Do a Seasonal Tire Changeover or Tire Swap Recommended Service

Do a Seasonal Tire Changeover or Tire Swap Recommended Service

with the constant change in the weather
it’s important to prepare for whatever nature is gonna throw at you on the road
that’s why we recommend you switch your tires for maximum safety
now there’s two options that you have to keep your vehicle in top shape when the temperatures and the driving conditions change what are those two options now Dave those two options
are a tire swap and a tire change over okay so the difference is? tire changeover consists of one set of wheels and two
sets of rubber okay so winter or fall I could just change the tire rubber yes
all right now the other mentioned there’s a tire swap what does that involve tires swap consists consists of two
sets of rubber and two sets of wheels okay so they’re both mounted and so
depending on the seasonal swap I just swap the wheels that is correct
it’s very quick and easy to do we utilize in the shop a machine that
eliminates the risk of damaging your wheel by using leverless technology so Matt what are the different types of rims sizes and wheels that we can accommodate
the different types are Normal and Reverse the different sizes we can use
are a ten to thirty inch inner diameter of the wheel right and then this outer
diameter including the tire is up to 45 inches okay and I think we can do a
maximum width on that tire as well the 15 inches that’s right so no matter what
you have guys chances are Sherwood Ford is gonna be able to accommodate that for
you it’s virtually impossible to give an exact date and when you should take
action to do a seasonal swap but based on the temperature what would you
recommend we would recommend that you change over onto your winter tires when it’s seven degrees or cooler and then back to your seasonal tires in
the spring when it’s seven degrees or warmer right so just something to keep
in mind so depending on again those temperatures and the driving conditions you can book your appointment online with Sherwood Ford for your tire mount and balance right here at the
dealership thanks very much

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