Disney PRINCESS Ariel and  Princess with Giant Egg Surprise

Disney PRINCESS Ariel and Princess with Giant Egg Surprise

– [Voiceover] Guys, Naiah and Elli fell asleep in the ball pit. But look! Their fairy godmother left them a giant surprise egg with Disney princess. Let’s see if we can
wake Naiah and Elli up. (balls shifting) Hey guys! Naiah, Elli, wake up!
(screaming) – Hey, a gift! – Thanks, fairy godmother! – [Voiceover] Naiah and Elli Show. – [Naiah] Elli, you messed it up! – So here’s Princess Jasmine. – Yeah. – [Voiceover] We have Princess Jasmine. – Ooh, look, her hair! – [Voiceover] Bye-bye, Jasmine! Woohoo! – It’s Princess–
– Princess Ariel! – [Voiceover] It’s Ariel! Hi, little Ariel! – [Naiah] Goodbye, Ariel!
(laughter) Tinkerbell! – [Voiceover] It’s Tinkerbell! Do you have her crown? Come put her crown on her head. – [Elli] Tinkerbell, you
can’t forget your crown. She’s a princess? – [Voiceover] She’s a princess today. Look at Tink’s shoes! – [Elli] He can fly. – [Voiceover] Bye-bye, Tinkerbell! (screaming) Elsa! Hi, Elsa! – Goodbye, Queen Elsa! This time I got Rapunzel. (screeches) Look, her hair! – [Voiceover] It’s Rapunzel! – [Naiah] And look how long this hair. Goodbye, Rapunzel. – I got Princess Anna. – [Voiceover] Who’s this?
– [Elli] Princess Anna. – [Voiceover] Princess Anna! You look so cute, Anna! Look at your little freckles. – [Elli] Wait, what? – [Naiah] Goodbye, Anna. Princess Belle! Princess Belle! – [Voiceover] Princess Belle! – [Naiah] Ooh, look at her little crown. – [Voiceover] And she has a little crown. Bye-bye, Belle! Who’s that, Elli? – [Elli] Princess Beauty. – [Voiceover] Sleeping Beauty! Her name is also Aurora. You have a Sleeping Beauty dress. – [Elli] Hey, where’s his crown? We have to get his crown. – [Voiceover] She has her crown now. – [Naiah & Elli] Bye, Sleeping Beauty. – [Voiceover] Who’s this, Naiah? – [Naiah] I think it’s Cinderella. – [Voiceover] Cinderella! Naiah, you’re dressed like Cinderella! – Well, thank you! Goodbye, Cinderella! Snow White! – [Voiceover] Elli, who’s that? – [Elli] Snow White. – [Voiceover] Snow White! (unintelligible) Hi, Snow White!
– [Elli] Yeah. – [Voiceover] Bye-bye, Snow White! – Bye, guys, thanks for watching! And make sure to subscribe. – [Voiceover] Bye, guys! Oh, thank you, Batman. (kissing noises) – [Voiceover] Naiah and Elli Show. – [Naiah] Elli, you messed it up! – I’ve got a very evil, I mean nice gift, for Elli and Naiah. It’s from Belle, not the joker. (evil laughter) (doorbell ringing) – Oh, it’s a very nice gift from Princess Belle and her pet. I wonder what she sent us. (screaming) Whoa, it’s shaking all by itself! Let’s open it on the count of three. One, two, three! (screaming) She sent us a giant snake! – A giant? (screaming) (treacherous music) (screaming) (treacherous music) (screaming) (treacherous music) (screaming) (treacherous music) (screaming) (screaming) – Someone please help us! (tires screeching) – Did someone say “help?” Hey, who needs help out there? – [Elli] The snake’s trying to eat us! – I hear a little girl. Let me go save her! (bouncing noise) (screaming) (bouncing noise) (hitting noise) – Oh, Batman, please
don’t hurt me anymore. Please, please! I really didn’t meant it. – Hmm, but you tried
to kidnap those girls. – No, I didn’t try to kidnap the girls. The Joker made me do it. I’m really a nice guy, even
though I’m a giant snake. – That Joker, he’s always up to no good. Well, if you’re really a nice guy, if I take the net off, do you promise never to do any evil things again? – I promise, I promise! Please just take the
net off my head, please! – Alright, here we go. I’m gonna take it off. – Oh, Batman, thank you so much. Oh, I feel so good now. I promise, I’m gonna be a good guy no matter what anyone says to me, okay? I won’t do bad things, and that mean ol’ Joker, he’s just not a good guy. – You better be good,
because if you’re not, I will hunt you down. – Thank you, Batman. – Thank you, Batman. You’re the best doo-doo
with creamed butter. – Oh, thank you, Batman.
(kissing noises) – If you ever kiss me again, I’m gonna put a net back on you. – [Voiceover] Naiah and Elli Show. – [Naiah] Elli, you messed it up! (laughing) – [Voiceover] Hi Naiah, hi Elli. – Hi.
– Hi. – Oh my goodness! This is so… We got Anna and Elsa
and Rapunzel and Ariel and Belle and we got Jasmine
and we got Cinderella. (light techno music) – Merida! I got Merida! – [Voiceover] Oh, I’m so
happy to be out of that box! Thank you so much, now my hair is free. – No, thank you, I– – [Voiceover] Don’t you dare
throw me in that ball pit! What? I can’t understand you, your
accent’s a little different. You hurt me so much, no, no, no! Who did you get, Naiah? – [Elli] Tiana.
– Princess Tiana. – [Voiceover] Tiana! – From the movie The
Princess and the Frog. – [Voiceover] Wait,
has anyone seen Naveen? Naveen?! You’re not Naveen. You’re Naiah. Oh, Tiana, we know where Naveen is. You do? Darlin’, please tell me. He’s right here in this ball pit. What? No! – [Elli] Pocahontas. – [Voiceover] Pocahontas! Look at her hair. – [Elli] He’s from the movie. – [Voiceover] That’s right. I’m trying to find the magic tree. The tree of life. Oh, we know where the tree of life is! Where? Please tell me. It’s right here, in this ball pit. What? No, no! Oh, thank you for taking me out of there! I’ve been looking for the
Beast, have you seen him? Oh, yeah, we’ve seen him. Where? I don’t see him. Oh, he’s back there in the ball pit. Ball pit? What ball pit? That ball pit!
(screaming) This doesn’t look like Arendelle. Oh, sorry, Elsa, but this isn’t Arendelle. Well, what is this place? It’s the ball pit. The ball pit? Ugh, that’s so- oh! Where are we, have you seen Elsa? – Yes, she’s in the ball pit. – [Voiceover] Oh, the ball pit? I don’t think I can go in there. – Yes you can! – [Voiceover] Oh, really? Okay! Oh, Rapunzel, your hair
looks so beautiful. Thank you! I just got it done at the salon, and nothing can mess it up. Really, nothing? Yeah, like, I would be so mad if anyone messed up my hair. Really? So, if I threw you in the ball pit, you’d be pretty angry? Yeah, that would be totally not fun! Oh, okay, I’m sorry! Hello, Ariel, you look gorgeous. And you’re finally on land. Did you get those legs? Yep! Well, maybe you can learn to swim again. Why would I need to swim again? ‘Cause you’re going in the ball pit! I think think the ball pit would be cool. Alright, let’s jump in
on the count of three. One, two, three!

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