DIY HARVESTRIGHT Freeze Dryer Cart for $60–Room For all Your Gear

DIY HARVESTRIGHT Freeze Dryer Cart for $60–Room For all Your Gear

hey guys retired at 40 if you’ve been
watching my videos you’ve noticed that I’ve had kind of a temporary setup for
my freeze dryer in the garage but it’s really become more of a permanent or
semi-permanent location for it and it’s been out in the garage and to be honest
it really sucks it’s not the ideal place for a freeze dryer for a lot of reasons
so I think today I’ve found a good solution it’s inexpensive it’s durable
it can hold all the weight it’ll elevate the freeze dryer up so it’s chest level
and it’ll give you room to store all of your goodies that you use for freeze
drying so when I started planning out this video I had every intention to
build a cart from scratch but between trying to fix up the house and get it
ready to sell in six months because we’re retiring in six months and the
multitude of other projects that I have I decided it’d be best just to find
something that I could buy especially if it was affordable with that being said
today’s video will be a test and review at the same time because our destination
today is known for questionable quality at times
I know what you’re thinking harbor freight junk made in China but they actually do
have some stuff it’s pretty good quality especially for the price and I’m hoping
that’s the case for this so the price on this is $59.99 and Harbor Freight you
can almost always find a 10% off or a $10 off or a $20 off coupon if this is
rated for 450 pounds we’ll be the judge of that
but 450 pounds should be plenty even with the freeze dryer the extra gear
that goes with it the pump the extra oil extra water if it’s draining into the
into the cart another thing that I thought was pretty cool is it comes in a
couple different colors and they’re actually harvest right colors so this
one being black my machine is black they also come in red I’m gonna get this put
together and see what our quality is like so assembly is really
straightforward it’s basically just four bolts and four nuts on each of these
corners and the hardest part about the assembly is really just getting it
squared up everything else is a pretty cut-and-dry and I forgot to mention
earlier the dimensions of this cart are 24 by 36 so that gives you plenty of
room to get the freeze dryer on there be able to move it around and adjust it and
extra room for all your goodies this also comes with another thing that
was a necessity for me and that’s casters to be able to move this thing
around one of the worse things about the harvest right is that it’s so big and
heavy and it’s great to be able to move it around if you need to all right all done took me about 20 20
to 25 minutes one thing that I noticed that I really like is down where the
casters are at the steel is actually double layered just to kind of bulk it
up a little bit because this top layer is not real real it’s not real real
thick so since it can hold allegedly 450 pounds that should have no problem
holding me look ma no hands to prevent serious injury and property damage do
not ride or climb on cart so this did hold me obviously but this top layer is
steel is a little bit flimsy and I think just because of the heft of the harvest
right I think I would probably cut out a piece of plywood just to kind of bulk it
up just a little bit in the center the next thing I want to do is drill a
hole in that piece of plywood and then eventually I’m gonna drill one in the
cart as well so this tube can actually go down through the cart and I can put a
bucket on the lower shelf that will catch all the water during the defrost
cycle I think five inches from the corner it should be plenty and I’m gonna
do five inches from the back as well perfect it makes it lot stronger we got
a hole so we can drain water down through and next I need to figure out
how to get through this metal so I’m going to mark the center and I see if a
tungsten carbide bit will go through cool so you’ll notice that the hole is
quite a bit bigger than it needs to be it’s actually because I’m gonna run my
power through here also so if I ever need to put an extension cord or
anything on here and then the constant extension cord can just sit in the tray
down here and everything gives you a nice clean look it makes everything one
unit now that I know everything fits I’m going to sand everything down I’m going
to smooth out all of the corners and edges and then I’m gonna put a layer of
tung oil so I’m also going to build a shelf for
the pump to sit on so it’ll sit up like this and that way when you’re doing your
oil changes you’re it’s already elevated you can set a bowl under here and it
will actually just drain right into the bowl so in order to build our platform
we need a piece that’s twelve by six two pieces that are ten and a half by five
and a quarter and then two pieces that are six by five and a quarter and then
we’re gonna nail these all together we’re gonna put our top on and that
gives us our shelf all right now I’m gonna stand this down and put a coat of
tung oil on this as well alright there’s that I’m gonna let this dry and then
we’re gonna gather everything in test fit
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also leave me a comment down below I always love hearing from the community I
love hearing tips I love hearing how things turned out for you I think I’m going to use this extra
space to put a power strip in here so this wouldn’t necessarily need to sit up
on here all the time but there’s enough space that you can actually put it
behind or in front of the pump while that’s running but then afterwards you
can push it back you can push the pump forward on the pedestal you can open up
the drain and drain your used oil right into a container you’ve also got tons of
room for all of your accessories your oil your filters your oil pans your
sealers your mylar bag I keep a fan on my pump at all times and of course a
bucket to drain your water into during the defrost cycle I think that about
wraps it up I think it’ll be real slick the next time I use it I can’t wait to
use it again I think it’s going to make the process a whole lot faster it’s
always nice having everything at chest level so you don’t have to bend down to
work with stuff it’s nice having all of your stuff in
one area and it’s nice to be able to move it around
so overall the cart for 60 bucks totally worth it it’s it’s plenty sturdy
especially if you put this plywood piece down here in the meantime this is retired
at 40 remember to live life simple and we’ll catch you next week

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  1. Should I get the oil less pump. Been considering buying one. Didn’t know what maintenance is needed. Haven’t seen a video on what maintenance is needed with one. Have seen Facebook posts where they said alcohol was needed to flush something

  2. Great little cart. I would note that with the pump it draws 15 Amos or more. You will need a heavy duty extension cord. The power bars and normal power vars or construction style cords will have circuit breakers that pop much lower than thar. My pump currently pops the house breaker on the circuit I was using and I needed such a cord to reach another circuit.

  3. I have a red one and we had to put a plywood cover on it and is is still not real steady but it works well as long as it is still for freeze drying. My bucket won't fit n the bottom shelf and it is hard to get it out if it did. My room I have it is in small so my situation is different than yours. I am thinking of getting a kitchen cabinet for the base and putting wheels on it.

  4. I just checked on my cart and it is different than yours. Mine has 2 shelves and is narrower, they must not have had the one you bought when we got this one. I like yours much better and may look for one like it.

  5. I would rethink the surge protector bar being on the cart, last year my fd was defrosting water on my cart to the point of me having to put it in a tray, if you have electric on the cart & that happens you will really be sorry you didn't make other arrangements.

  6. Screw a low wooden flange on each side of your pump mount and widen the base a bit (think saw horse). I live in earthquake country and clumsy people occupy the bell curve of humans. Another idea is make the wood hole slightly smaller than the metal hole so there is no chance of an edge abrading the power cord or drain line.
    Your time is more valuable than the cost of the cart. Most of us don't assemble our own cars either.

  7. I just subscribed to your videos today it was great to see your newest video we are in the process of getting one in the near future both you and Epicenter Bryon have great input on them looking foreward to seeing your next video

  8. I have the same cart. Have had it for a few years. It was recommended to me to put the top shelf upside down. I did. It has been working fine. Usually have the pump on a separate small table next to the cart unless I am moving it around.

  9. Good to know that this is available and works!! Thanks for sharing! Two things though…I still consider myself new to the freeze drying game so take this with a grain of salt lol….. I thought surge protectors were a no no with the Harvest Right? Although, I could see a use for the surge protector if you are using it for your vacuum sealing in the machine. Secondly, I thought people have found that the pump should be lower than the machine? I personally don't have the option to lower mine since everything is on my kitchen counter so I figure make sure there is a good curve in the hose to help prevent the oil backup. Thanks again for sharing the find on this affordable and useful cart!

  10. Indeed – in a garage can be too hot for the dryer to operate efficiently. They are designed to run in temperatures between 35 and 85 F. Unfortunately the garage is the only place I have to set mine up. I found that in the heat of the summer here in the desert southwest it can get to 125 F in my garage. I had to build a custom air moving system to draw air from the house through the dryer and return to the house. It keeps the internal temperature just at 85 F in the heat of summer.
    I used 2X4's to build a work station with lower shelf 34X51 at countertop height. 3/4 inch thick laminate counter top. I wish I could up load pictures. I have plenty of work space and storage. Plus when water spills from defrosting and cleaning the chamber and rack I don't mind if it gets on the floor. I just throw down a rag to sop it up.
    The lower shelf is just at the right level for the oil less pump to sit below the dryer right next to the old stock pot I use to drain the water into. I suspended a second shelf 34X24 between the top and bottom shelf for storing Mylar bags and such.Even though the pump runs quiet – I don't hear the dryer or pump running from inside the house. I do have a fan to blow across the pump to help circulate air even though it runs at 130 F. Everything is powered from the twin 20 amp circuits I ran from the service panel (I have the large dryer) with a switch and power outlet mounted on the table side air box to run the very quiet bathroom fan I mounted in the wall for cool air draw. Overall I'm very happy with how things turned out.
    Everything gets cleaned and sanitized before and after each batch. Since I run my dryer almost 24/7 I don't have to wheel it in and out of the room. I like having a permanent work station setup.
    It would be nice to hear from others and how they set up their dryers. I know many people use a cart and I'm sure there are many creative solutions people have come up with and it would be fun to hear about it.
    Enjoy your freeze dryers folks. It is a growing community.

  11. Hello, I've been watching freeze dryer videos alot.
    And I'm very interested in buying it but I live in an apartment, can I have one in an apartment? Or do I need a house ?

  12. I got the same one. only thing I did differently is I turned the upper tray over with the flat on top and sides down. Did the wood just like you with a few screws from underneath. Will be adding the hole good idea.

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