesome. Come on back to shore buddy. Look at this, plowing perfectly. (tires skidding water) Ah, power, there you go. Gotta do it the right way of course. (laughs) (engine whirring)

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