Dimash “The Love of Tires Swans” REACTION

Dimash “The Love of Tires Swans” REACTION

hello friends this is elias reacts and
welcome to a new video well, this time we are going to
react to another Dimash song thanks for the support and I hope you like it
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what song do you want we can consider Dimash as the
elegant man this always has like his stylish suit they can see it even in their stop what
they saw how he stands and leaves everyone as he imposes his presence but at the same time I don’t know if not
it looks so arrogant It looks good as it can be there
keep singing while makes her dress look in the
stage what I can say is that it makes its
sharp and at the same time his voice so thin which seems to be two people who
they’re singing but he doesn’t do it alone and very respectable the truth its highs and lows are what
drive perfectly That’s what I said if you have
that those very perfected treble is more we will see it again because the
it’s really worth it see bone every time it surprises us more
Dimash with his songs a great singer the truth see the feeling that puts you so much
what do you get the song and see everything he does in the
stage is a complete artist well that’s how this song concludes
the truth yes like his movements his way of performing the song makes you
like the song comes to you and if it is as a feeling that is like you
exciting but at the same time as that exactly a bit of sadness or something
Well, I don’t know how I feel but the truth is a very very song
beautiful and I hope you liked it and well if you want to continue seeing this kind of
videos and my reactions leave out on the comments and see you in another

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  1. Great reaction again! Thank you co much. Dimash is incredible! He is amazing talented . He sings in 12 languages and plays 7 instruments. He is an exceptional artist.I got so much respect for Dimash. Please react to Dimash Kudaibergen – Give Me Your Love https://youtu.be/SG7Nn7Dn3UU
    Dimash Kudaibergen – Love is Like a Dream.
    Dimash "KNOW" Vocalise Broadcast TV, Studio Version
    Димаш Кудайбергенов – "Грешная страсть" Арнау концерт в Астане

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