Diesel Jeep Drives 12 Feet Underwater! – Dirt Every Day Ep. 54

Diesel Jeep Drives 12 Feet Underwater! – Dirt Every Day Ep. 54

This week on Dirt Every Day we put a Cummins diesel in this
Jeep and we’re going to drive the whole thing across this pond. (upbeat rock music) (upbeat music) You guys remember Tube Sock,
our ’97 Jeep Wrangler TJ? Well, this Jeep has
been all over the place. We’ve had it in Moab,
we took it to Hawaii, I even let my camera crew drive it and after that the thing was a giant mess. The Jeep has been used and abused, it’s run a bunch of different trails and it’s time for a refresh. So I tore the thing down
and I’ve got a crazy stunt that I want to do with this Jeep. I want to drive it underwater. And to to do that I’m going
to put a brand new engine under the hood and brand
new drivetrain parts. This is a brand new
Cummins diesel engine we’re going to stick in Tube Sock and everybody wants to see a diesel-powered Jeep. Hey, Rob. – Fred. – [Fred] What do you think? – What happened to this Jeep that was totally a together, working Jeep? – Well, you know, I decided
to do an an engine swap. – Why not? They work great. – So I called you in here
because you have a boat. – I do have a boat. – And I’m going to drive
this Jeep underwater. – Yeah, sure, okay. (laughing) All right, I’m on board. – Um, I ripped everything out because I want to drive it underwater, but I want to be able to get out of it in case we have any issues underwater. Also, I got these Bestop seats. It had those really
nice racing seats in it, but I wanted nothing around me. Cages out, seats will mount in
there, they’re really simple, they’re just like basic vinyl seats. This is what you’d put in an old CJ. – They’re pretty boat like. – [Fred] Yeah, yeah. – I like that. – I’d put this in my boat. – It’s going to be brilliant, so here, put these in there and I’m
going to go work on the engine. – I’m just going to go
back to work on my boat. – So this is our engine, this is a Cummins four
cylinder and this is Steve. Steve’s from Cummins. Steve, what can you tell me
about this four cylinder? – All right, so this is the ISF 2.8 liter, we use this all over the world. We use it here in the
States right now in a lot of industrial
equipment, mini excavators. This engine is about 540 pounds, so the traditional 4VT
that everyone talks about and loves is about 300
pounds heavier than that, but it’s a little bit
too big and too heavy and cumbersome to put in
a Jeep like Tube Sock. – What type of power
numbers are we looking at? – So this one in its stock
form is around 160 horsepower, it’s about 266 or 267
foot-pounds of torque which, that’s low end torque, so you’re getting that around 1,600 RPM and that torque range is pretty broad, falls off around 3,000 RPM. – So what we’re getting here is, we still have a small package like the engine that was in Tube Sock, but we’re getting more
power, making more torque, this is a great upgrade for either a four cylinder TJ or a straight six. How does it work underwater? – I don’t know. (laughing) We’ll find out. I think a lot that will depend on how good a job we do waterproofing, you know, this isn’t a mechanical engine,
it’s an electronic engine. – So there will be some computers running this engine because it’s a common rail. We’re going to seal all that stuff up or put it in an air tight container. Let’s put it in there. – All right. (upbeat music) – Woah! So this is the plan, we put the engine in, the motor mounts on the
engine does not line up with the four cylinder
motor mounts, however, the motor mounts on the engine
may line up with the four liter, six cylinder mounts
which are on the frame. This frame is for a four cylinder, so we’re going to pull the engine out, cut the stock motor mounts
off, clean up the frame, and then build something new to hold the Cummins in Tube Sock. (upbeat music) In order to bolt this engine
up to the transmission and transfer case in the Jeep we’re
going to need some adapters. This has an SAE type bell housing and this is the transmission we’re going to use. The four cylinder engine had a smaller transmission that was an AX5. This is Steve from Advanced Adapters. What transmission are we putting in now? – We have a New Venture 3550
we’re going to put in place of it because we know the AX5
wasn’t going to stay together. Plus, we’ve got to have an Atlas because Tube Sock needs an Atlas. – Well, the AX5 that was in here had a low gear set in the transfer case, but that transfer case
and that transmission would not hold up to this engine and that transfer case
doesn’t bolt to the 3550. Now, the 3550 and the AX15
are kind of the middle ground transmission that would go in a TJ. – They’re very similar
transmissions, they’re so similar, they actually use the same bell housing. – So if somebody had a four liter TJ and they wanted to put the Cummins in, they could probably keep
their manual transmission and whatever transfer case they have. – [Steve] Yeah. – Because we had a four cylinder
we’re replacing everything, we’re starting fresh,
we’ll keep our axles, but everything above the axles is getting changed in the drivetrain department. Now, we have two flywheels. – Yes sir. – One of the flywheels
came with the engine, the other flywheel is off of a four liter. – Yes. – So we’re going to
actually run both of them. How are we going to make all this work? – Well, what we started off with, we have a ring here that’ll
go on the back of our engine and now that now has a four
liter Jeep bolt pattern. – So that’ll bolt to this. – That bolts directly up to this. We’ll have the factory fly wheel bolted on to the Cummins engine, then we’ll have another adapter that looks just like a four liter crankshaft. The four liter crankshaft
will bolt right up so it’ll be a factory AX15 clutch,
the flywheel, hydraulics, everything’ll make this a really simple swap when replacing a four liter. – Let’s put all this stuff
together and put in the Jeep. (upbeat rock music) So back to work, just,
like, 15 more things to do. 1,500 more things to do. Whenever I do tires, I bring
’em here to America’s Tire which is right down the
street from my shop. They have shops all
over the place and their Discount Tire line is
also all over the place and you can order this
stuff online if you want. So these are Maxxis Trepadors, these are one of my favorite
tires, they’re super gnarly, see how big the lugs are on the side. These are a bias ply tire. They offer a competition
compound that’s super sticky, but even the street compound which this is is still really pliable. When they flex out they get a
lot of traction on the edges. See how these are a V,
kind of a Chevron style. You need to make sure you put two of ’em on the right side and two
of ’em on the left side so that one of your tires
isn’t running backwards. (upbeat metal music) Tube Sock is going back together, we have the Cummins engine in, the NV3550 transmission is
in, it’s all adapted together, new motor mounts, new crossmember, our Atlas transfer case is in there, we’re going to bring it back
out once, fill it up with oil, seal it all up with with one of the vent lines and bolt that back in. Steve has been going
over the entire engine, you can see here all of
the little connectors, he has taken ’em apart, put
dielectric grease in there, put ’em back together
and then marked ’em with a blue paint pen so we now
that every connector has been packed full of grease which
will help seal out moisture. We bolted the grill back in, this is a brand new four liter radiator. We’re going to run the
four liter radiator because most cases we think
guys will be going from a four liter to this Cummins and we want to be able to try and
figure out which hoses. We also are going to run our
intercooler pipe over here, it’ll actually run over
the top of the engine. This is not optimal for
off-road use or highway use, but for what we’re doing,
we’re driving underwater, we’re not even going to
put an intercooler in, we’re just going to run a piece of tubing over to dump from the turbo to the inlet. So we’re going to figure out
some hoses, a lot of hoses, we got to figure out all
of our hoses for vents, and coolant, and everything
else that needs a hose. – Good morning, Rob. – Good morning, Fred. – I got a bunch of stuff from Summit. We got all these silicone Mishimoto elbows to plumb the intercooler pipe. We’re not actually going
to have an intercooler and the intake snorkel
and the exhaust snorkel. It’s Thursday, we’re driving
underwater on Tuesday. – How tall’s the snorkel got to be? – Snorkel’s got to be somewhere
between 15 and 18 feet because the water’s somewhere
between 12 and 13 feet. We want a little bit of, it
should be at least 14 feet. So the way this is going to
work, this is a little C02 tank, this is a little pneumatical switch. Normally the ARB air lockers
have an air compressor. We’re going to use this Powertank, it’s going to plumb into this
system, you’ll flip a switch, it’ll send power to both
lockers, they’ll be locked up, Trepadors will dominate
underwater terrain, Jeep will pull right through the pond. This is Fred’s magical box of plumbing. – Box of leftover crap from other builds. – [Fred] Yeah, from seven other projects. – This box is probably worth, like, 2,000 dollars and just it’s junk. – There’s probably 10,000 dollars – This is just extra. 30 bucks, 40 bucks, each one
of these is crazy expensive. – This is our fuel tank. It’s only five gallons, but
that’s all we’re going to need. This is a vent for the
fuel tank so that as the fuel level goes
down it can suck air in. This vent hose will all run all the way to the top of the snorkel. – We are tying the exhaust snorkel, exorkel, to the rock slider. We used some high temp
silicone on the two flanges, the V-band flange at
the engine, it runs out, comes straight out
here, we’re going to run a 13 or 14 foot pipe here that should give us enough clearance to drive underwater. This is roughly three feet off the ground, we don’t have the front tires
on so we’re not exactly sure. So whatever we add to this
should get us above the water. There’s a little bushing in there so it can move with the engine, but the idea here is that
this part is super solid, stays with the Jeep, when we get to the lake we can drop this part on, it’ll flange over that, bolt tight, we’ll put a little arm
here to hold the pipe, and then that’ll be super
solid and then we will do the same with our
intake snorkel, inorkel. Inorkel, outorkel. Those are technical terms,
you can write those down. Look ’em up on the Google. – Well, we’re just finally
wrapping up the wiring here. Mocking up the ground so we can put the body grounds when the fenders are done. Once fender’s on, battery tray’s in, make the battery cables to the starter, and out here we’re done
wiring, getting close. Finally. – So this is our snorkel,
it’s three inch tube. Our inlet is three and a half inch OD, but we were able to modify this
piece of three inch tubing. We’re going to put a little
leg right here to support it and probably bolt it to the body here and then when we are
ready to go underwater we’ll actually have a second piece that slides over it much like the exhaust. We have coolant, we have
fuel, we have battery, ready? – Ready. (engine starting) – Press the pedal. That’s pretty cool. – [Steve] Battery voltage,
the alternator’s working. Oil pressure’s 44 pounds. It’s now 90 degrees. (upbeat rock music) – Snorkel made. We have a handful of things to finish up, but, for the record, Tube Sock
is ready to go underwater. We have giant snorkels, we have super aggressive Maxxis tires, we got a little Cummins
diesel under the hood, I think we have plenty of gearing
between our Atlas transfer case, our manual transmission,
and our Currie axles, our ARB air lockers are going to work, it’s manual steering so we don’t have to worry about any steering issues, we don’t have windshield
wipers so hopefully we can see through the windshield, you know, probably get clean underwater, and I’m certified to go scuba diving, so pretty much this time next week it’ll all be said and done, the Jeep will either be a hero or sitting in the bottom of a pond. (upbeat rock music) So here’s the plan, Rob. We’re going to go in the water here, we’re going to come out of
the water straight over there, there’s a bit of grass, so we’ll probably have to
four-wheel our way through that. I’m going to put you in this
canoe and the scuba system has a microphone in it so you can
hear me screaming when whatever sea creature underneath
there tries to devour me. You’re pretty much geared up. – [Rob] Yeah, I have my
mandals on and my board shorts. – What else do you need? I’ve got my really awesome
new Tube Sock t-shirt and I’m going to put on
my wetsuit and dive in. It looks kind of cold. – It’s kind of cold and windy. – I’m getting nervous. (intense, dramatic orchestral music) – Very exciting. Looks like a tractor. Now it looks like he’s sinking. Hey, Fred, how’s the bottom? Is it soft? It looks soft. Because you’re not moving, Fred. Just a heads up. It might look like you’re
moving, but you’re not moving. I think it’s a little muddier on the bottom than we had originally hoped. – Our friend’s been in for four minutes which is good, it’s still running. At this point I don’t see it stopping, so he just needs to keep moving. – Maybe Fred thinks he’s moving. Fred! Fred? I can’t tell if he’s trying to back up. Fred, you got a copy? Is he good? – It’s still running! – It’s still running! 20 minutes in? Still running! – Yeah, this is great! – He must know he’s not moving, right? It’s a small pond. – 40 minutes, we only had
about two and a half gallons of fuel in there and he’s been
on the throttle pretty heavy. We’ll see, hopefully he
doesn’t run out of fuel before he gets to the other side or
at least out of the water. – How we doing? Can I have an update? Fred is not moving and he wants to be pulled out from the back. Come on little Tube Sock. Yay, Fred! Oh, here we go, woo, woo, there it is! It’s back to a Jeep. It’s not a boat anymore. – All right, we built a
Jeep that drives underwater. Doesn’t go very far, but it does not stop. Well, it maybe stops moving,
but it doesn’t stop running. That was the craziest thing
I’ve done in a long time. I went in and within 40 seconds I think all the dust started clearing and so that made me think I was driving up to the top. Then I thought maybe I’d
just lost my bearings and I was just in there doing
circles and I was like I hope they come down and tell me if
I’m doing circles down here. – [Rob] Was it worth it? – Oh yeah, totally. You didn’t think we were going
to end it like that, did you? (intense electronic music) We found a brand new, nice clean pond, Tube Sock’s got his
snorkel, Rob’s in the lake, let’s do this one more time. (upbeat rock music) Okay, I’m going to try
and start this thing. – Fred’s suiting up. Fred’s rolling in. This is getting exciting again. (upbeat music) This is working so much
better than last time. I think it’s the whole man-made concrete pond thing that makes it better. Can you see me ’cause I
can see you super clear? Anyone on the dive team have a copy? Fred needs you to close the hood. The hood flipped up. You would think, like, of
all the issues to have, latching the hood down closed would not be one we would have. Your Jeep is backing up, you
know you’re backing up, right? Oh, we’re making progress,
hood’s down, I see. Awesome, don’t crash into me. (laughing) Mermaids. This actually could have
been a race this time. Yeah, you’re halfway. Do you see me right above you? Kind of, you’re getting a
little off course to the left, you want to turn right, give her a little bit of right rudder. Keep going right, keep going
passenger or starboard. Oh yeah, looking good, fella. Yay! Woo! Come on, that’s exciting! Woo! – Woohoo! We just drove a Jeep underwater! (laughing) That was awesome! It was so warm in there, there
was mermaids swimming around, just like a normal Jeep my hood blew open. I had to get a mermaid
come and close it for me. (laughing) That’s it for Dirt Every
Day, we’ll see you next time. Woohoo! (laughing) This is a bad idea. Is the water really going to be that deep? Oh my goodness. This is a dumb idea. Whose idea was this? Which camera do I talk to? – [Voiceover] All right, go for it.

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    A modification of the Panzer III and Panzer IV tanks was designed to drive on the sea-bed, part of the German preparations for Operation Sea Lion, the planned invasion of Britain in 1941. A long, flexible rubber hose with a floating buoy on the end supplied the engine and crew with air and gave the waterproofed tank a maximum diving depth of 49 ft making it an extreme example of a wading tank!"

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