Different Ways To Lower Your Vehicle

Different Ways To Lower Your Vehicle

– Hey guys, what’s going
on, it’s Alex from Fitment Industries and today we’re
going to be talking to you about different ways you can lower your car. So I know there’s a
lot of people out there that wanna get different style looks, whether they’re looking for
track-oriented purposes, or the whole fender to lip stance game. There’s a ton of different ways that you can achieve that look. But, you know, there are certain things you have to remember, especially
cons when it comes down to different ways you can do it. So we’re gonna just jump right into it. Now I’m sure if you’re
watching this video, you think the first thing
that we’re gonna talk about would be lowering
springs, but you’re wrong, actually there are a lot
of fundamental things that you could do with your
basic OEM air suspension for the European owners out there. So there is a piece that you
can buy called lowering links. And what that allows you to do, and this is only exclusive to
vehicles that have automatic OEM air suspension, but the
lowering links just allow you to lower your vehicle
straight from the factory. Because what ends up happening, is your OEM air suspension
works off different pressures and height sensors. Those lowering links
essentially lower that, so that you can actually get lower with your OEM air suspension than your stock would allow you to do. One of the pros of having
this is it’s probably the cheapest modification you can do to an OEM air suspension vehicle, because it only costs probably about two-to-three hundred dollars. On top of that it gives you
that Fitment look that you want, and allows you to look like you’ve got something like Air Lift or Accuair, except you only spent a few hundred bucks and it took you about two hours. They are affordable and easy to install, and uninstall if you’re
looking to sell the vehicle at a later time. But something you have to
remember about lowering links is they don’t actually increase
any sort of performance part of your car, they’re just pretty much
aesthetic only pieces. Lowering links aren’t
really that adjustable, they are to a certain extent, but not as much as one would hope. OEM air suspension is pretty restrictive in what it can and can’t do. Lowering links isn’t gonna
automatically turn your car into something like
Accuair or Air Lift 3P, but it’s gonna get the job done, if you’re looking for a
quick and easy solution. So, going right into the
basics, lowering springs. Now if you guys have been a
part of this scene for a while, you know that lowering springs
used to be a lot more common than they are now. But they do play a pretty fundamental part in the aftermarket car community, most notably because they’re
a very easy and efficient way to lower your car. On top of that, they’re
very cost-efficient, they only cost a few hundred bucks. Eibach makes a pro kit that’s
extremely good spring setup, but lowering springs are just that, they’re springs, they don’t
really do any sort of adjustment or anything that’s crazy in terms of adjustable dampening,
or anything like that, they just lower your car. But the great things about them: they’re cheap, they’re easy to install, they’re easy to find, and there’s plenty of
applications for them. Almost every single year,
make, and model has some form of lowering spring that you
can install on your vehicle, which is great because there’s
so many different vehicles right now in the aftermarket car community that everything can
potentially be modified, and you see a lot of
different stuff at car shows. Lowering springs allow
you to modify something that you wouldn’t normally
expect for a pretty good price. But we’re gonna go into the next subject, which is coilovers. So, coilovers were,
and probably still are, the most common modification
that a lot of people do to their car when dialing
in their suspension. Coilovers are insanely versatile, they allow you to adjust dampening, adjust your overall ride
quality, your ride height. Allows you to dial in your suspension, if you’re looking to actually
take your car to the track, and so, so much more. Coilovers are like the full
package of a video game, whereas lowering springs
are like the free beta. It all comes down to what you wanna do, and what are willing to
do and put into your car to make it the perfect ride. Coilovers consist of a shock absorber, which is wrapped around a coil spring, that’s pretty much all it is. And they usually come already installed, and ready to roll. Coilovers aren’t terrible to install. From the basis of it, it allows
you a lot of customization and allows you a lot of availability to really dive into your car, and understand how suspension
works, and how coilovers work. And they greatly, greatly improve
your overall ride quality, in terms of performance, and not necessarily in terms of comfort. Coilovers are kind of plug and
play, but at the same time, if you’re looking to dial
into your suspension, they’re definitely not. There’s so much you need
to take into consideration when installing coilovers
including dampening, including actual ride height, and where you want each one to sit at in terms of front and rear. If you’re planning on launching the car, using drag, or drift,
or autocross, or HPD, you need to actually set up
your coilovers specifically for how you plan to drive the car to make them work effectively. If you don’t, it’s pretty much
a waste of time and money. And with that out of the way, we’re finally on to the top dog, the one that’s probably
gonna be the most popular style suspension in the
coming years, air suspension. Air suspension has
existed for some time now. AMG’s had it for a long time, M Series had it for a long time, Audis have had it for a long time, especially in their A8 models. They’ve now really gotten into
the aftermarket customization stuff because that’s just
the way this community works. They want more customization,
they want more options, and they wanna be the
cool kid on the block. Air suspension does that for you. Air suspension is probably
the most versatile out of everything that we’ve chosen, because everything is
at a click of a button. And honestly, air
suspension allows you to do what I did when I first
installed my coils, is where I’d max the whole thing out to see how low I could get the car to go. I stared at it for a couple hours, I took a few pictures of it, and then I had to raise it back up because I had to drive
the car down the road. Air suspension allows
you to get those pictures and get that look of being
slammed on the ground, and then you can air up, go over bumps, go over you know, any sort of potholes, go through a Walmart parking
lot with speed bumps, and do everything as if your
car was on stock suspension. But, air suspension isn’t all hunky dory. So, in case you’re new to air suspension, usually the way that it works
is you have a compressor, a tank, airlines, you
have a management system, and a few other goodies
that pretty much allow you to pressure and put air pressure into bags that are in your front and rear struts, that allow you to raise
and lower your vehicle. So the higher the pressure,
the more air that’s in the bag, the higher the car lifts up. Obviously when you dump that
air out, you lose pressure, it allows the car to come
back down onto the ground, and you get that slammed look. And there’s a lot of great
things that you can do with air suspension. Your ride quality dramatically improves in terms of just overall cruising, compared to something like coilovers, where if you have them oriented toward more of a sport function style. Air suspension is gonna
allow you to air up, it’s gonna allow you to go
through any sort of rough roads, anything like that, and
handle pretty much anything that’s on the road with ease. It allows you for complete
customization options, and there’s a bunch of different styles that you can make your air
suspension do for your car. It allows you to slam it,
it allows you to lift up, it allows you to have
that perfect Fitment. It also is generally
considered a pretty good option for track use, as long as
you dial it in correctly. But there are a couple
things that aren’t so good about air suspension. Most notably, the price. Air suspension is by far probably
the most expensive option out of all of them, especially
if you’re looking into the 3H system by Air Lift, or you’re looking into Accuair’s
more progressive lineup. They have a lot of new tech that allows them to be
more function oriented, rather than just form. But, you are paying a
very heavy price tag, anywhere between three-to-five thousand isn’t uncommon for air
suspension in most vehicles. So which one do you
guys plan on installing? If you have any questions or concerns, drop them below, but we actually
do carry all those things, including lowering springs,
coilovers, and Air Lift. Www.fitmentindustries.com. Let us know if you guys have
any questions or comments below because we read every single one. So we wanna hear from
you what you would like to see us cover next. But I’m Alex from Fitment Industries, thanks for staying tuned,
we’ll see you later. Peace.

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  1. love all your videos guys… but at the end of the day (winkwink) i still dont know if all i need are coilovers… do i need shorter end links or… i daily my car… i just want a good look and a decent ride but i want it done right… if anyone could get back to me on this that would be great

  2. If i was going to the track, coil overs, doing auto shows, air bags, but for your daily, springs are fine,
    you lose some of that wheel gap, you still get a smooth ride, and not worry about speed bumps and pot holes.

  3. I've had basically everything but Air. I had chopped springs on my first car, to a High-Low kit on my mini, I had coils, but my favourite( for reasons i don't quite understand) are lowering springs, i really enjoy the bounce.

  4. I have a 1967 Volvo 122s with some springs off of a honda that allowed me to lower my car a bit. I have been thinking of going full air for some time now so what would you recommend?

  5. i have a question, is there any coil spring that make a car lower and stiffer?

    edit: and another one, will it cause any trouble to my suspension?

    thank you if reply

  6. Easier solution: take your shock absorbers off and boom it’s slammed. Disclaimer: 1 time use only, once it’s down it’s down

  7. What is the best option for lowering your car but still having a comfortable ride? When I had coilovers to lower my wrx it was a terrible/ rough ride feeling every bump. I didn’t care then but I’m starting to get out of that phase and want to lower my 2015 charger but want it to be reasonably comfortable to daily drive as well.

  8. i REALLY want to get accuair but they only make the management systems who do you suggest for the bags themselves?

  9. In Finland many young People cut their springs or took them out completely. Because they don't have much money and they want to go low

  10. There was a time when I answered many suspension-related questions on EvolutionM. The one that comes to mind right now is a guy who dumped his Evo with shitty Asian coilovers- Megan, IIRC – as to minimize the wheel gap, installed the biggest RSB available, had his wheels with some oddball offset bolted to spacers, and wanted to know the alignment specs. As a result of the mods, his car's geometry was so messed up that we had no idea what to suggest. Functionally, not only did his Evo mimic the cornering prowess of a snowplow, it was outright dangerous to corner at speed. Not that it really mattered, as he only drove the car, slowly, to park at a show. I mention this in case a person reading the post is interested in the actual act of driving, not sitting still. Do yourself a big favor and look into the constraints posed by the platform's geometry. Then mod the car, if you prefer, within those same constraints. Good luck.

  11. Working On A 2001-2002 Saturn SC2 & Going MexiFlush With A Coilover Setup To Support A Stiff Smooth Daily Driver / Drag Pulls Setup.

  12. Hey,

    I have a 2011 challenger and I want to buy a air suspension . Can you help me out don’t want any fancy one just looking for a cheap one.



  13. I would lower my Mitsubishi , but I have to many hills, speed bumps and different road patterns and dips,pot holes, none straight roads….. lol

  14. thanks for the video dude I'm actually wondering what mod I could get to make my car as comfortable of a ride as possible I have no desire to take my Mazda 3 to a racetrack. I just want to feel like I'm driving on a cloud.

  15. (When I'm old enough) I'll probably try to get coilovers first, because they seem easy to manage. Later on, I'll try to invest in AirLift, and see what happens from there.

  16. If I just want to lower my 09 civic without it riding really rough “it’s a daily” what’s my best bet? I take this car everywhere and don’t plan on doing any performance stuff to it, I just want to lower it and get wheels for it.

  17. My car is on stock suspension and it scrapes, all these low roads where I live😂 I still wanna lower it tho
    I'm gonna start with springs

  18. When you buy springs, should you replace your struts? I need new struts and I’ve been considering trying to lower my car, properly. I just don’t know what I need or what to do. Can someone help?

  19. I have a 1998 grand marquis and I want to slam it, but no one makes anything for my car. No sir suspension, no lowering springs. What can I do?

  20. For the love of God, if you daily drive in a metro city you should be advising people NOT to drop their cars because most kids are going way too low, and its not good for their cars. An inch is okay without really compromising steering geometry or affect camber but the cheapest way is with lowering springs but with matching appropriate struts to support them. Also resale on a lowered vehicle is not good and thats the hard truth about messing with vehicle suspension. Respect fitment industries. Fyi I drive a 19 BRZ and my eventual choice will be air suspension.

  21. Im 14 and i just got a year 2000 bmw 740il😬 im trying to see what all i can do to it😂 im considering coilovers

  22. I'm just looking to lower my wrx a bit and make it handle better for autocross. When I come out of the corner and hit the gas, my rear end squats and lifts the front creating hella understeer. 2003 wrx wagon.

  23. What lowering springs do u guys recommended for a 2008 Infiniti g35 sedan I’m 16 and trying to start to fix up my car

  24. Thinkin about dropping my old 97 mercedes c230 about an inch and a half, the h&r kit is only around 300ish dollars and it makes the car look way better imo, just not sure I want to harden the ride on a car that rides so smooth🤔

  25. Air vs hydro. Like with hydro you pop faster. But is it smother ride ? what if you puncture a bag, witch is worst ? witch is expensive ?

  26. Wouldn't lowering links have similar issues to cutting springs? You're lowering your car by tricking the sensors but not actually changing rebound or damping so wouldn't you bottom out all the time?

  27. Quick question. Who installs coilovers ? What i mean is if i canjust go a my cars dealership or do i have to go to a especial car shop so they can install them ?

  28. I want my car to look cool and still drive relatively comfortable. I dont necessary need the performance gains tbh. What would be best for me?

  29. So I have an 2003 infiniti g35 and I'm thinking coil overs would work best for it but like i saw in another one of your videos you said you want to get the whole suspension aspect of your car done at once but I think the previous owner just lowered it and i dont know what to do

  30. When are you guys going to do a show on the Nissan Maxima. This car is and has been a cult classic and a platform that has been raced, stanced, etc for years! Where is the love?

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