Discount Tire – We Are Family: Chad Reed & Josh Grant

Discount Tire – We Are Family: Chad Reed & Josh Grant

You know when Tate was born in 2010, it’s crazy, it’s like you don’t think you could
love something so much and care for something so much and and this little guy comes in your world
and changes it forever for the better.
And it’s been quite an
amazing experience, for sure. Its all about family, and for me its always been like that
ever since the boys were born. It just drives you to want to go out and win and you know do everything you can
to show your son you’re a bad dude. You know for Wyatt, even for Easton too, its like, I love when they are out at the track
and they are out here watching me ride and
watching me do what I love to do. Just to have everyone here and be able to do that. Its just pure bliss. Those moments that we used to have, the joy wasn’t always there. You know, it was like it was
what was expected and you were kinda like a robot
every weekend and every weekend. And now it’s like the joy is really there. And I don’t know whether age, or kids,
or the combination has brought that, but the joy is there And you’re so proud and you’re so happy
and you can really enjoy it It’s really cool to watch
Tate and Wyatt whip around and here them laughing at each other
and really just enjoying what they’re doing and knowing that they’re just like their dads
because that’s what their trying to do and sit there with Ellie and the other kids and to have the big guys at the track over here its just, we’re together and
we’re a family when we’re at the track now and that’s new and that’s exciting To watch Wyatt, you know, ride, it just brings back so many memories of
Starwest and just the places where I grew up riding And to see his progression
in just like one day with riding with the person with tate, when you ride with tate, he just completely uped his level to a whole new level
in just a matter of a couple of hours. And its crazy to see what their capable of
at such a young age. For me, it just really motivated, You know, it kinda brought like a meaning And for me to go and have Tate
see how hard I work and how dedicated and
commited I am at one single thing I feel like that’s healthy in a family.

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  1. AMAZING people!  Amazing sponsor!  Look out 2015, Discount Tire – America's Tire –  TwoTwo Motorsports is gonna be on fire!   Can't wait!!

  2. Excellent video, brings back some happy memories. Fathers, sons & families brought together by motocross. Well done Chad & Josh.

  3. That was huge!!!! Congrats to discount tired to suport this big family called motocross/supercross hope one day u guys come to brazil

  4. grant's kid is faster. haha
     in past interviews both said they did not want their kids to race!
    but the kid sees daddy fly through the air and hell yeah they want to ride !!!!

  5.    REED Like MC Has Always Been A SX Specialist Even Though They Both Won MX Championships Also. So With This New Team @TwoTwoMsport Hopefully Grant Works Out Better As The MX Rider On The Team Even Though He Had That One SX Win Back At A-1 In 09… 

  6. This video always makes me cry ❤️ you guys are awesome and it's awesome to see how a family believe in this sport and in What this sport can offer!

  7. For today both children and daddy are hapily, then 20 years later, they will become a rival and coach each side. But when they gather with family, they become friends again. That's a life.

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