DIY Marble Concrete & Steel Bar Cart | GFRC | Modern

DIY Marble Concrete & Steel Bar Cart | GFRC | Modern

hey everyone welcome back to Jonny
builds where this week I made a bar cart out of steel and glass fiber reinforced
concrete this is a collaboration I did with my buddy
Mike Clifford from modustrial maker I got to help Mike make a giant lamp from
a reclaimed beam it came out awesome the video to that is over on his channel
make sure you check it out for this project I use a total of 40 foot of 3/4
inch square tube steel and 20 foot of 5/16 steel rod and I got right to work
cutting these down to size I started first with these 30 inch long stretchers
and cut them on my cold cutting metal miter saw and then next I could cut down
the 4 25 inch legs the first thing I’m gonna put together are these two side
frames where the bottom stretcher is inset two inches from the bottom and I
like to weld my frames by making a jig like you see me doing here with this MDF
this just ensures the two sides match up before I got started welding I clean up
all the cut ends with a flap disc now I could load all the pieces into the jig
and get started welding I’m using a MIG welder running argon gas I tacked up the
first side and then flip the workpiece over before running full beads on the
second side then it came back to that first side and ran full beads on it as
well and last I used a flap disk to clean up
the first frame before moving on to the second frame and the process was exactly
the same and sometimes you just got to do
whatever it takes to get in good position for the weld now I can connect
the two side frames with the 16 inch front and back stretchers I modified
my jig and flip the frames over and connected all the pieces I use these
magnets to hold the pieces in place and at 90 degrees after tacking these
pieces in place I came back and welded up the main portion of the frame
assembly the lower shelf is 12 inches wide and sits eight inches off the
bottom of the bar cart and then these shelf supports get welded up to this 21
and a half inch tall upright now I could get started on the enclosure which is
made from the 5/16 rod I knew I wanted something decorative and sort of Art
Deco but I really didn’t know what the design was gonna be until here you see
me just drawing it out figuring out as I go and I’m really pleased with the
design I ended up with I think it looks kind of cool kind of looks like a spider
and then I started cutting down the 5/16 rod to fit the template I really don’t
have exact dimensions I just went based off of the template design
cut everything to match and once I had all the pieces cut I could just start
welding them together piece by piece and I found that the steel rod was easier to
weld than the square tube because it was a thicker material and more forgiving I
didn’t have to worry about burning through it all so I cut these in pieces
a little bit long so I can come back and trimmed them to fit I used a couple pieces
of scrap flat bar as spacers and then welded the spider in place the remaining
5/16 steel rod was used to create these rails that keep items that are on the
bar cart from falling off the handle is made from these three pieces of 3/4 inch
steel to the two side posts are four inches long and have a 45 degree side at
a 90 degree side they get welded to the 16 inch long handle and I also made a
couple end caps that cover up the holes I did this off-camera and then I can
weld the handle to the bar card itself I added shelf supports and four casters
and it was time to take this baby up to Chicago so I got all my stuff packed
loaded up the bar cart and the timber reclaimed beam that I was taking Mike
and started heading north now I’m not exactly sure how far it is from Oklahoma
City to Chicago six miles well it’s a tad further than that when I got to
Chicago we offloaded the reclaim beam I took Mike and we got right to work on
the concrete forms and Mike had this really clever way of creating the
concrete forms that would match the dimensions of my bar cart exactly we cut
down strips of this plastic board that’s the same kind of material that campaign
signs are made out of it was okay if the dimensions of these pieces that we cut
were a little bit off because as you glued them together we would put them to
where they butted all the way up against the inside of the frame and thus
creating a perfect replica of the shape of the inner dimensions and to begin
making the form I cut down strips of melamine that word just a little bit
under an inch wide now that we’ve got our templates made
and our melamine cut we can start putting the forms together we’re just
using double-sided tape to adhere these down to one piece of melamine and this
allowed us to make the top and bottom the two bigger shelves on the same sheet
and then we came back with a little bit of hot glue to reinforce the outside
edges of the forms and again these were super sturdy and strong with the forms
all put together we could apply paste wax to the inside of the form which is
gonna allow the silicone to peel right off once it dries the inside edges of
the form get a bead of silicone all the way around and up the sides and then we
came back with a fondant tool a cake making tool and use that to scrape out
the edges and get a really really nice smooth surface it’s basically like
having a round over on a piece of wood and gives a nice clean edge to that
finished concrete top we left the silicone to cure overnight and then came
back the next day and peeled up all the excess it’s important to find out who
has the fastest skills at peeling silicone and Mike just barely beat me
barely and like always the loser of the silicone race has to Don the silicone
moustache the paste wax works great to make sure the silicone doesn’t stick to
the form but you have to clean it all out with mineral spirits before you
actually pour the concrete the majority of the work when using GF RC is the prep
work that takes place building the forms and getting everything ready but once
you actually start mixing the concrete everything goes pretty fast and you’ve
got to be prepared we mixed up a small batch of concrete and before adding the
glass fibers we pulled out a couple cups and add a black pigment to one of them
to use for the marble effect in a little bit then we came back and added glass
fibers to that first batch that we made using the black pigment in concrete we
set aside earlier we added it to the top of the form and swirled it around to
create sort of a marble once we have the desired marble like
look that we were going for we came back with the glass fiber reinforced concrete
and pressed it down into the forums and making sure to get it in all the corners
we started working on the other two forms using the same technique of first
putting in the black pigment and concrete swirling it around to make it
look like marble and then coming back and packing in that glass fiber
reinforced mix got in behind it making sure to get it in all the corners and
patting down the top of the form smooth after 36 hours we came back with this
diamond grinding disc and smooth out the bottom of the form and began the D
molding process to get it out of the form we just broke away the edges that
were taped down cut away the silicone that was left and then flip the piece
over for the big reveal and man it looked awesome we popped the other two
concrete shelves out of their forms did a little bit of wet sanding to get the
surface smooth and then finished it with a concrete sealer I couldn’t be more
pleased with the way these marble concrete shelves turned out they’re
super unique and they really make the bar cart standout so a big shout out to
mike Clifford for having me up in the shop and doing this collaboration now I took
the bar cart outside and sanded everything down and use some acetone to
clean all the steel to get it ready for paint I’m using Montana gold spray paint
through this bar cart and I started first with a couple coats of the primer
I then hit it with a couple coats of Montana and gold copper colored spray
paint which makes it really stand out against those white concrete marble tops
I added the shelves to the bar car and used clear silicone to attach the table
top and the two shelves this stuff is plenty strong to hold everything in
place and I can just cut it away if I need to
pack it up and move it at some okay man that’s it Cheers yeah hey
thanks for checking this one out now I really like the way this bar cart turned
out the marbleized look of the concrete and the way it contrasts with the copper
or painted steel it’s very eye-catching to me
so Mike sort of specializes in this type of concrete glass fiber reinforced
concrete now Mike can you tell us a little bit more about the benefits of
GFR C sure well you’re looking at a couple of them right now one because
it’s so strong you can make it really thin we made these about three-quarters
of interest’ dick which kept this bar perk down to about 75 pounds of total
the other benefit here that you’re seeing is incredibly smooth surface that
pops right out of the form and just a few seconds of sanding it’s ready to go
if you want to know more I’ve got a bunch of videos using it over on my
channel so that’s there if you need it yeah make sure you check out this
channel thanks Mike I really appreciate that man thanks for coming out I hope
you guys really enjoyed this video let me know what you think down in the
comments below if you like this video make sure you hit that thumbs up and
make sure you check out the beam light that we made over on my channel if you
haven’t already make sure you subscribe to the channel he’s got some really cool
project and you also got of course make sure you subscribe and bell
Jonny Builds so thanks for checking this one out and we’ll see you back here next

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  1. The whole time you were welding the cart I was thinking "Is he putting the copper pipe on top of this somehow?" It took me way too long to realize what was going on. Hahaha

  2. On this one, I knew I could hit the like button before watching 🙂 I knew the bar cart was awesome,and the video came out amazing….I think it is your best editing job yet!

  3. It's stunning, that method with the cement is cool. You guys could have worked in something metallic or sparkling in the cement to make it lock more like an interesting stone, it would resemble a vain of crystal. I love the design on the sides of the cart!

  4. That's totally how I look when I need to wear a tie! Love the design work on the enclosure, the whole project looks really cool. Great lines!

  5. Really nice work and inspiring. I always think we are better when we collaborate. Gonna build something similar very soon! Thanks!

  6. Rad! Dig that art deco vibe. The concrete tops kind of remind me of a Rorschach test, I'll spare you from hearing what I saw.

  7. Dude!! You’re from okc too!!! I knew mike from modern builds was but you also!!!! 🤗 eventually y’all will have to do some kind of maker thing here! Can I rsvp my tickets now lol… also, very cool cart!

  8. Nice build! Definitely recommend getting a steel cutting blade instead of the multipurpose blade for the evo saw

  9. Awesome project! One thing I think you should have done differently is to conceal the nuts and bolts of the casters, mostly because you have a really high quality product here but you have $3 of hardware showing.

  10. I finally got a chance to watch this and it looks fantastic, Jonny! I love the color you chose for the base and you did a great job explaining it all. Great video and build!

  11. This is absolutely beautiful! Whenever I get around to trying my hand at welding, this will be in the back of my mind. Amazing what you can do with a really clean and simple design!

  12. The metal work looks super cool but, why not just get real marble from a stone yard? It's not that much marble. It can't be that expensive. Real marble looks so much better.

  13. Great build,
    Here is Mike's channel.
    I kept looking for the link to Mike's channel and finally saw it as a tiny block at the very end of the video.
    Perhaps put it as text in the description?
    Cross sharing is a great way to build membership, but only if we can find the link.

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