Dirt Bike Rear Tire and Tube Changing

Dirt Bike Rear Tire and Tube Changing

Hi, I’m Steve Matthes. You know, in my travels around when I talk
with the tire guys, the number one question they get asked is, “How do you change a tire
so fast?” Well, this week I’m gonna show you. When I was taking Nick Wey to Top Privateer
in the Supercross series in 2002, I had to change a ton of tires, front, and rear. And on this week Transworld Motocross Bike
Bandit, “How to of the Week,” I’m gonna show you how to do one.

All right, I’ve taken the wheel off of the bike. Another little trick put the axle into the
muffler of the bike. That way it doesn’t collect dirt and it’s
easy to find. So I’ve loosened the rim lock. I’ve got the wheels set. Take off the valve core. And what you’re gonna wanna do now, you need
to break the bead. I like doing it by putting it on the floor. When you weigh like I do, like a small car,
it makes it pretty easy to break. As you can see the bead is being broken and
that makes your life a whole lot easier. So it is now broken. What you want to do is no matter whether you
do it on the floor or you have a cool tire stand, always do it this side up. Your knuckles will thank you later.

So now that the bead’s broken, you want to get some sort of lube. Windex works good. Soap and water. I’ve heard of some people using WD-40. Get it all lubed up. I like to start at the rim lock. I’m using my Motion Pro tire irons, available
at Bike Bandit. Simply stick those in between the rim. Find your spot. Putting pressure and taking the rim down on
the bead helps a lot. Simply pull it over, lock it in underneath
the disk. Make your second cut. I like to pull it out. A common mistake that people make is they
get too big of a bite and therefore it take a lot of effort to do it. Small bites, people, works better. I probably should use that advice at the dinner
table. And you simply want to just slowly work around
and the tire comes off and you’re ready to take the tube out.

One side of the bead is done. Lift up, pull your tube out. Be careful when you get to the valve stem. Push it through with your fingers. Pull it out. Okay, the tube is out of the tire. So a few different ways to go about this. Some people like flipping the tire over and
breaking the bead on the other side. I like to muscle it a bit more. Basically, rim lock on the bottom like that
and go in from this side. Find your sweet spot. Pull it over and just pull it down. There you go. Time for a new tire.

All right, the tire’s off. The rim has been prepped and ready to go. I’ve got my Dunlop Geomax MX51 available at
Bike Bandit ready to mount up. I’ve also Windexed up the bead to make it
easy. Lubrication is your friend when it comes to
tire changing. Maybe some other things too. What you wanna do is rim lock down. Again, keep the sprocket side facing out to
make that easier. Basically, put it half way in as much as you
can and slowly work your way around. Work your way around, like I was saying. Small bites. There you go. Tire’s on the rim. You can probably get this cool tire stand
from Bike Bandit too. Now for the tube.

All right, the tube is part of the way in. The valve stem is through. It’s always good to have these nuts that come
with the tube. Put it on the valve stem to keep it from popping
back through and basically, stick the tube in. One thing that a lot of amateur people don’t
realize, put some air in the tube. It helps it retain its shape, keeps the tire
irons from coming down on it and pinching it. So just a little bit of air in the tube will
make your life a lot easier. Stick it around and then when you finally
get it in, I always just like to push the rim lock up and down, helps center the tube
as well. Let’s you know there’s no binding going on
in there.

All right, the tube is in. The tire’s been lubed up with the Windex/water
soap combo. Again, I started the rim lock. Some people don’t. I always tend to do it. Your first bite, push down on the rim lock,
move it on over. Keep pushing that rim lock in so you know
that the tube isn’t gonna pinch it. And just like taking it off, it’s small bites. Keep this pressure, keep pressure on this
tire iron all the way around as you go. Can sometimes push the bead back down there,
gives you a bit more slack in the tire. And be careful when you go around this way. You just wanna keep small bites, always making
sure the tire is finding its home. Too big of a bite there. And it’s best to not go past center. You go past center, a lot of times you’ll
find that you’ll pinch a tube. Too big of a bite there. You can just wait, let the lube take effect. Gentle small bites. When you get your last little bit, pull your
irons out. Just use your hand. Pop it on. Good tire pressure, 12 pounds. You’ll be good with that. Tire’s mounted. You’re ready to ride. This has been Transworld Motocross Bike Bandit,
“How to of the Week.”

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  1. For anyone having trouble putting the tire back on like I did well do the dish soup trick he said it helps a ton, thanks BikeBandit for this video it help a lot

  2. nice, except I'm not 200 lbs. (That's a compliment) and not. 25 years. old. i've got a 10 incher, wow , bet my girlfriend would change it. honda helix. No tubes, thanks a lot. where I live in Florida if you don't have a Harley you can't get a mechanic.

  3. lol how is it you skip the hardest part which is getting the valve stem actually back through the rim???

  4. I know he never mentioned but baby powder sprinkled on the tube  and inside the tire works good to center the tube in the rim.

  5. In 16 years of riding dirtbikes I finally changed a tire on my own a few hours ago. The best tip I can give is to keep pressure on one side of the tire with a spoon while you're working with the other spoon on the other side. It really is that easy. And like Steve said, lube is key.

  6. In 16 years of riding dirtbikes I finally changed a tire on my own a few hours ago. The best tip I can give is to keep pressure on one side of the tire with a spoon while you're working with the other spoon on the other side. It really is that easy. And like Steve said, lube is key.

  7. Just put a continental TKC80 on my Honda dominator and saved a few quid. No longer a tyre change virgin thanks to you Mr Bandit and some lube.

    Thanks for the helpful video.

  8. I too am new to changing tires. I tried this method today on my son CRF 150 and fell short today. I was able to put a new tire on the front rim but blew through the tube installing it. went to put air in it and heard a lit of air everywhere.

    the back tire came off easy. just like a bicycle would come off but putting the new tire baxk on… yeah didn't work well. my guess is I didn't have the proper length spoons or not enough lube on or both.

    anyways baxk to bringing the tires and rim baxk to the shop for now. like anything I guess I need more practice.

  9. p.s.

    you made this look like I was going to be the hero inn my sons eyes. you made it look simple. Thanks for the video. I will keep trying.

  10. "When you weigh like me, a small car" "Small bites people, works better, I should follow that advice at the dinner table" "Lube is good for tire changing, and other things" This guy has some Jokes.

  11. still waiting on my tires from bikebandit half months later I ordered because they said 24 hour fast shipping. clowns keep giving me the runaround

  12. I've been told by people to always add a new tube with a new tire,Should you take the $25 hit or is the old tube ok???

  13. I just stuffed up a tyre change, pinched the bloody tube. Thought I'd watch your video for tips. Only consolation is that the tube I stuffed was a thin crap stock tube, so I now have an excuse to replace with a heavy duty tube. Good video, thanks mate 🙂

  14. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, I used to be able to change tires fine in my XR when I was a kid using Flathead screwdrivers and no lube or anything, I just bought an rmz-450 and tried putting on a different tire, so far I've popped two heavy duty tubes trying to change the rear tire with brand new tire spoons and lube and everything… it's like the tire is the wrong size but it says it's the same as the one I took off… I can't even get the old one back on…

  15. I just tried to do this yesterday. The front tire was no problem but the rear one I had to cut the old tire off of the rim and then when I put the new one on I got it about 3/4 of the way on and couldn't get it on any farther. I actually wound up braking my tire spoons trying to crank it the last bit of the way on. Snapped the end right off of one motion pro spoon and bent the other. Has this happened to anyone else? Am I retarded or something? I was trying to take the smallest bites possible… I had dish soap on it…

  16. When I buy inner tube, I get a some kind of washer and two bolts that go on valve stem. Last time I put both bolts on the outer side and tighten them firmly and because of that after few weeks my inner tube ripped at valve stem. How to properly put this bolts and 'washer'? Please help

  17. can you give video of the tools you will need to take it off the bike front in rear also everything you will need trying learn how change my own tire

  18. I followed your this video but still had some trouble with a hard compound tire. Any tips/tricks ? Link of me putting the tire on. https://youtu.be/KuAoFzIHrfo

  19. This is a great method if you dont care about scratching the ever loving shit out of your wheel. But nice try bike bandit.

  20. I have the IRC GP22R's on my CRF250L and the tire size is 120/80-18. What tube size do i need because i cannot find one in that size for nothing.

  21. When I add air to the front tire on my dirtbike , it makes a hissing noise… anyone know what’s wrong w it and what I need to do to fix it?

  22. lol "lubrication is your friend when it comes to tire changing, maybe some other things too" hahaha what a character 3:38

  23. Old video and yet it still saved me from being a noob about changing my son's bike tire. The small bites thing worked like a charm.

  24. I've never changed a dirt bike tube and tire but did it in 17 minutes after watching this video. Thanks

  25. Good method. I personally put the tube In the tire with a small amount of air, start with the valve stem and get it in the put the tire on the same way he did

  26. The one reason for me watching this video was to see how the heck you get the valve stem back through the rim and that part was skipped over. Completely worthless!

  27. This would have been a great video of you didn’t cut out the part that I came here to watch. I’m having trouble getting the valve stem to get the tube back in. Any tricks for this?

  28. Poor explanations.
    “If you go past center that’s when you pinch a tube”. … what center? Center point in the rim? Like putting the iron in too deep?
    How about torqueing down the rim lock?

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