Did Melvin Odoom pay his friend to clean his rubbers? – Would I Lie to You? [HD][CC]

Did Melvin Odoom pay his friend to clean his rubbers? – Would I Lie to You? [HD][CC]

At school, I used to regularly pay
my friend to clean my rubbers. – LAUGHTER – You used to pay your friends to
clean your rubbers. – It was just one friend. – How dirty can a rubber get? – Nobody cleans a rubber. – Oh, they get dirty, my friend.
– Do they?
– Oh, yes. – What? Full of… What, just lead,
mainly? – Full of… Yeah, lead. – Don’t you rub a dirty rubber
against a clean piece of paper and it sort of cleans itself? – No, what you’re describing is the
action of cleaning a rubber. That is how you clean a rubber. – Oh, I see, but you weren’t even
willing to do that. – That’s not the same as, “It cleans
itself.” That’s like saying, “Why do you need
to clean a car? “You just wipe it all over and it
cleans itself.” – LAUGHTER APPLAUSE
– OK. Ten years.
– What…? What is your…? – Ten years of this kind of
bullying. – LAUGHTER – What was your friend’s name? – Um… Ediz.
– What?
– What?
– Ediz. – Ediz. It’s a Turkish name. – How old were you? – Like… It was primary school, so
probably, like, ten. – So ten years old, and why couldn’t
you have just done that action of just rubbing it against a blank
piece of paper? – Well, he did it as, like, a
service to everyone. – How much did you pay him?
– Like, a pound a rubber. – A pound?!
– A pound a rub?
– A pound?
– Yeah. – Why couldn’t you have done it
yourself? I’m confused. – Because it used to have, like, a
nice smell when you had it back. – Are you sure it wasn’t Ediz?
– Whoa, whoa, whoa. Where was this magical smell coming
– Well, that’s the thing. We didn’t know until we got older.
– See, if I was giving a man a
rubber and he went away, and it came back
and I went… “That smells differently.”
– LAUGHTER – I would say, “Why does it smell
differently?” I wouldn’t just leave it at that and
go, “That’s different, yeah, here’s a
pound.” – He just said he’d found out years
later. – He was using, like, car air
freshener to spray it.
– Ah. – It was a great service. You were cool if you had a fresh
rubber. – LAUGHTER – But how much would a new rubber
have cost? – Probably about 10p. – LAUGHTER – How many times did you pay him a
pound to clean your rubber? – Like, it probably happened, like, once every two months or something
like that.
– What?! – And this went on for how long? – For ages. Like, for years.
– Monthly thing, “I’ll treat
myself.” – And he was doing it…
– Yeah.
– He was making quite… – I’m going to get the rubber nicely
cleaned and scented… – Yeah.
– ..for the weekend. – LAUGHTER – Did Ediz clean any other
stationery items? – Um, not that I can remember, but he used to do something else
with stationery, but I can’t remember what that was.
He’d do… – He didn’t sharpen your pencils in
a very interesting way, did he? – LAUGHTER – It was something like he would
organise your pencil case but I can’t remember.
– Organise your…?! Sorry. – LAUGHTER
– I can’t remember now. – I’m picturing Ediz with a little
suit and a briefcase. “Hello, guys, how are you doing?
It’s me again, it’s Ediz. “I’m here to clean your rubbers or
organise your pencils,” and you’re in the corner going, “Oh, hang on, girls, I was chatting
you up “but I want to sort out my pencil
case. Just wait there. “Tell me some more, Ediz.” – Well, that’s exactly where the
economy’s going, isn’t it? Nobody makes things any more, we
just provide pointless services. “I’m a party planner!” “I’m a pencil case organiser!” “I shout on panel shows!” We used to make steel! – LAUGHTER APPLAUSE What’s it going to be? – Oh.
– Look, the thing is, during my one, which was true, I started thinking it was a lie. – LAUGHTER – So, I don’t… I haven’t got a clue any more. I actually kind of think it sounds
true but then, for that reason, I want to
say it’s a lie. – LAUGHTER – You’ve been a big help. Thank you. – LAUGHTER APPLAUSE – Gabby? – My gut’s saying, “True.” What’s your gut saying?
– Go on, let’s go true. – You’re going to say true? Melvin? – It is…
– Was it true? GABBY:
– A lie. – Or was it a lie? – It is… true.

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  2. In my neck of the woods a rubber is a condom or a type of boot, i knew they were not going to be talking about condoms so i assumed it was going to be about boots. For some reason i briefly forgot brits called erasers rubbers. I was confused when they got to the part about lead in it it thinking that doesn't make sense for either kind of rubbers. D'oh!

  3. How is it that in a room full of some of the finest comedians ever to grace our screens, not ONE of them made some kind of condom joke?

  4. This entire clip is so much funnier and weird to Americans. "Because it used to have a nice smell when you got it back" hahahaha

  5. The difference between an American watching this and someone from the UK…"Cleaning rubbers" in the USA equals "OMG! That's fucking disgusting"…UK, "I had my rubbers cleaned in school all the time!".

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